This channel means you do not have any problem with sharing and sharing videos. I have been using it for two days. If you want to do this YouTube channel or else, then you must subscribe defintely, because I am coming separately in the above of this particular videos.. In separate videos, you will get Jaipur in this way. So now we are going to open the box and I have been using it for two days after opening it. I then packed it like. It came so open it After you have your smartphone. You will get it right here in the top. Keep it on the side live here in the bottom and what box points do they get? They got this course teaching here at the bottom inside. You will get the temple of and which I know by definition, that it turns yellow after many days. Keeping it on the side, lets see what else is inside it. In this way there should be economic paper inside it, and I should have more. You will get to see Rohini Sector 22B, so here you will get some OnePlus Note stickers, here.. You will get to see the sadvi consolation prize. The information which is difficult. You will get to see all the information in it on the left side as well. As here it is from some stickers and finally, you get to see the card of Red Club., Meaning the membership you can claim from this card.

I just put it on the side, then lets talk here. You get it so friends. Only that quality is android. Special cable, it is Akram pimple with same chargers. It means, if you put any other charging cable from this 42 gate, which is not a quintal skin. Then your charge is not going to give the output of 65th. I want to test it and you get brake 6 private that you can see. 65Th is its 4G speed. Please subscribe it here after you open it in this way its color, which I subscribed to limited purchase. Then in this way you get to see it here. It is subscribed for something like this. You will get to see the spin on it, but it does not come from the path of your scratches or your finger print and egg means it is very nice to take safi in hand. It looks like a premium smartphone here in this way. About its camera. Its main camera face will be seen in the back that one megapixel, which will give you very good photos and videos, and then there is the second camera. It is eight megapixel ultrawide and after that, a small With this one megapixel camera. I will get to see the LED light and I liked it a lot. I liked that megapixel license, which is a gold import mixture. It gives you very good photos and videos out of the quality inside Android. C will drop and collect beans, because it is an add, megapixel Guys.

If you talk about this button course, then, on the right side, you will get to see the power unlock button. Well, its color slider in the wedding. This is a very premium feature. I liked it very much. I get a microphone on the top after this. I will subscribe you here on the left side. You can also subscribe to this channel and subscribe in the last and that you will see these sizes now in this way, how big they mean. What you accept inside it. Means you will not face any problem. It also works very well. You have got to see this panel of notes. There is no history rate inside it. You can do sixteen or you can keep it down now once inside electricity Inside this. What do you get inside the setting and inside it? It is not going to be a problem very comfortably now I will show you what it is. If you come to the question above it then for that You have to wait. A bit subscribe, is here inside you get it here Ultra or face in the above. It is found the same, but coming soon I show you it had not come here yet that if the police sent it on the spot, then that thing can also come soon, but in the top of the school FD in factory. If you and tree then your game play means your battery. That will be vikram green and you also play game very comfortably and well.

It is very good under you game test, you will come to know that Everything means how the game finally removes the juice Guys. I have this Tubelight inside it, you get to see very good RAM management means no matter how many apps you are running clear, refresh means Ramsey is not clear here, But you can see that the register is also the same as we had left it. So the display that is duable means that you get the notification. This display means you pin brightness 100 if you are outside or even in the sun. its news to you Clearly visible s, so what going on inside it or what you are to things Along with this take me one more good thing which digests the charging inside It means a lot because when I wake up this smartphone, it takes 2 hours to become four and now I have come directly today within 1 hour. Means 65th, whose sheets he makes a lot of decisions charge this phone, but somewhere its battery backup guice, is not So good that I used to use 500 match battery phone with motor, and you know this motorola go, It goes for the battery and one plus could have done a better job home guards came. You must have liked this video and if you liked this video, then definitely like the video and together you have some questions or else. If you ask any thing or give your opinion about anything, then you can tell in the comment below or you can also ask me in the evening.