You can get some very sexy. Tech in 2021 were talking oled screens, awesome cameras proper, smooth gaming, smarts good bit of 5g action. If you fancy some of that and all for less than half the price of a samsung s21 or one of those bloody iphones, so heres, my personal pick of some of the very best budget friendly smartphones that will cost you under 400 pounds in summer 2021 and If any of these mobiles make you feel all tingly in the trouser department, well, the good news is: you can check out my full unboxings and reviews right here on techspec, oh and, of course, for more on the latest and greatest tag. Please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. Weve absolutely got to start with the pixel 4a, which is easily the best camera phone youll find at this price. Youve got the same primary sensor as the billy big bollocks, pixel 5 flagship. So you can capture great looking picks at any time of the day, youre only missing out on the ultra wide angle lens with this cheaper phone, which is no big, whoop and google has, thankfully, kicked the annoying trend of obnoxiously oversized smartphones square in the crotch, because The google pixel 4 ear is a pocket please in 5.8 inches, so its a joy to use one handed even with fairly stubby fingers like mine and itll fit into pretty much any bag or pocket going packed into that.

Dinky plastic frame is the snapdragon 730g, which handles everything, including gaming. Without a grumble, the oled screen is a stunner and yeah. It is quite small, but ill still happily watch a whole flick on this thing and, as this is a google smartphone, youve naturally got a lovely, clean stock version of android, with the guaranteed timely updates for the next couple of years. For a bit of added peace of mind and most of the other smartphone features, youd hope for and expect at this sort of price point all present and correct. So, for instance, youve got nfc for your google pair shenanigans youve got a headphone jack. If you want to plug in and enjoy some really crisp high quality tunes, but unfortunately the pixel 4a doesnt include microsd memory card expandability for the storage and as a heads up as well. Google is known to occasionally discount the pixel fourier 5g model, so its under 400 quid as well, so its definitely well worth keeping an eye on, especially because not only does it add that 5g support but also boosts the performance, although you do lose a little bit In the compact form factor now, one of the pixels most impressive rivals at this price point is the oneplus nord 2, which is a fresh 2021 release. Boosting that performance significantly see the oneplus note 2 is powered by a custom mediatek chipset, namely the dimensi 1200 ai. All you need to know is that its powerful enough to blaze through pretty much any app out there and most games as well.

Even the mighty gentian impact is handled with neri abeda sweat as long as you dont, absolutely crank it up to the maximum detail levels. Helped along by some dedicated gaming tools, you once again have an oled screen this time, a 6.43 inch amoled with the added bonus of a faster 90 hertz, refresh rate plus a stereo speaker setup and some serious audio smarts. So the note 2 is just as great for kicking back with some netflix action as your favorite, bold tech and meanwhile that 4 500 milliamp battery, which will keep you going all day quite happily, also supports oneplus warp charge 65 tech, which can give you a full Charge from empty to full in about half an hour madness, oxygen os is as sleek and customizable as ever with the guarantee of two years of android, os updates and three years of security updates, and while the 50 megapixel primary camera sensor, cant quite capture pics as Cleanly and capably as the pixel, it is still well up to the job of everyday snaps and sharp looking horn movies, and if that all sounds absolutely lovely, then definitely go check out. My full oneplus note 2 coverage, which is live right now and also, if your budget cant quite stretch up to the oneplus nord 2, well definitely check out the oneplus nord ce5g. Instead, with the ce stands for core edition costs about 100 quid less than the nord 2, but its still pretty bloody good, that design is downgraded to plastic, while the stereo speakers are replaced with a basic mono setup.

