If you will so the pixel 5a ive had it since a couple days before it came out im part of team pixel. They sent it out to me and theres, been a lot of controversy, a lot of problems that people are experiencing with this phone, especially when it comes to using it with the video camera on 4k at 60 frames per. Second, it is simply overheating for a lot of people for me if i go outside and its warm outside, even in the shade itll overheat in about two minutes and itll freeze and itll stop recording video and then you got ta wait for it to let you Start recording again after it cools down and then, if im inside ive had it happen in under four minutes, and i actually ended up being like internet famous for a day or two, because i put a tweet out sitting in applebees and i decided hey. Let me go ahead and see whats going on with this, because people have been saying they were having issues with their phones overheating, while recording 4k 60.. I hit start and then about 3 minutes and 50 seconds later in 70 degree weather and a nice cool atmosphere in a restaurant. It overheated and like everything, just went crazy, so the phone itself, its actually really really really good. Its got 5g 6 gigs of ram 6.34 inch screen its got a metal unibody design with some like soft touch plastic layer stuff over it, its a sharp looking phone.

I mean for being a bland pixel, but i mean for what it is its sharp, its well built, and it looks just like every other pixel before, but it performs well in basically everything but trying to record 4k 60, and i have problems with the camera too. It actually overheats and freezes up on me when im taking pictures. Sometimes so i dont know theres a lot of stuff here. This is actually an interim review. This is not my full review. Google is working on this and i hope they can do something to fix it, because if not, this is problematic but yeah. The issue has been raised up and im going to wait until the patch comes out, so i can do my full full review on it. I dont think its entirely fair to do it right now, because i think that google is going to try and fix it. I know theyre actively trying to fix it right now, so were going to talk about it in this video, but before we get into that, i do want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel. Thank you for being here. If you enjoy the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell, if you want updates when new videos come out, lets talk about the pixel 5a Music. So, like i was saying i actually like this phone a lot. I was using it with my sim card in it as my primary daily driver, not my secondary sim, not my third sim, my primary one.

I have my iphone 12. I took my sim out. I put it in here the day i got it went out and took some pictures and it was curious because i went out that night and it was it was warm. I mean i live in southeast texas. It was probably still like 92, but the sun was going down. I wanted to take some pictures the day i got it, so i could do my unboxing and first impressions, video and it didnt dawn on me. While i was out there, i was taking pictures and walking around and i had the camera app open and i would hit the button and then, after a little while it would freeze up. It would take like five to seven seconds and the shutter button would go away and then it would let me take a picture again and then it would happen after that. So i i dont know i thought maybe just might be a software glitch or i thought maybe because i was using portrait mode and it was processing. I was just thinking. No, i determined later i saw the heat overheating icon determined. It was because of the overheating. I tested it subsequently again later and then the next day it was the flurry of 4k 60 stuff, and i had heard about this from other people. I already made a video about this saying its got a big problem with this heating issue. There are a lot of people.

Some people are like, oh, who buys a pixel 5a to shoot. 4K 60 flagship phones had problems with it two years ago. There are all these arguments who uses it, who even knows what 4k 60 is. Most people just record with whatever the default is. My thought process is its a feature that google put in there to stand apart from other phones. If you look at other 400 and 500 phones, they dont have 4k 60., its just not even an option, and even other phones that have the snapdragon 765 dont even endeavor, to try and do that. This is like a pixel thing, so yeah it was the first thing that i tested out. I shoot in 4k 60, all the time a lot of people dont. Some people are like. Why are you shooting in 4k 60 its unnecessary? Look i like it its super smooth. You get 60 frames instead of 30 frames. Hey i just like shooting 4k 60 other people do as well, but heres the thing in a thousand dollar flagship phone. 4K. 60 is not a big selling point. They can all do it. I mean they did make a big deal out of it with the iphone this last year, because it could shoot 4k 60 on the front and back continuously, without overheating thats. A big thing like the oneplus 9 pro, i think, has like a five minute self imposed limit, so it doesnt overheat. So heat is an issue when it comes to 4k 60.

