But before we get to that heres a quick reminder to subscribe to the channel and hit that notification bell. So you dont miss out on any of our videos, so ive been using this device for about three weeks now and im sure you saw my initial excitement when i first unboxed it and when i first saw it, but then after using it for a couple of Days, i realized 90 camera compatible heres, why its the form factor its a foldable. So when youre not using it, you close it and when youre ready to do some work, you open it, but because of the nature of my job, i receive a gazillion messages. Every day i kid you not so i ended, i ended up opening it closing it opening it closing it so many times in a day it just became such a hassle. I dont even bother closing it anymore, so now im just using it like a regular smartphone. I do have to mention, though, that that one time i left the house to run errands during mecq, i like the fact that i was able to fold it and able to slip it into my tiny bag, but that was once because of our current situation. I hardly get to go out. I think a lot of us are mostly staying home, so i dont really get to enjoy the folding feature. So much is it a great device? Yes, definitely its just not ideal.

For my current use and situation, having said that, there are a lot of things that i love about this device to begin with, the hinge doesnt just work to open and close it. You can use it in many different angles and its very helpful where, when youre on video call when youre taking selfies, it works like a mini stand or a mini tripod, so you guys may have already heard this for video calls its not the most flattering angle. So you may have to you know, use books or whatever to make it higher to get to that ideal level, but for selfies, particularly full body ones, and if youre a shorty like me, it works like a like a charm that automatically gets that height because of The angle from below, but if youre outside i suggest you take that shot really quickly because we dont want to leave the phone lying around the performance is exceptional. The snapdragon 888 does not disappoint its crazy, fast, crazy, smooth. You can multitask no lags no stutters. It can handle anything you throw its way now. My unit has eight gigs of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. The storage is enough for me, but if you need more theres, always the bigger one, the 256 gigs version, if theres one pain point for me, its the battery its at 3300 mah and it doesnt last me the whole day, maybe around five to six hours thats. It take note that i use it mostly for work so that social, media, email, viber all the messages and i get a gazillion in fairness, but i dont game.

I dont watch videos which brings me to my second concern: the charging so its 15 watts, if you use a cable and 10 watts if you charge wirelessly thats, just not fast enough, i mean there are devices that charge at 60 watts and i cant help, but Wish that samsung would be more aggressive in this department lets move on from the past more than the battery capacity, its really the charging speed that gets me an upside to having a smaller battery is the phone is really light as in coming from the s21 ultra. This weighs nothing lets talk about the main display. The 6.7 inch dynamic amoled 2x panel is great, the colors, the vibrancy the crispness of the details. Nakaka spoil guys. I honestly wasnt worried about this because its a given samsungs, amoled screens never disappoint and the 120 hertz refresh rate is a great touch as well. Scrolling and swiping is extra smooth. Now a lot of people have been asking me: is there a crease? Well, yes, its there when youre looking at the screen dead on you hardly notice it, but from the sides theres more of a glare so its more noticeable. But for me more than seeing it its feeling it. When i swipe. So i said earlier that its a smooth experience – and i meant that visually, but when youre scrolling and swiping and you hit the middle or if you hit the crease. Yes, you definitely feel that slight dip.

I also have to mention that, while the dual firing speakers on the z, flip 3, is better than the previous flip, it is a step down from the s21 ultra. So well do a quick comparison. Heres a clip from the s21 ultra and the z flip 3.. Music now lets move on to the camera. So this one has three: you have two at the back and one selfie camera by now. Im sure you guys know the specs, but well still flash it on screen, and i just have to mention that, while more more and more smartphones have more and more cameras these days, i find that these three are all i really need. The cameras are pretty good. They take decent photos, theyre, vibrant! You see the details. The dynamic range is okay. I just cant help but compare it with the s21 ultra because ive been using it. Since it came out last feb, i think, and naturally the s21 takes better photos. I mean 108 megapixels, bigger sensor versus a 12 megapixel camera its a given, but i guess its one of the compromises because its a foldable, but having said that, i would gladly and confidently post the pictures taken with the z flip 3.. I really appreciate the fact that you can take photos and videos using the cover screen so with that you can use the main camera and because its bigger you can frame yourself better and the photos turn out pretty good theyre, pretty sharp speaking of the cover screen.

While i dont really get to use it a lot because, as i mentioned, i just leave my phone open, but i think that its one of the biggest upgrades on this smartphone one more thing. Aside from having widgets, you see more notifications, you can even clear it and, if youre, trying to lessen your screen time, i think that this is a very effective way to go about it, because, just by glancing at your notifications, youll see which ones are urgent, which Ones you can ignore for now, and hopefully this um deters us from mindlessly scrolling on social media. I think were all guilty of that. Okay, so lets balance it out with another con. For me, its the placement of the power button, slash side mounted fingerprint scanner. I dont know if its just because i have small hands but its the same though somebody jaime and its pretty hard for me to reach using my thumb. So what i did was to enroll the my middle finger on my left hand. So when i open it, thats where it lands anyway and it works in unlocking the phone ive been getting a lot of questions about the durability of the phone and guys. I have to say that i havent actively tried to destroy the phone because i dont have it in me. I dont have the heart for that. What i can talk to you about at the moment is the feel when i open and i close a device and right now i can tell you that the hinge feels very sturdy.

I said im not scared to open it and close it several times a day. It just feels solid weve heard about the improvements to make the phone tougher theres, the armor aluminum hinge and cover theres gorilla, glass, victims, theres, gorilla, glass, dx for the cameras and all these things in theory should work. But personally i would still get a cover for this device and fortunately there are a lot of cute ones available, and i know that, aside from the looks, itll also help put my mind at ease. So after sharing my experience using this device, i guess i can say that my heart wants it and it really wants it so bad. But my mind says that i should get something more practical and more fit for my use. But if youre looking for a foldable right now, i can confidently say that this is the one to get the samsung galaxy. Z. Flip 3. 5G is 52 990 for the base model and 56 990 for the one, with more storage and thats it for this video. If you like it, give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel hit that notification bell, follow us on facebook, tik tok and on instagram. My name is leah, stay, safe, happy and healthy.