I have tried the smooth 4 and i didnt like it, because you had to have a counter balance and i didnt want to deal with that too much. I also have tried three different homes: the steady v2, the steady pro 3 and the multi, and the pro 3 did not work with my action cameras. As it said it. Would it didnt fit the instead 361r, as it specifically says that it would work with that and it didnt anyway? So i had to return all of those, so we are going to look first at the app that you need to get for your smooth three, its the zy cami app. Now i got the combo, so it came with this little carry case. Its got the documentation, its got a usb c cable. A lot of my devices use that same connection, so i dont really need to use that cable. Very often, it also comes with a little tripod that i dont know that ill really see myself using but yeah. You never know, and then weve got the hand, strap and the gimbal. So you do not want to turn on the gimbal without loading it first, because itll go crazy because it wont sense any weight. So first youre going to loosen the screw youre going to slide. This up until you hear a click and then youre going to screw it tight so that it doesnt slip also im recording this with my pivot, so its face tracking and when it got crazy.

Just for a moment, i couldnt see my face, so you dont want to try to follow me anyway, its a pretty nifty device, so theres like a little bit of a lock kind of mechanism on here. So you have to turn it. I dont know if you heard the click turn it and then this shows you how youre supposed to load it with your phone. So ive already opened the app and now im going to load my phone on there, its the iphone 11 pro max and loading. It is bit tricky because you want to center the weight, but the weight is kind of right there by the volume button. So ive got it loaded now im going to hit the on button. This button is a trigger button. Its got multi functions on it. If you hit it three times, it will change it to from portrait to landscape or vice versa. Theres the joystick button moves it all around its not on yet then youve got the telezoom wide angle. This is the recording button and this is the mode button. So lets go ahead and get started im turning it on and use green lights up here, theres a little camera button at the top of the app then im going to go ahead and hit that and now its connecting so weve got different modes here. Im going to change it to portrait, so weve got the different modes and weve got hyperlapse time lapse, dolly zoom, slow motion, pano oops, so also in the pano mode.

You can do theres a clone setting that you can use the video mode and the settings again are up at the top photo mode. This is the restreaming mode, live stream and smart mode. Its got these cool little different things that you can apply to it. So im gon na try just a random one and pick discovery hit apply and its got some seconds on here. So its going to record for that many seconds once you hit the start button, so i know that my office is kind of boring. Theres no decorations in here so go ahead, hit record and its doing its own thing so record for that many seconds and then you can either retake or you can hit next im going to hit next again boring office. So im going to hit the record button. My lovely office door im going to hit next im going to hit the record button again all right, im going to hit next and and im also going to do the recording. So this is gon na, be a boring video, but were gon na hit preview. And then you have the options of random clip. Watermark credits, im gon na hit, save and it will take you to a post screen which i dont like, because i want to have more control over what i post or not, and i dont want to automatically do that so im going to hit the back button And hit confirm so you can see there are different settings here, so you can go ahead and try and play with it.

And let me know what you think comment below and also have a link to where you can get on amazon with the combo pack, so that it comes with me the case.