. A lot of people are like. Oh two thousand dollar cameras. Two years ago, couldnt shoot 4k 60. Whatever google decided to enable it and put it in here, so you could do it, it should work and cam. You know, cameras are their specialty. Google people pick up their pixel phones because of the camera experience. Maybe not so much for video. They really havent been known for video, but i feel like they were really trying to stand apart. They wanted to stand apart even more in the mid tier sector, so they added 4k 60.. It should work regardless of whether you actually use it or not its a function thats on there. It was a selling point. If it doesnt work, it should cost less thats, just my thought process, and if this were apple, it would be a tremendously huge issue. Right now it wouldnt just be oh well, well give it a pass. Nobody uses it. Nobody uses 4k 60.. Nobody cares im not going to get in the weeds in this im not going to get other peoples cookie jars. People can have their own thought process on it that this is my channel. I can talk about my feelings regarding it. The rest of the phone is pristine. The battery life 4680mah battery it works all day long. I get six seven hours screen on time and thats impeccable for me and thats with like no battery saving features. If you put on adaptive brightness dark mode, i mean, if you actually do anything to try and save your battery.

You can get probably nine ten hours of screen on time out of this its ridiculous same 12, megapixel camera on the back also has got the wide angle, so you can do both of those dont tell a photo im, not big into telephoto stuff. I mean if you want to zoom in like two three times: digital zoom looks pretty good, so it takes good pictures. The primary cameras are spot on portrait mode, astro photography. This is it. I mean this is the same thing we expected of the pixel 3, the pixel 4, the pixel 4a, its on par. It takes great pictures and thats why people buy pixel phones, good performance. The snapdragon 765 g is a solid phone ive tested out like five or six phones with it. I tested out the lg velvet last year, the pixel 5, the tcl 105 guw, the samsung galaxy a71 5g, the motorola razer, 5g ive tested a lot and now this phone, its basically like having a flagship phone from day to day performance like when you use it. It doesnt really draw you out of the experience its not overly slow. It feels like youre using a flagship phone, so this screen looks nice. Its got an oled display on it. Its got a 6.34 inch screen. It looks good its sharp, its real slick. I im not crazy about the finish, definitely put a case on it. I did get this spigen something case. You can get a lot of cases around like 10 bucks, for it accessories are cheap, its just an all around good phone, its just the overheating issue, and i could maybe overlook that a little bit, if i said hey, if you dont shoot 4k 60.

If you dont know what it is, if you dont care, yeah its probably going to be amazingly fine and youll love it and use it for years. For me its a deal breaker and then also the camera. I have problems with the camera and, like i was saying earlier, if i go outside and its hot and im shooting some pictures, and i noticed it the second time i went out and i was doing comparison pictures between this and another phone, i was testing and It happened again and then i started talking to some other people i found out some other people are having the problem, its legitimately an issue. So if you dont go outside and spend like five minutes actually not even five minutes, it did it in under two minutes. It started locking up on me so yeah youre gon na hear from other people theyre going to say this is fine. I dont have this issue. They have defective units. I personally know three people out of other reviewers out of this small sample size of team pixel people that are having the same problem. I can only imagine a lot of other ones are having it. So if you go out, you leave the camera app on for about two or three minutes and youre shooting, especially on the hot day. It might happen to you. Take a couple of pictures. Take a couple more pictures pop it. The screen shut, the shutter might go away it.

That, to me, is a very, very big issue. The video stuff is an issue because it should work, but google pixel phones are known for their cameras and if it cant even do that. If you want to go out to the zoo, you want to go out to your kids sporting event. Youre trying to take a bunch of pictures, so you can get that just right moment, so you can shoot some video and youre having these problems thats, terrible that that moment cannot be recreated its gone. So fundamentally, this is a problem for me: im not doing a full full review until this they come out with a patch if they come out with a patch in the next couple of weeks, ill come back ill, readdress it and well do b roll well do By the nines, the numbers well look at it dive in and really cover more of it. But at this point i got ta say i dont recommend it if youre just getting it and you know what youre getting it into and youre not worried about the stuff. Ive, warned you and told you about you could love this phone and use it for three or four years, but i feel, like its kind of sloppy and google clearly had to know about this before they put it out and thats. Just my these things get tested rigorously, so theres no way they didnt know. This was having problems before they pushed out the door and thats the most troubling thing of all.

So thats all ive got in this video. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down in the comment section ill get back with you. If you enjoy the video please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell.