Three weve been using this for a few weeks and i have to say this is the type of device for that customer where the phone is the center of their life, whether youre working multitasking, creating content, viewing content. The galaxy zed fold 3 is built for that type of customer. Now, this time out, the galaxy z fold 3 is made from stronger material, its made out of a matter of higher grade aluminium both on the edges and on the hinge. It also is water resistant. So thats another improvement from the previous model and, of course, the big inside screen is now compatible with s pen, which will appeal to a lot of customers as well, were going to dive in now and take a look at all the features that will appeal to The galaxy zedfold 3 customer now lets talk design the galaxy zed fault 3, pretty much the same design as the previous model, so youve got this front screen and the larger inside screen now the front screen is, is okay for viewing your notifications and maybe typing out The the odd email or message seeing your notifications having access to your apps, but its only when you really open the device up is when you can then access this much larger display just on the front display, though it is smaller than a regular smartphone. I would have loved to have seen the galaxy zed fold front, screen or equal the size of a regular smartphone you could.

It would allow you to get a lot more done on the phone without having to open it up, so its its kind of the best of both worlds, but the worst of both worlds, because the front screen doesnt quite crack it in terms of being as big And useful as a regular smartphone screen, but then, when youre using the inside screen the larger screen, it does have this odd aspect: ratio for certain apps. They dont quite fit properly. Of course, when youre viewing your content, thats a totally different story, but its either a smaller screen or a much larger screen. So if if they would have included a screen, a larger front screen almost the same width as a regular smartphone. That would have benefited in two ways: one bigger front screen, but two that bigger front screen would have created a bigger inside screen as well. So both halves of the phone would have been larger. I would have loved to have seen that now. I did say that this is for the type of customer where their phone is everything, and it is a big commitment to have a device like the galaxy zedfold 3. That might sound strange, but there is. This is a lot of device to handle uh your front screen your inside screen its a little bit bigger and thicker, and heavier than a regular smartphone as well, so uh its not as easy and as as portable as other regular smartphones.

It is a bit thicker, as i said, and it does require a little bit more work. You need, you need to sometimes getting stuff done on the front screen because of its size. You really need to stop and open up the device to to to complete the task or to look at a document or other things like that. So in terms of the typical user for this device id say: youre a high end user. Well, the pricing puts it at that high end anyway, its two two and a half thousand australian dollars. So if youre spending that type of money im, assuming that you are a high end user anyway, but this device – i think, if you, if its just videos you like to watch or if its just to create content in an easier way, i dont think thats enough. I think you that you need to be doing more with the device to justify having this sort of product so multitasking, creating content, viewing content thats the sort of customer. You are youre a high end customer using a high end device, one of the strongest features of the galaxy zed fold. 3 is multitasking and thats where that larger inside screen comes into play, so you can run more than one app. Of course. At the same time, you can run up to three apps at the same time inside so you might have maybe your social media open, maybe a calendar, maybe a note the note app or a browser.

So it does allow you to see more at one time or do more at one time, so you can easily split that screen and also rotate the app. So you you press press in the middle of the screen. Itll shift the apps to a different section of the screen, so they wind clockwise around the screen. If you do need to shift it around, for example, you might have the browser in one of the smaller windows. You can actually send it around to one of the larger windows in case. You need a little bit more room to move or there might be a document youre viewing. So it does give you that kind of flexibility. Now i know one of the best uses for the galaxy zed fault 3 is viewing content, especially video content. I cant wait for the day where were traveling again, and this would be the device that i take along with me. Instead of having to carry a phone and a tablet at the same time, this could be the one and only product that i need so its a phone when i need it and its a tablet when i need it, but when youre viewing video on the device, Depending on the aspect ratio of what youre watching the size of the actual video on the screen so that it creates like a letterbox effect, so the size of the video that youre watching on the screen, isnt too much different from a regular smartphone.

