Anyways, where smartphone footage looks perfectly fine straight out of camera, still theres. No denying that a professional camera has a place in cinema and big screens, but only a pro could really tell the difference right. So that leads us to the following question: do you really need a professional camera like the panasonic gh5 for vlogging or other social media work, or is a smartphone like the samsung s21 ultra perfectly fine for that lets find out in this video Music whats up everyone? So we are currently in a german city called tresten, and we came here because i recently bought myself an e bike and got the recommendation to put a protective foil on it. And since i am not the most skilled at doing that, and i dont have any patience, i thought that i would get a professional to do it correctly for me – and this is the perfect chance for us, because we can then also test the panasonic lumix gh5. A semi professional camera against a smartphone, the s21 ultra by samsung, which has pretty decent cameras and yeah lets, take a look at that and compare both cameras, Music, so yeah my girlfriend and i just created a quick hyperlapse. She used the s21 ultra and i used the panasonic lumix gh5 and yeah. Take a look for yourself. I cheated a little because i was zooming out during the hyperlapse and shes not able to do that, but on the other hand she did not have to take single pictures like i did, but she was just walking.

So, as you can see, the smartphone has a lot better usability because you dont have to care about the settings and so on. You can just point your camera straight at your subject and walk your way, and i had to focus every single time had to take a single step and yeah thats, just how we did it Music, all right. So this is our second and listen, and i just got the message that my e bike is now ready for pickup. So we still have a couple hours left and well check out of our hotel in just a moment and then well go to the city. Lets go Music Music, so usually i am doing side by side comparisons where we take a look at one camera and another camera or lens at the same time. But i wont be doing that for this video, because i dont want you guys to pixel people up in this case. We just want to see whether one camera is good enough for vlogging, not which camera is better, because one specific camera will always be better in one specific area, while another one will be better in another area. The first thing id like to talk about is the difference in size and weight. It is no secret that carrying around a smartphone is a lot easier than a big and chunky camera like this panasonic gh5 right here. On top of that, if you want to achieve the same field of view with a camera like this gh5 right here, you have to carry around multiple lenses which are all included in the samsung s21 ultra.

So in terms of size and weight, the smartphone offers a lot more than a camera like that, but, of course, theres a difference in quality. Still, we are not looking at the quality right here were just looking at whether the cameras are fine for what were trying to achieve here, which in this case is vlogging or other social media work, and one more thing you should know is that this thing right Here weighs almost nothing if you hold it out like that, while the camera, the panasonic gh5 right here with the leica 1025 and the video micro by road. It is quite heavy and like this right now im putting my arm on my knee right here and this works fine. But if i dont do that, then my hand will start shaking in no time while i could possibly do this with a smartphone forever. So if youre vlogging a lot and youre talking a lot while walking this thing will yeah will be better for that or you could of course train your muscles enough and then the camera will work fine too, by the way it is currently so hot outside. So were taking a quick break right here and yeah then well show you some more shots right, jasmine, yeah, right, Music. The next thing id like to talk about is price, and when it comes to price, the smartphone is unbeatable. As ive said before, it is more than just a camera, it is also a media consumption device.

You can call different people and theres so much more that you can do with a smartphone while a camera is just a camera. But if you compare it, you could probably get a used gh5 and a kit lens for the same price as this samsung s21 ultra right here, still more lenses. That would offer the same amount of flexibility as the smartphone would cost a lot more, and you also have to carry around a lot more. So in theory, the smartphone is probably a lot better value for money. Theres still more points that well be talking about, but thats it about price Music lets take a look at the setup right here: okay, i am using the panasonic bluemix gh5, with a panasonic leica 10 to 25, mil f 1.7, and this rode video micro right here. This is pretty much your go to vlogging setup. If you use a camera like this, and the smartphone is just the smartphone yeah in comparison, the audio on the smartphone will be, of course, not the same level as this one, and one thing thats really great about the smartphone is the fact that you can either Use the interfacing camera or you can use the main camera and use the wide angle lens, which then gives you that kind of look. As you can see. This look right here gives you a lot bigger field of view, so that is really a benefit of the smartphone. Next up lets talk about usability and versatility.

A smartphone is, of course, a lot more versatile when it comes to things like media consumption calling or using a camera, because everythings inside of the smartphone, but a camera i said before is just a camera and sharing is not as easy as with a smartphone. Then again, a smartphone is a lot easier to use, because you can just point your smartphone at something just press record and every setting will be adjusted automatically while a camera is usually not that easy. You also have automatic modes, but theres also a lot more. That could go wrong and if you dont use the right settings, your footage will look like crap, while a smartphone just works straight out of the box, so yeah as you can see, theres pros and cons to both but a smartphone is pretty good for vlogging id Say and yeah the quality isnt as bad as one would think, especially on a small device if youre doing a travel vlog. It is also very important to share your images and videos as fast as possible, and this camera is not the best for them, while a smartphone can share things pretty easily, and one more thing i forgot to say is that most modern smartphones also have a pro Mode where you can adjust everything manually, so you still have many customization options, but its not as good in terms of usability, because you dont have any dedicated buttons for specific functions. So a bigger camera is usually a lot more fun to use for photography and videography Music, Music, Music, okay, so heres.

My conclusion, when i was viewing videos or photos on the s21 ultra, i was always amazed by the insane quality of these small little lenses, but as soon as you take that same media and play it on a bigger computer, monitor things arent, looking as great as Before, especially for videos, photos, on the other hand, look perfectly fine, even on a bigger, monitor and youll, probably only notice a difference if you zoom in and pixel people on. However, a larger sensor will always capture more light, so the panasonic gh5 still looks a lot better when youre taking photos or videos under bad lighting conditions, but for social media like instagram, facebook, pinterest, tick, tock, etc. The samsung s21 ultra should be absolutely fine, as most people consume. That type of media on their mobile devices and the quality looks pretty amazing here id even go so far and say that it should be fine for youtube. But you will definitely notice a difference in quality on a slightly bigger screen and you dont need to be a professional to really see the difference here. The audio quality wasnt always the best on the s21 ultra, but this is honestly pretty unfair comparison, as i was using a dedicated microphone on the gh5. If you stay to your smartphone microphone as close as possible, as you usually would any vlogging scenario, the audio quality will be all right. But if someone else is filming you from a little further away – and you still want your voice to be crystal clear id suggest – to get something like this rode video micro here or a lav mic for better audio quality.

Instead, bad audio is a lot worse than bad videos, so always make sure to take good care of your audio first. Alright, so, overall, most smartphones tend to sharpen photos and videos just a little too much for my taste and the s21 ultra is really no exception. Here this is purely subjective, but i think that the gh5 looks a lot more cinematic and realistic, because the footage, isnt oversaturated and not as contrasty as what you get with the s21 ultra theres, also less compression on the gh5 footage, which allows you to manipulate colors. A lot easier in post, the s21 ultra gives you a raw option for photos. So some of that also applies to the photography side on the smartphone, but the videos dont offer the same amount of latitude for post processing as what you get on the panasonic gh5. As for me, i really like both cameras and think that each serve their own special purpose. Sometimes i just dont want to carry around all that heavy gear and a smartphone like the s21 ultra is the perfect companion but thats it from me guys.