There are various smartphone vendors that are believed to have been competing to prepare for the arrival of new devices that bring various super sophisticated technologies in terms of design, specifications features and cameras. There will certainly be significant improvements that make it different from the devices introduced in 2020.. The 5g smartphone trend is believed to be the mainstay of various current devices from a row of well known, smartphone. Vendors ready to become a new trend. Here are the three best new and upcoming 5g smartphones for you to make things easier for you, im placing a link to each of these products in the description below use. This link to choose your favorite product with the best available offer number one doogee. V10 doogee. V10 comes with a large and super responsive 6.’ inch display. You can enjoy great performance while gaming and streaming and its protected by corning gorilla glass, making v10 scratch resistant. Doogee v10 has great storage with uninterrupted performance. For those of you who are game lovers, doogee v10 is the right choice because you can enjoy games and applications at a high level without lag. 2G v10 provides a 120 gigabyte rom, which can be expanded up to 256 gigabytes using a micro sd card. As for connection since this smartphone already has 5g network speed, you can surf the internet faster and smoothly. The 2g v10 smartphone has bluetooth 5.1 and wi fi. For those of you photography lovers, this doogee v10 has an amazing camera feature because it is equipped with a 48 megapixel ai main camera.

For that picture, perfect moment, you can also shoot 2k videos at 30 frames per second doogee. V10 has advanced heat dissipation. Do gv10. Is designed to allow for the highest heat dissipation possible, allowing your device to stay cool and prevent damage from heat, doogee v10 smartphone is equipped with a super large 8 500 milliamp battery that supports 33 watt fast charging. It has amazing features. The battery also lasts for five days with super large battery capacity on offer. It will certainly make you amazed by its power endurance by the way. Todays sponsor is nordvpn theyre, consistently the top choice for staying anonymous online torrenting safely and accessing geo restricted streaming content. You can check the description for our full review along with a special discount if interested number two tcl20 pro 5g unlocked android smartphone. If you want to make every shot worth saving this tcl 20 pro 5g unlocked android smartphone equipped with a 48 megapixel quad camera system. With optical image, stabilization and capture the action in your life in super steady 4k video for cinematic level detail you can experience intelligent, enhanced, visuals in true to life, color clarity and contrast on the flowing screen of a 6.67 inch, fhd plus nxti vision, amoled dodge display Visual comfort and protection is built into tcl 20, pro 5g, with a tuv rhineland, low blue light certification and smart brightness and tonality tcl 20. Pro 5g unlocked android smartphone has a dedicated ir sensor that can control your tv and a wide range of home devices.

You can enjoy peak performance while staying cool through all your work play and multitasking with liquid cooling technology that protects against overheating. Tcl 20. Pro 5g unlocked android smartphone stays charged with a 4500 milliamp battery and keeps as many photos as you can take. With a 256 gigabyte memory number three xiaomi redmi note: 9t 5g xiaomi has launched a new phone called the xiaomi redmi note: 9t 5g for the global market. The xiaomi redmi note 9t 5g is equipped with a 6.53 inch ips lcd screen. The screen supports 1080p resolution with a refresh rate of 90 hertz and a brightness level of 450 nits. The xiaomi redmi note 95g has a punch hole in the top left hand corner that houses a 13 megapixel selfie camera. This xiaomi redmi note 9 t5g, is also equipped with three main cameras with a 48 megapixel sensor and a depth sensor and macro camera each with a 2 megapixel sensor, the xiaomi redmi note 9 t5g is powered by the mediatek density 800u chipset with a 7nm fabrication. Not only that the xiaomi redmi note, 95g is equipped with 4 gigabytes of ram with 2 storage options, namely 64 gig and 128 gig. In addition, the redmi note 90 has a 5000 milliamp battery with 18 watt fast charging. Those are the three best new and upcoming 5g smartphones on the market today. Hopefully, these recommendations about the three best 5g smartphones are useful for those of you who are looking for this product according to what you need, if you have any questions about the best new and upcoming 5g smartphones, please write them in the comments below ill.

Take the time to answer all of your questions, if you want recommendations for other products that we should cover in the next video you can, let us know so that we can help you recommend the product that you want. Thank you guys for joining me on this great video.