Everyone welcome back to purvika before getting into the product. If you are new to our channel, dont forget to subscribe and press the bell icon for regular tech, related updates and the product i was mentioning is the all new samsung galaxy z435g Music. When samsung entered the foldable market, it took our user experience and also to expect agents to next level, though the technology was improved. Still, it was not complete. The main expectation we left in the part was durability. Well, samsung fixed that issue perfectly on this galaxy z435g. With three key highlights number one is this aluminum frame samsung says it is the most durable frame ever on a smartphone number. Two comes this production film on this foldable display. Samsung says it is not just 20, not just 30, but exactly 80 percent, more durable than the previous generation fold, and next thing comes to play. Is the corning gorilla glass victus? That is the latest version that has been protected on the front and the rear with the samsung z43 when it comes to this place. Samsung is the king maker of the super amoled and amoled market, but in this mobile samsung has used the latest technology dynamic. Amoled 2x displays that comes with 120 hertz refresh rate and hdr 10 plus support on the front. We have a 6.2 inch cover screen and while we open the fold, we get a very big 7.6 inch screen. When we unlock the device, we could notice how vibrant and vivid the colors are on this display and when we go through the interface, it is very fluid.

Thanks to the 120 hertz refresh rate, having this huge 7.6 inch display, every app in the mobile need to be redesigned to use this huge space and exactly thats. What samsung has did, for example, if you open the my files, we could easily notice how beautiful this app has been redesigned to use this huge 7.6 inch display, and also when we open the chrome. We can easily notice that this app has been redesigned like the desktop mode, so we can easily switch between tabs by just with a single click and also it is very fluid. You may feel having this huge screen doing a video call or taking selfies might be hard, but thats, not true thats. Why samsung flex comes into play just semi fold the mobile and place it on a table? Click on this camera app. You can just view the preview has been to one screen and there are icons on the below with which you can easily take your selfies and also having a video called conversation will be very easy and handy for you. The next key highlight is multitasking. When current generation smartphone can actually split apps with two, this mobile can handle three apps at a time. Lets just open this. My files now im scrolling through this edge panels. There is a various set of apps im. Just dragging this youtube. You can see how vertically the apps click split very easily, not just two. Now we can add one more app.

Also, i am bringing in this message see the user interface actually very beautifully gets redesigned to use three apps at a time. I can check my internal storage. I can check my conversation. I can use youtube also. You can also swap this according to your, like just click on this three icon and press this thats it then the whole interface will be changed and also you can swap it once more to redesign as per your wish. Moving on to camera department on the rear, we have a set of three 12 megapixel cameras, the primary sensor, the ultrawide sensor and the telephoto sensor. The primary sensor and the telephoto sensor comes with optical image stabilization and on the front of this cover screen, we have a 10 megapixel selfie shooter and the fifth camera is a surprise element for us. On this 7.6 inch screen. We have a hidden camera for 4 megapixel over here, though it is not completely hidden but still gives us a feel that it is completely notchless now lets take a look at the cameras interface. While you open the camera it opens in the photo mode on the side lies three icons where you can use it to switch between ultrawide primary and the telephoto sensor. Next to that comes the portrait mode. Next to that is a single take which helps to take. You different kinds of shots like filtered videos, filtered pictures, special effect clips, portraits crop shots and highlight videos just at one click.

Next, to that, when we come to video, you can shoot up to 4k 60 frames per second with the rear sensors. It can also be changed to 4k 30 full hd at 60, full hd at 30 and hd at 30 frames. You have option to enable super steady, video mode for a shake free experience when you switch to that selfie camera, hey yeah, the under display 4 megapixel selfie camera, the things actually quite changes in the interface you get only either photo or video option. While on the video, you can only shoot maximum of full hd at 60 frames per second, there is one more key feature that you should never miss the preview option. When you check on this interface, there is a icon on the stock, just click on that the front cover screen becomes the preview monitor. So you can view yourself before clicking the images and take the perfect shot at perfect moment. So we saw what are the features of this 10 megapixel selfie camera on this front and also the 4 megapixel under display selfie camera now lets see how to use the three rear cameras as a selfie camera. When you open this interface, you can actually see a selfie icon on the top. Just click on that thats it. You can use all the three cameras now as a selfie camera and click the best portraits with exactly best detail. When we open the camera app, we cannotice for this 10 megapixel selfie shooter.

We get a veil lotta options than the 4 megapixel shooter that was present hidden inside the display. We get a portrait mode, we get a single take mode. Also on video, we get a maximum option of 4k at 60 frames per. Second next important thing is the processor. It comes with the latest snapdragon triplet processor. To give you the best gaming and best multitasking experience ever on a smartphone. Now lets see how the snapdragon triplet performs in gaming Applause. So when you start using this huge mobile, you will be adding apps games, photos and videos, but dont worry. The phone comes with 256gb of internal storage and also you get 12gb of ram so that you can multitask with ease. Also the higher version gets a 512gb of internal storage. Dont worry if your phone slightly slips on water. This is the worlds first foldable mobile. That comes with ipx8 water resistant rating. You get the best experience while you play your favorite games and watch your favorite movies thats, not just because of the 7.6 huge display. Also, the stereo speakers play a part in it. This mobile comes with dolby atmos stereo speakers. The speakers are present on the left and the right, which gives you the best audio experience, hope you love this premium, all new samsung galaxy. Z43. If you love this device, dont wait head over to your nearby purvika showroom, purchase this with exciting offers and easy mi schemes, and also you can purchase this device at our vika website.

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