Now, if you want to pick this up, drop down into the description you can pick, it up is from a its made by lyndon tech, smartphone holder. Now this attaches to your your tv monitor here on your model, 3 tesla, and i wanted to show you how to do it now. The one thing thats cool about this. I have a samsung galaxy note, but you can use an iphone. You can use variety of phones, you see how you hit the button, it opens up for you and it also has some wireless charging capabilities here. So if you have a wireless charger, then youre good to go so you wont have any issues. Uh wireless charging uh your phone now. The wireless charging is not that much uh. The tesla does come with a wireless charging pad there, but its pretty much the same super slow um and it plugs in here type c. As you can see here on the bottom, it plugs in and you just plug it back in. You connect it to your ac here inside your glove box. Now, im going to show you guys how to hook this up its real, easy um youre just going to need a couple things, but lets get into it all right, so you got the mount here, as you can see it has this big arm now this one Goes around the tv monitor here on the tesla and im going to show you how that goes on, and then you got the phone holder here that has your type c charging there uh it has this arm, as you can see, theres your branding there by linden Tech, if you guys, can see that yeah, you can but were gon na go ahead and pop this on now it has these rubber uh inserts here that go on the bottom of the tv and along the back of the tv monitor now, im not responsible for Any kind of scratches that you put on your tv and your tesla so dont do not blame me um, so play at your own risk as they say, but were going to go ahead and pop this on all right.

The first thing you want to do: is you see these two screws here? You want to go ahead and loosen those up um, because this will loosen this little clamp here. That goes around the tv. This is the screwdriver, whatever kind this is called uh that will loosen it and be able to put it underneath the tv all right, so youre gon na get the the mount and its gon na this part right here on the left is gon na go behind The tv – so you simply just put it behind here, as you can see there and then you kind of just pull it down, so it snaps in place its nice and snug, as you can see there. So then, this bottom part here youre going to make sure that the rubber comes out thats. Why you want to loosen the screws you make sure that rubber is comes down boom hes like so, you see how the rubber is there and then what you want to do is you want to tighten the screws, make sure its tight in the back here and Then youre good to go all right after its nice and snug and set up here with your screws and your your bases in the back is nice and snug. You got your rubber piece, nice and perfect youre gon na take your type c cable here and youre. Just gon na plug it in here, so you get your wireless charging and then you simply just open it up its automatic.

You slap whoa, hey too fast. You slap your phone in there and youre good to go thats a note. 20 ultra you! You could see that its wireless charging, you got your charging there going and youre good to go um when youre on the move – and you want to get out of here – just hit those buttons on the side again and thats it. And if you want to, i have a different phone here, you could do an iphone or whatever, but this is a fold three boom you see, the wireless charging is in effect, unlock it. Charging is on deck and there you go theres your uh, your fold, action going. Let me bring down the brightness some and then youre good to go and thats it man. You want to pop it out, youre good, to go, and i think its great man, because its nice and uh secure there and then, if you have your uh phone in there and you want to turn it sideways. You can like so or if you want to move it around down up, you want to put it real high. You can uh ill, probably have it a little low, because i want to look at the tesla screen. Ill probably put it down a little bit, but its got a lot of flexibility where you could turn it. Somebody needs to use your phone thats in the drivers seat. You can do that too.

Oh one of the things that ill ill say about the wireless charging. Like i said its not very fast, so what you could do is you could pop out your type c, cable, a little tip here and you could just plug it into your phone 49 until fully versus the wireless charging which will be ill. Tell you right now an hour and 20 minutes, so you save about a half hour charging but thats gon na. Do it. Man hit that, like button subscribe to the channel, keep it moving right here on android stud and leave a comment down below uh.