But you do get some great sounds and audio via bluetooth or the headphone jack, and the amoled screen is another 90 hertz, full hd cracker. So media fans should be plenty seated and while yes, the battery doesnt charge quite as fast as the oneplus node 2. The core edition does still boast a 4500mah which will keep you going all day, even with plenty of screen on time, good bit of all day. Action. No stress gaming is still smooth and satisfying on lighter titles like pubg and call of duty mobile helped along again by the gaming mode, while the snapdragon 750g chipset handles everything else, just as capably and yeah the 64 meg primary camera isnt, quite as good as the More expensive, siblings, but its still up to snuff for the family, picks and videos. Now another fresh new 2021 smartphone thatll satisfy anyone with a budget under 400 pounds is the oppo find x3 light which again sets up some pretty gorgeous tech for a price that wont have your bank manager kicking down your front door? It is again plastic around back, but gorilla glass 5 up front where it counts, with a small range of space, inspired colours on offer and at 6.4 inches its again, not as pleasingly compact as the pixel, but its not an absolute whopper. Youve got a slightly messy color os setup here, so something that not everyone will get on board with. It can be quite messy and a bit janky here and there as well, but it does also serve up plenty of opportunities to customize your desktop and some decent bonus mods but yeah, just like the pixel smartphone and those oneplus smartphones as well.

Suddenly there is bug roll micro sd support to expand the onboard storage, which definitely sucks a whole bunch of soggy nuts. Still the 6.4 inch amoled screen is a cracker spaffin, sharp visuals, with crisp contrast right at your peepers with 90hz refresh to boot. The speakers are perfectly fine, but you also get a headphone jack for enjoying your tunes and gamers are well served by the snapdragon 765g chipset, backed by eight gigs of ram, which can blaze through all of the usual titles complete with a dedicated gaming mode for giving You an edge over those filthy, bloody school kids and their obnoxiously youthful reactions. Youve once again got that good bit of 5g support for a bit of future proof and youve also got 65 watt fast charge support as well so similar to the oneplus nord 2. It can power back up again in a jiffy, and the whole package is rounded off by a 64 megapixel primary rear camera, which will definitely again do the job for all of your everyday home movies and family picks and while were on the subject of oppo as Well, another option that you can grab these days for under 400 pounds is the renault for 5g itll actually cost you closer to 300 quid. So definitely if your budget is a bit tight well worth looking at now, ive got to say i havent personally tested out the oppo renault 4 5g, so i cant vouch for it, but it does look like it basically supports very similar specs to the oppo find X3 light, except you scale back, that primary camera sensor from 64 megapixel to 48 megapixel and its not a 90 hertz refresh rate display, but those are pretty much all the sacrifices youre making in order to strip a little bit off that asking price.

Now, if youre all about performance, you might be tempted by the brilliant poco f3 as well. Just 329 quid buys you this big old brick, which may look about as sexy as a dead fish in stockings, but it packs some incredible specs for a budget price. Now the poko f3 uses xiaomis miui 12 launcher which not everyone again will get on with like color os. It can be a bit janky a bit quirky and places shall we say, but i quite like it: its got more of a stock android vibe these days and theres 12 incarnations youve got your apps tray. Youve got your notifications bar all neatly arranged, but youve also got a lot of bonus bits thrown in there that you dont get with stock android, just like that. Nifty all encompassing control sensor that i really cant get enough of, but its the snapdragon 870 chipset. That really stands out here offer an impressive grunt for gaming. You can even run the mighty memory guzzling gention impact on high detail settings with only the occasional wii jutter for sure helped along by the dedicated coolant tech. And, yes, you once again have a good 5g action on there and a good bit of wi fi. 6 support too so, as far as connectivity goes, job done, poko has packed in a 6.67 inch oled screen with 120 hertz refresh and full hd plus resolution. Although the sheer size of this screen means that images arent quite as crisp as some rivals.