So what we did, we, we put the galaxy zed fold 3 right beside the galaxy z flip 3 and played the exact same video and youll notice that the video playing on the zed flip 3. The actual video content is roughly about the same size as what youre finding on the galaxy z fold 3.. If there are different aspect ratios, of course, itll take up more of that inside screen, but there there is there. Is that that slight difference there? Where that? The aspect so the wider aspect ratio, the actual video size of the video youre viewing on the z fold screen is about the same size as you would watch it on a regular size screen, whether its a zed flip 3 or an iphone. So something to keep in mind for those content viewers that, yes, it is a larger screen and for some content, its fantastic. It takes up the entire screen, but when youre viewing movies and other videos other content, its not much bigger than what you would normally use. Now, of course, if youre viewing your photos, its a spectacular display for those for that purpose to your videos, look even better, but just in terms of content. Viewing there is that that that is something to keep in mind that if, if thats, just the reason why youre buying it to watch your movies on this big screen, you about youre going to get about the same kind of result on a regular sized phone.

Another thing to note about the larger inside screen is that it has this square shape this square aspect ratio, so some apps they they dont, really show you much more. They show you a bigger version of the app but doesnt actually fit more content on the same screen. The instagram app, for example. Actually it letterboxes in the center of the screen so that it does maintain that shape it. Doesnt go completely edge to edge on the bit large inside screen, so having having a watching look at instagram on a regular phone youre. Getting about the same result as you would on the galaxy zed fold. Other apps, like ive, got my tesla app that i use and i look at the on the galaxy zed fold and im actually seeing less information at the same time than i would on a regular sized phone. So its its not all, apps have been created to work very well on that center screen. Many of them have a lot of productivity apps, like word and all the office suite of pro applications, and many many others work brilliantly on that inside screen. But there are some apps that just arent that arent havent been optimized for that, for that larger display one huge new improvement with the galaxy fold 3 is the compatibility with the s pen. Now, the s pen, there is nowhere in the device for you to insert the s pen, as you would on the galaxy note series where the s pen comes from, so it would have been great to be able to slot the s pen into the device.

Unfortunately, thats not the case there, there is the the size of the zed fold. Three is pretty similar to the zed fold too, so theres nowhere inside the device. You can store the s s pen for that. You need to buy a case so heres heres a case that fits in the galaxy z, fold 3 and youll notice theres a pocket on the outside. Where the z fold, the s pen fits neatly inside. But that, aside, that inconvenience aside having the s pen on a product like this, i think, consolidate, consolidates its appeal to that high end customer having this large screen as your notepad is truly liberating for an s pen user now, typically, an s pen user is generally A galaxy note user, but i would recommend any note user if theres any doubt in their mind of the experience the galaxy zed fold, three will give them ill. Tell you now im a big note fan. This is a much better experience in terms of having this larger screen to use the s pen with so whether thats, drawing writing, notes a lot more space. To take your notes, where you know drawing painting whatever you like to do, the s pen, i think, is unleashed on a device like this. Now, of course, there are cameras on the galaxy zed fold, three theres actually a few cameras, including the inside camera. That is actually an under screen: camera youll notice, when, when the screen is open, the pixels actually form over the top of the punch so that you cant really see that the the hole punch for the camera when its time to use the camera.

Of course, that hole punch does appear, but if photography is your main reason for buying a smartphone, then there are probably better choices than the galaxy z5. Yes, it takes decent photos, but its nowhere near as capable as the z21, for example, or should say the galaxy s21 ultra. Although the galaxy s line of phones, their camera systems, are designed with the best cameras that the company produces. These cameras are fine but theyre. Nowhere near as capable as as good so the quality youre not going to produce the same sort of quality as you would with the galaxy s21 on the battery side, the galaxy z fold 3 offers at least a day of of battery life. I was finding when using this as my everyday phone, it would easily last the entire day and into the next, if youre, using the inside screen more more than normal. That has a bit of an effect on the battery as well. Of course, when, when the screen is closed, youre only powering the smaller front screen, but if you are using the inside screen more often than that, of course, is going to burn through the battery even faster, but even with with hours of use of the inside screen. It still easily got us through an entire day. The samsung galaxy z. Fold 3 is in market this week its going to be priced at 2 500 australian dollars and, as we said, this is the sort of device for that customer where their smart phone is everything to them can do everything for them, and the zed file 3 can Do it like no other, if you want to read our complete review check it out at techguide.