As known as the iphone um, swivel tripod and im just going to show you the case, it came in first, so it came in like a case like this. I throw with the boxer guys so im. So sorry um. It came with an android charger because it does um charge with the android port and it came with the product, of course, and a manual, so this is, of course, the product. Let me show you all the buttons and then this is, i guess, the swivel part. This is the cool part about it. Sorry, you guys. I have hair in my mouth um, but what drew me to getting this um swivel stick is a regular tripod. It shakes so much and i want to start getting into vlogging. So i said no, i need a stabilizer thats. The word im trying to get. I needed a stabilizer, something that would make my videos just look better as well as help me um, just film easier right now, its turned off but im going to turn it on. With this button im going to show you guys the import for the charger, and it also has um this, where you can screw on to a long tripod as well as a usb um port, it does have a joystick and im going to show you guys all That, in a little while, i have three different modes, this is the battery icon when that blinks, that means its dead and yeah so im going to turn it on without putting any phone on it.

Just so, you guys can see how it moves. So you have to turn it on by holding it for three seconds and youre gon na see it do that. Let me turn it off hold for three seconds and youre gon na see it drop turn it back on and right now, im going to just show you what the joystick does. So if i put it down, it goes up and when i push it up, it goes down, so it doesnt really have anything for left and right, which i was kind of upset, because i really was looking forward for it to like go left and right. But it doesnt it just goes up and down. Okay theres one place, i dont know how to explain. It stays one place. Okay enough for that im going to put my phone on it. I am using an iphone x s and its quite heavy. So right now its off, so it just brings my phone down. Um, really really bad. Listen, make sure your phone has a case. Okay, so im going to turn it on and there she goes shes on right now and im going to do a whole video. Just so, you guys can see how it balances out with this um joystick. It does come with an app that you download and with the app is just a its like an extra boost you can use um. Remember i just told you it has a w and a t um when you go on the app and you actually video through the app you can video record through the app when you press this it actually zooms in and out so thats a plus.

It has three modes on here, which i only use one of them, because i dont know if its like a glitch but but yeah. This is a just a quick little review. I even convinced my mom to purchase it and she is really happy that she did because she does um like call. She does dollar tree walkthroughs, and this is just more easier for her. Instead of the other one um its blinking right now, because it really needs to charge so it when its dead. I promise you you see, you see how i was doing that its about to go dead when it goes really really dead. It will just drop your phone, so just be mindful to always keep it charged. It needs to charge about eight good hours. I charge it about eight good hours. You wan na make sure that you dont overcharge stuff um, especially electronics, and please dont. Let go of it like i did when you let go of it. This is what happens, let go from the top, but yes, i do look forward to doing some vlogs and doing a lot of pictures with this swivel stick um. The link will be in the description. I got this for 59 bucks, which is not bad, and i got a coupon with it. So i end up paying about like 45 dollars with free shipping, so that was a plus um.