To be precise, we are going to discover the brand new AGM H3. This beautiful smartphone is equipped with a very resistant, ultralight, metal frame, shatterproof water resistant display and is also two sections of infrared night vision. Here it is practically with this viewer and after I will show it to you being able to see at night, as during the day is like having a James Bond cellphone 007 todays video. I have divided it into three parts. In the first part, we will go to do the unboxing. I will reveal the basic equipment and its technical characteristics in the second part. We will test the camera both at normal and infrared, and I will show you a night shot and in the third part we will do gaming tests to evaluate the power and speed of the its processor. Before proceeding with the opening, I remind you that, in the description I left you three TELEGRAM GROUPS, Amazon, discount coupons where the best Amazon timed offers are published every day to enter it. You just need to download the free applications at Telegram.. Having said that, lets not waste any more time and proceed with the unboxing in the basic equipment. In addition to our AGM, we find the USB cable, the power supply with fast charging, a screen film, the user manual and a mini key for micro sd.. As for the technical characteristics, it mounts the android 11 operating system, dual sim full hd display 5.

7 inches super lithium battery from 5400 mha per hour for a total weight of 248g 64 gb of ram expandable up to 128gb water, fingerprint professor, triple rear camera equipped with Infrared and after we will go and see it and as icing on the cake, this AGM H3 has passed 2 very serious, it68 and it69k rugged military resistance tests. What more could you want from a mobile phone and now it s time to review the potential of this powerful infrared camera? Now I will turn off the lights in my recording room, so you will have the comparison of how you see in the dark, with the infrared camera of the H3, compared to my very valuable Sony. Z1. Vlog. 3. 2. 1. This is what you see with the Sony vlog and this. Instead, what you see with the AGM H3 Since Im having a lot of re, try the test, rispengo the lights of this node. It is what you see with the Sony and this. Instead, what you see with the AGM H3, you practically always look to be day, as you have seen from the Sony. Vlog Z1. It is completely dark and you do not see anything, but you thanks to the super infrared of the H3. You can see perfectly what to say in a simple crazy word: If, by chance you fell in love as it is, with this beautiful mobile phone, you can find it on the official AGM website or by clicking on Aliexpress.

As for the price, it has an absurd price for the qualities it has. It costs very little. In fact, it is sold on the official AGM website for only 199 dollars and on the Aliexpress website it is sold for only 178 euros If by any chance you are interested. I have left you in the description, the direct link of Aliexpress and the direct link of the official AGM website After showing you, the goodness of the infrared camera. Now I show you some photos and a video taken directly from its daytime. Camera. lets start immediately. Look what a show! I must say that the AGM has really done an excellent job with the cameras. The colors are very beautiful but natural and at the same time, Look at the beautiful photos. I have all taken with this AGM in the garden of my house. This one particularly struck me: you can perfectly see both the hedge near the lens, but also zooming, by zooming zooming, the background without losing resolution.. This is a video recorded in full hd and I immediately notice that even the videos are really of excellent quality. Also, look at the colors of the succulents and the definitions of the needles are seen perfectly and, as I move, the camera does not dance conspicuously and therefore also has an excellent stabilization system. I must say that, in addition to the rugged resistance of the camera, the strength of this AGM H3, as you have seen both at night and during the day, the image quality is truly perfect.

Now we have reached the third and final part, the gaming test. Now we have to do a Mario Kart game. Instead, after we will go to AsphaltNitro, and we will see the capabilities of this processor – or at least we got off to a good start, Im. Obviously a masochist and I chose an icy track. They are the laziest ones on mario kart Ive. Never done this. One is beautiful. With geysers in the ice curved shape. Look bull like miss ball, my mom! I love it st track. You do not love something good or a mushroom. No! Yes! I took it despite not having my mother that I fear turn, but I look and heaven no, no, no! I have not seen the banana, no, no banana, damn banana.. I finished third. However, apart from my nasty banana, both the audio quality and the playability are really good. And now its AsphaltNitros turn. I have already chosen the track. I have also chosen the car lets, see here at least to make up for it compared to MarioKart. Immediately nos, I have to take the shortcut here. No, but they are all cursed here. You could not go to the other side, it is obvious, but if exposed no, I wanted to throw him out, but I missed him and either try to spur the whites or the one out. My aim here is not to win and throw out the others. No marco overtook me is siri.

I close the lawyers on the wall, two guards my mom me has risen above. My mom has already become very bad. This race is a war at the last door. I will sell my skin dearly. My mom, I got my revenge on mario kart, and this was much more exciting than the game anyway, as you have seen here, too no powerful audio lag now I turn it up to the maximum feel that power. I hope this review was useful to you. If you liked the video leave a like., If you like me, are lovers of technology and cosplay subscribe to the channel, so you will be updated with each of my publications. I remind you that this Sunday I will be present at the comics event, the magical world of cosplay. I will make a Video Vlog of the fair and record many action, videos of all the cosplayers that I will meet and maybe I also hope to meet many of you, because I know that many of the cosplayers follow me.