So this time around whats sony got right and what areas do I feel have room for improvement? Hey guys ash here from c4etech and welcome to my review of the sony xperia 1 mark 3.. So first Im gon na start with what I liked the in hand feel the 21 by 9 aspect. Ratio means, despite sporting a 6.4 inch display. The xperia 1 mark 3 feels pretty narrow in hand. So its easy enough to grip. The ip 65 68 rating is a positive, and so are the materials used and thats all Im gon na be saying about the build cuz theres a lotta room for improvement with this one, and well talk about that in a bit. That said, there are a couple of choices: sony made that I also really appreciate, for starters, the tooless tray design. This is something Ive always liked think about. It say you are testing some emulators and wan na pop in an sd card, quick boom, no hunting for the sim tool. Next, this ones killer and before I talk about it, lem me explain what I classify as killer to me. Personally, a kill feature is one. I miss once Ive moved onto the next phone …, For example, the s pen thats generally something Ive always missed when moving from a note and Im happy to say, Ive had a similar experience with the xperia here, the physical 2 stage shutter key. I really think more brands should incorporate this into their designs, its just so elegant to pick up and shoot.

As you can see, I just ended up shooting so much of my cat just cuz, I loved the physical experience of shooting here. Of course, itd all have been for nought if the hardware wasnt there.., But sonys done well on that front too.. the primary is a 12mp f1.7. Its stabilized and like the other 2 sensors, has support for dual phase detection autofocus. So its pretty quick on that front and the images they turned out beautiful and sony gives you a lotta camera features taken straight from their alpha line up. So if you like tinkering with settings, this is the best you are gon na get on a smartphone, but ya theres a! But u know what nightmodes are night sight bright night nightscape, whatever the brand names it simply put its the process of taking multiple shots and merging them together to get one good low light image, no matter how good this large 11.7 inch sensor is or the fact That the lens is fast and stabilized optically. It just cannot compete with night modes on other devices. I can see Sony wanting to keep everything pro, but I feel they should still have included a night mode. Here I mean they do include a portrait mode. After all, not such a pro thing, but its right here and I feel night mode – is quite as important, if not more Now before we move to the secondary sensor. Id like to remind: u guys, this videos sponsored by 28mobile.

com if theres any phone that you wan na buy thats not available in your market, 28mobile is the best place to buy em from they are reliable, have good service and ship quick, so go on check out. 28Monbile, dot com Ill leave a link in the description below and now lets move on the second 12mp sensor. This ones got an ultra wide f2.2 lens with a 124 degree fov… It performs quite beautifully too crisp. Ultrawide shots. The 3rd camera is something totally unique to this phone. This can switch focal lengths. So u can either shoot 70mm, i.e, 2.9x, zoom or 105mm, which is 4.4x. This is one of the things the xperia 1 manages to do so much better than the competition. Just look at the detail: here.. Btw. This lens also happens to be stabilized The last ones, a .3mp tof sensor for depth, nothing to write home about With video. We are capped to 4k 60 and while the footage quality is good, as you can see, this is a surefire way to get the xperia 1 iii heated up real, quick and the heating well get to that before that lets get a couple more positives, outta. The way The battery life, the xperia 1 iii, happens to be a little thicker than its predecessor. Why Cuz? The battery capacity is 500mah more at 4500. Now the actual battery life is not bad. It managed to get me thro a day on a single charge.

Even with me, testing, cameras and gaming do note that battery life makes it to the pros part of this video by the slimmest of margins id rate it slightly above average. The next one, though, is a clear pro: the charger cuz, unlike the competition sony, does include it in the box, its not a crazy, fast charger. Its 30w goes 0 50 in 30. Mins theres also support for wireless charging at upto 15w.. Next on the pros list is the display. This is notchless 4k 120hz panel, the first of its kind on a smartphone. Now remember. Unless you are watching 4k content, the xperia 1 iii runs at full hd plus. So when you are seeing something like this or text, a phone with a quad hd plus display should be technically sharper. I say technically not because I like to poke fun of technical. Ok lets not go there. I say technically cuz, u most probably arent gon na notice. That I mean I am sure there are some ppl who own a xperia 1 who show the phone to ppl going 4k super sharp and ppl. Looking at it going ya. Man thats so very sharp, i would say Now. The con here is that this isnt a very bright panel, its serviceable, but outdoors on a phone thats priced more than an iphone 12 pro max or a galaxy s21 ultra Id expect better. Also note that the 120hz is the first feature to get disabled when the phone overheats, which ok lets get to that.

I promise lets just talk software before we do. Software is a mixed bag. This is android. 11 sony leaves things pretty stock, so everything is extremely responsive. Even when the phone heats up and say, 120hz gets disabled, the phone itself never stutters. The xperience is fine, sony regulars like side s, ense return and add to the experience theres, always on functionality. Even the xperia pros display in feature is present here, letting: u use this phone as a field monitor for your camera, then we have a game mode and when u play games, thats one of the areas where the trouble starts now the gameplay is usually smooth. The stereo speakers provide good separation and are loud enough. The display is well eye candy, but the phone does heat up games, dont stutter, but the xperia 1 mark 3 does tend to get uncomfortable to hold and thats. When, u start losing features like 120hz, That I feel is very disappointing again for a phone that costs more than top flagships from market leaders. This should not have happened. Talking about apple and samsung apple usually provides updates to its phones for 4 years or more samsungs. Now promised security patches for 4 years and 2 major android version updates Sony, on the other hand, also promises 2 major updates, but only half the time period, 2 years for security patches. So, apart from the software having its issues today, its also not gon na get supported for as long as apple or even samsung flagships.

The penultimate negative on this list is the 8mp selfie camera theres, nothing quite wrong with it per se, but its performance is very forgettable. I mean it doesnt make an impression like when I was scripting this video. I had to go back and see the samples to remember how these performed. Usually, I have a rough idea, at least, And finally, u know how we started with the build lets end on the same note.. Heres, a small snippet from my unboxing. My first thought on picking this phone up: damn not again sony. If you are watching Heres a fact you dont have market share. Your phones are not popular dont. Get me wrong. They are amazing, but not popular. That means finding accessories, for it is a PAIN. So please pretty, please just include a soft case in the box. U see these scratches here! It was quite unavoidable now before someone jumps in and says, but ash thats only because its gorilla, glass, 6 gorilla glass victus, would do much much better nah. I got a scratch to the gorilla glass victus covered front too, so the lack of access to well accessories and the smooth glass back they arent a good combination. U know how I said we are gon na look at the last negative. Well, I lied cuz, it just felt nice started with build ending with build, but theres still the elephant in the room that needs addressing the price. The xperia 1 iii is priced at 1300, usd which is more than both apple and samsungs flagships, and unless you want the pro camera features it has to offer, I cant really recommend it for most ppl, but if you do wan na pick one up, u know Where to 28mobile dot com haha anyway, thats pretty much it for my review of the xperia 1 iii, its got a lotta potential, but there are some very notable issues that hold it back.

Hopefully, that said, I did enjoy my time with this phone tho. So, anyway, thanks for your time, guys thanks for watching! U know what to do now, thumbs up thumbs down, based on what you felt about this video subscribe and turn on notifications, if you havent yet till next time my names ash youve been watching c4etech and Im signing off for now. You guys have a great day.