However, colors are proper poppy on that vivid mode. Vibrant movies and photos will absolutely knock your socks off, and that is your 10 plus support means. You can enjoy some incredible contrast with a good bit of movie action as well its not all happy fun times here. On the poco f3, though so, for instance, theres bugger, all headphone jack action, which is a real shame, so youre restricted to using one of those god awful dongles or a bit of bluetooth, which thankfully i had no issues with, and there is a stereo speaker set Up but its not exactly going to blow you away, i did also find that the battery life isnt as strong as some rivals here, even though its a 4 500 milliamps, which matches some of the phones in this best budget roundup. I was running on dregs. Come bedtime more often than not, and the 33 watt uh charging support, while not bad by any means, is again beaten by some rivals from the likes of oppo and oneplus in this round up. But that is the last of my grumbling because i really enjoyed my time with the poco f3, including that 48 megapixel main camera, which can even deal with hyperactive subjects like wii people off their tits on haribo. Now. Xiaomi also offers solid value for money with its rather lovely me: 11 lite. 5G. This blower is very similar to the standard mi 11 lite, but it does add 5g support, courtesy of the snapdragon 780g platform and that chipset can breeze through games of game change, impact and so on.

Although under pressure it can get wee bit. Toasty too battery life is good youll once again make it through a full day of heavy play on a single charge. I found that the 64 megapixel primary shooter slapped on the back end of the mi 11 lite 5g was absolutely fine for your everyday snaps and video as well. Although theres no built in optical image stabilization, so i did find that low light shots were a bit fuzzier a bit softer compared with the likes of the pixel, but that hdr 10 plus certified screen is a stunner with 90 hertz refresh for supported apps and no Issues on the audio front either and its once again me ui 12 and all of its batch mental splendor. My final semi sort of recommendation in this best budget phones under 400 pounds. Roundup is the samsung galaxy a52, which still only just sneaks in there with a price tag of ‘9., the design does little to excite or arouse, but at least you can pick up the phone in samsungs slightly over enthusiastically. Titled awesome blue. If you do prefer brighty hues and it is water and dust resistant which is rare at this price point, any samsung fans out there will enjoy the feature packed. One ui experience, which is very similar here on the a52 5g, compared with the flagship s21 smartphones, which obviously cost a fair bit more and the great news is that sami is guaranteeing three years of os updates and four years of security updates, as well so similar To what youd get with the pixel phone and the oneplus smartphones youve got that extra peace of mind, youre going to be keeping your handset for a good few years.

The 6.5 inch 120 hertz super amoled screen certainly gets a thumbs up, chucking out sharp full hd, plus images complete with samsungs trademark colors that positively pop. Although you can opt for a more natural output in the display settings, its definitely a good in for your netflix. In your disney plus and all that good stuff, despite the lack of hdr streaming and the great news, is that not only do you get nfc support and a headphone jack here on the galaxy a52 5gb youve also got expandable storage via a microsd memory card slot. As well, that holy trinity seems surprisingly difficult to find at this sort of budget price. Although ive got here, i didnt get on particularly well with the slightly janky fingerprint sensor, as with most phones at this sort of budget. Youve got 5g support thanks to the snapdragon 750 g chipset, although unfortunately, this doesnt offer the level of performance of the poco f3 and some rivals here. But it is fine for simple shooters like call of duty and pubg and hey its a 4 500 milliamp battery. Yet again – and here on the galaxy a52 5g – i found that kept me going until i was all tucked up with teddy without too much stress as long as you dont go too crazy with the screen on time. Otherwise, a slightly lethargic 15 watt charging speed. So pretty poor compared with most of the other phones here and samsungs feature packed.

Camera is respectable, if not great, often struggling with moving subjects. So good luck, convincing the wins to hold bloody still for more than two seconds and that right there is my roundup of the best smart fudging grab right now for a budget of around 400 pounds and under of course, if your budget isnt quite stretching up to This sort of realm dont worry. I have rounded up my favorite smartphones under 300 pounds and even under 200 pounds right now in 2021 as well, so go check out those for ideas of what else you can get now. Ive tried my level best to only include smartphones that ive actually personally tested out and reviewed here on texpert, so definitely go check out all that coverage for more on any of these blows, and if i missed out your own personal favorites, well, apologies. It might not be stocked here in the uk, or i might just not have had a bit of a fondle of it. Definitely let us know your own favorites down in the comments below. Please do put subscribe during that notifications bell and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week.