You may know this line of phone stabilizers by many different things. Whatever you know it, as this is the new one. This looks so cool. It looks so much smaller than all of the previous versions and im very interested to test out this little antenna feature like check that out, ive been shooting so much more content on my phone recently, because ive actually been getting out of the house. Ive been doing a little more traveling and ive been filming a lot of tick, tocks and sometimes filming vertical content. Just shooting it directly on your phone is so much easier than getting out a massive camera and the quality on phones. These days is so amazing and adding a stabilizer like this to your phone, whether its an android or an iphone its just gon na set your content, apart from anything else, lets open this up, check it out and freaking go to hawaii baby. So some of the highlights we have shot guides. We have a three axis stabilization, active track, foldable and portable, a magnetic design and a built in extension, rod. Oh look at you here we go here. It is oh, my gosh! This is so light. This is so incredibly light holy moly, wow, whoa dude, oh freaking. This is gon na, be so much fun. I cannot wait my tick tock game and my instagram reels and my youtube shorts game like im gon na be able to film in space elon, hello, yeah.

You might have a rocket, well guess what i have. I have the ohm five. Okay, have you seen anything like this? No, this is technology that you dont even know anything about. Even that feels lighter it just clamps right on to the device and then, if you want to take your phone off, if you need to like send a text message or do whatever like you just go like that, you can take it off, got a little carrying String which i love charging cable love to see that as well heres, a little riser pad for smaller phones. This is great. This is a little tripod now i love dji, not only because they make really great products, but the software that goes along with them is what really makes these so powerful, because theyre able to really elevate and take advantage of these incredible products with their software? Oh, a little pouch, oh hello, say no more into the pouch. You go look at that right in little bag, oops forgot. Our cable okay now were ready to go okay, so this says phone camera direction. So here like so and then there we go. Okay, im gon na turn this on and its probably gon na freak out. Oh look at that youre already doing it. Look at you doing your job. I havent even charged you or installed the app and youre already working. Look at that look at this look at this look at this.

Oh dude. This is so great. I cant believe it. I feel like im like in some sort of pixar movie, like im, im wally im gon na look like such a freaking tourist everywhere i go and im so here for it. Okay lets go get some content: Music wow! This is squishy. Oh boy, im testing out the dji ohm 5. im so excited about this because its honestly so much lighter and smaller and slimmer than the previous version. So im out on this hike and its like im, basically holding nothing its so light Music there. She is its jennas birthday today, Music. The thing that i love so much about this is the iphone is already so smooth and steady. So being able to add this additional stabilization to it. It almost makes it seem like a drone, is following you, Music, so Music, Music, so Music Music. So you might realize im not in hawaii, because uh my car got broken into and i lost the footage yeah um so were in santa monica anyway. Im really excited about this because obviously im such a huge fan of mobile filming and this just kind of gives you that extra little steadiness that you need and the other thing that i really like. I showed you this in my unboxing – is this Applause surprise. You can now get like a whole. Another angle, like look how high i am i mean i look like such a tourist in my own town im right now, the kind of person that gets made fun of – but you know what i dont care – look at this.

This is great: if you guys are familiar with dji software, then you might be familiar with active track Music. So we did that thats active track. Big b lets test out a piano photo here, and this is cool because its going to take a bunch of photos and stitch them all together there. It goes Music, oh yeah, that looks cool all right. I really want to try the cloney pano. This is going to be cool, itll, basically stitch me together and clone me three times i just have to physically move my body im gon na hit record Music, its beautiful this, i think, should be my first nft im gon na do one more just because the Lighting is better this way and if im gon na make this my first nft i got ta have a follow up: Music god thats art i might have to give that to like the moma or something i look like an idiot, its incredible so now, im gon Na test out the story, mode im actually gon na have tyler help me film this, but its really cool, because they give you a ton of these little templates and then itll show you the shot that you have, how many seconds you have to film it, and Then itll automatically edit you together a cool little montage. I think im gon na do this one, its called rhythm, rotate with beats tyler. Are you ready, im gon na pass this off to you? The future of this is in your hands.

Yeah, you flip the camera. Yeah, just careful that dont hold that there dont do that um yeah! This is great. It automatically edited everything together to music to the beat this is gon na, be my third nft. I cant believe i got so many nfts today. This is wild hit record when youre moving in and then and youre moving any white christian moving out any white american Applause. Dino zoom is another feature. You select your desired effect. You move out or move in depending upon which one you want to do so were going to test both of these out. First up lets. Do the move out Music? Oh! This is cool its just using the digital zoom. Oh, this ones super zoomed in nice. That looks cool, so i have two more features to test out: theres a hyperlapse and a time lapse. So this weekend im going to shoot a couple of those and im going to send those over to tyler. You just put them right here: Music. The sun has gone down, the moon is about to come up and long ago. Somebody left with a cup, and i have attached this really cool phone mount. This has a built in light. I love this additional accessory thats available its a little phone mount with a built in selfie light, its really great, because you can adjust the color temperature and you can even adjust the brightness by three levels. Theres a button right here on the back to turn it on and to adjust the brightness and the button here on the bottom to adjust the color temperature.

Oh hey! Welcome back from that really fun. Hyperlapse time lapse. Adventure ive been having so much fun testing this out, and i really love that this is so much lighter. I love that they added this extension pool, which can give you an all new vantage point. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I had a lot of fun, making it ill put a link in the description if you want to check this out to get more information or purchase it, and with that ill see you guys in my next video like comment subscribe hit the bell yeah thats thats.