It has 256 gigabytes of hard drive space. It has 12 gigabytes of ram, so we will talk about the user friendliness of the real me x3 super soon, but most importantly, were going to be talking about the camera itself, because the whole reason why i bought the real me xv. Super stream is because of a camera. Now, when im working, i cant carry my digital single lens reflex camera, because its too big, however, i can carry a pocket sized mobile phone camera and the beauty of both the xb super zoom is that it has a super zoom feature on it, which is ridiculously A long focal length or a very long zoom due to the fact that it uses periscope image, you know enhancement so right guys. There was your introduction to the video now lets jump into it and review the real me x3 super stream itself. So lets just jump straight into this and have a look at the zoom capabilities of the realme x3 super zoom, currently im on one times, optigo zoom and then im going to go into two times: optical zoom, and then we are now at five times: optical zoom. Just look at the clarity on that now. When we go to 10 times optical zoom, then we might as well be stood not building ourselves, because the detail and high definition is just outstanding – were going to pull back again, see five times optical zoom and pull back again two times and guys.

Just look at the distance, it is that we have covered with this one simple, smartphone called the real me x3 super soon now lets have a look at an alternative scene, so in this scene we can see that on a wide angled camera, we get plenty of Seen in the frame itself zooming in now, when we hit two times optical zoom, it is clear that we can see the text on the steps slice mural. Now when go to five times optical zoom, then everything becomes. You know high definition, just look at the gradient in the steps. Look, the sharpness of the text, then, at the ten times, optical zoom, we can see that we can even start to make out some of the text on the message left on the wreath itself. So guys this is just an awesome bit of kit. So staying with the camera lets talk about the slow motion, capabilities of the real me x3 people. Look at that water fighting. It has been slowed down to 480 frames per. Second, look at the clarity and high definition in that shot. It looks awesome and thats been shot by a smartphone. Now lets have a look at an alternative water feature. Look at this thats been slowed down to 480 frames per. Second, look at the cyclist on the electric bike aggressively just passes by in a scene also at 480 frames per second now lets have a look at what a high speed train looks like when its doing about 50 miles prior passing a platform guys look at that Shot look at the detail that you can see in that chain.

Look at the graphics, its all crisp, its clear, its 100 percent high definition. Now with the real me x3 super soon, youre gon na have so much fun playing with the slow mo capabilities. Speaking of fun, then youre gon na have so much fun playing games with your real me, s3 super stream. Again it comes with 12 gigabytes of ram. Yes, people, thats 12 gigabytes of ram real may is not shy. With regards to giving you ram again its 12 gigabytes and has it has a snapdragon 855 processor, then you will have no problems reliving the games. It is that you used to love to play when you were young. In my case, it is sonic the hedgehog and i only wished i could still get off this level. I appear to be kind of stuck at the minute now, if you dont like sonic, then you can play alternative games. Games such as this one, which i have found on the google play store now this game to me is highly addictive. It is fun, it is rewarding, and you know whenever i have some spare time or i want to kill some time. Then this is the game that i will come to do that for so playing games on the real me s3. Super stream is basically a joy to do. You will not be disappointed with the real me x3 whatsoever, yet another fantastic feature on the real me x3 super stream is its ability to run split screen applications in this example, you can see that i am surfing the internet whilst at the same time i am Listening to music on youtube im watching a youtube video and we can see the calls of the youtube video you know moving in the top, and i am browsing the internet in the bottom section of the app so having a split screen.

Application feature on the real me x3. Super stream is just a fantastic feature to have guys when i first got my real me: x3 super stream. It came with android 10, but thanks to regular updates from real me, you can see that im currently running on android 11.. So if you like to get regular updates from the manufacturer of the smartphone itself, then use will be pleased to know that real made those regulate release updates for your android device, return them back to the camera and have the locker selfie mode in low light conditions. We can see that real me is taking advantage by putting in a fill light that illuminates up the screen for when youre taking selfies. However, i have noticed that if you turn into the wide function on a selfie mode, sometimes you get this green error screen now. Its simply just a refresh and come out and come back in does fix this, but nonetheless i have noticed that is a glitch. So to finish this video off with guys, then i am totally in love with my real me. X3 super soon from its slow motion, capabilities to its increasingly ridiculous long. Super zoom lens, as we can currently see here, to its uh dot mode, which sees the mobile phone be charged in less than 60 minutes. I am serious guys. You know. I will have like three percent battery, then i will put it on dot mode and the phone will be fully charged within 60 minutes, normally its something like 50 minutes, but guys if you buy the real me x3 super super.

You will not be disappointed. It has so much technology in it that i cant just put it all into one video guys. Thank you for watching this video, and i will see you in another product review.