This is the brand new om5. If youre a mobile content creator, then listen up, because this is for you. The new dji om5 is a great versatile companion that can really help users unlock the full potential of their smartphones. In tandem with the dji memo app, the om5 will help content creators capture flawless, selfies super smooth, video enjoy fast automatic, face tracking and much more plus. The new shot guide feature in memo app even provides creative tips, empowering users to get stunning shots wherever they go now. The new standout feature of the new dji om5 must be the new ergonomic handle design that can fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, which means users can easily take the om 5 along with them on any of their adventures. It still features the convenient magnetic phone clamp from last years. Om 4 with this brand new om 5, has a little trick up its sleeve in the form of a first of its kind 215 millimeter extension rod. This precision crafted extension rod ensures that users can smoothly and uniformly extend their smartphone, so they can include more friends and a selfie or capture footage from unique angles. Alright, so having this extended like this does add another dimension, because now you can conveniently frame yourself in the shot, because the camera is further away from you, but its a comfortable position, because this thing weighs barely anything and the ergonomic design actually has a great little Groove here for my finger to latch on so i feel pretty secure that this om 5 is not going anywhere and having this extension arm extension rod uh allows you to really fill the frame and see whats behind you.

Thats really neat, actually its kind of like having a gimbal and selfie stick all in one device. Dji is also making this new om5 design in two different colors athens gray. What i have here was inspired by greek architecture, while the sunset white is a gorgeous new sunset white color, which represents subtle hues of a sunset mobile content. Creators tend to have larger smartphones these days because they need a larger screen to see themselves and what theyre shooting. Therefore, smartphone gimbals need to be up to the task of stabilizing those larger size, smartphones. Thankfully, the om5 has some motors with muscle the key to the om5. Stabilization is three powerful motors that makes your users phones stay, where they need to be even during dynamic movements loaded with some of the smartest algorithms dji has ever made. The om5 actually adapts to users movements, while filming so whether youre riding a bike or using gesture control. The om5 will yield ultra smooth results anytime anywhere Music. Now, if you are a first time user of a smartphone gimbal or need a little video inspiration, dji has now included a feature called shot guides activated in the dji memo app shot guides will automatically recognize the environment of the scene and recommend helpful shooting tips and Creative templates, the dji om5, comes equipped with the new and improved active track. 4.0 technology that has far more advanced recognition, capabilities and faster responsiveness, bam automatically grabs. My face automatic face track: theres, even a new automatic face tracking feature for selfie mode, so users can focus on their surroundings and stay in the moment while shooting and yes this will still recognize and track your furry friends.

The dji memo app still offers all your favorite intelligent, shooting modes photo mode. Allows you to take still images. Video mode allows you to shoot 4k video up to 60 frames per second slow motion mode. Gives you 120 frames in hd. The classic panorama mode has three options: the 3×3, the 240 degree and my personal favorite clone me panorama which makes it look like you are in three places at once story mode lets you choose a template and follow prompts to create an awesome short video. Even if you have no experience, shooting or editing dynamic, zoom emulates, a classic cinematic effect to help add an artistic touch to your videos. Hyperlapse is a cool way to show movement through space at a fast speed time lapse and motion lapse. Let users capture the pulse of their environment, Music and the spin shot gives you cool rotating shots that you may see in music videos. The m button on the side will power on the om5 and change shooting modes below that is the zoom trigger for convenient zooming control. The back button will orient and level the gimbal back to the default center position. The joystick on the front will control the pitch and the yaw of the gimbals axis. If you switch to spin mode, then the joystick will control the roll of the gimbal. The record button will trigger the shutter or roll video, and the circle button will change the camera from front to rear or rear to front.

So if you want a quick selfie, just hit that button once if you want to change the orientation of the camera, double tap, the circle button in the om5 will change from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa, which is perfect for social media content creation or Going live on instagram or tick tock in the box, you get the om5 gimbal, the mini tripod grip to attach to the bottom, the magnetic phone, clamp, storage, pouch, wrist, strap and the usbc cable for charging the internal battery yeah. This extension is just really smart, innovative idea, because youre getting the best of a selfie stick, the best of a gimbal on the best of auto focus and tracking thanks to the memo app, so youre really getting its a triple threat. This om5 right here. This is really neat easily see everything behind me, the memorial behind me. If i wanted to, i could show you some buildings, because i can go further down. You see that building behind me im a big fan of this social media content creation is becoming more popular and more lucrative, but creators need tools like the dji om5 to help keep their mobile content fresh and exciting between the new ergonomic design, the 215 millimeter extension Rod the increased strength of the gimbal motors, the improved tracking performance and the shot guides. The om 5 will help first time users, master capturing high quality content and help experienced users elevate their mobile content and stand out from the pack.