Today we got another review of uh, the cell phone, that i bought the nokia g20 um. So i just thought i just give you a raw review on what this phone is like and whats the first impressions. What are my first impressions? So lets just open. It up lets see whats in the box, okay, its coming back guys, oh so theres like uh. Let me just open this up. Okay, its coming back with the swing. Ah lets check it out, so it says trusted always secure and built to last. By the way this cell phone is, i think, its released. It was released in may 2020 2021 and its got some creative studio in your pocket, its a 48 megapixel camera, and it has apparently a three day battery life uh. It also comes with android 11 from what i read and it also comes with some upgrades of the software, so thats cool, so yeah lets just have a look at it. Wow its been a while, since i bought a nokia phone and theyre really coming up with some good cell phones. Wow. Look at this guys for eight megapixel 6.5 display 3d battery 3d battery life. What does does it come with comes with a okay, so it comes with the instruction manual. I dont know what that is. Oh, it also comes with a case. Thats cool always need one of these quite cool um. It also comes with charger and short headphones.

Yes, headphones and whats this, oh, this is the connector cable thats. All oh, and this thing here so yeah lets open it up and lets see what its like with this. Oh wow, this looks cool, oh wow. It has this neon blue type of look. It feels really uh, okay, its not like a metal um feeling at the back of the case, but its more of like a like a just a smooth type of surface, and i really love this um camera. Look at the back. It has 48 megapixels on the back from what i read and it has a five megapixel and two and two another two in a so theres a two uh and the eight is in the front. So the eight megapixel is this front. One okay now lets take this. What is this this lets? Take this screen thing out. I will take the screen. Okay, let me just take it out and ill get back screen reveal screen reveal wow. That looks really smooth its like a mirror. This is the nokia sign, so lets own it. Oh wow android one nokia really up the game. I mean the cellphones that they coming up with are like budget phones, smartphones with really good features for the price um i mean i play i paid about 3200 for this nokia. Oh thats, the the age old nokia tune so im just going to set this up and then im going to get back im back and i just did the setup, which is quite easy and now im on the home page um.

To be honest, with you, im really impressed this phone is, is looking really clear. The screen looks really clear. Everything just looks cool um thats, just on the screen, its really smooth, its really fast uh. I think its got about four gigs of ram um. Okay. Now i dont want google assistant right now. Nope i just want to go to lets see. How is the lets look at the sound? How do we go to the sound gmail files search, apps, okay, im confused? How do you go so yeah im back and i wanted to test the um. I wanted to test the music on the cell phone um. Okay. What have i done? Okay, now uh. I wanted to test the sound, so hi im your assistant here to help you throughout your day. Here are some things you can try saying to get started. Okay, i didnt expect that, but bye bye, so lets just look at this Applause. Um chasing music sounds quite average. I would say the display has to seems really clear to be honest with so Music resolution, yeah guys its really clear, i dont know if you can hear me, but okay now, you can hear me its really clear its like. I dont know if you guys can see it its super clear, the sound isnt that too good its not that loud, but i mean its its its its okay, Music yeah, so thats the video thats, the sound – and this is another thing that uh.

How do you put this on yeah? This is just another thing that i found a bit. Weird is like you got ta go like how do you go back? You got ta click on the screen to go back its like normally on the other androids. You got ta just do it at the bottom and you go back, but perhaps i dont know maybe i havent set it like that. But over here you just got ta. Go you need to go back, you got ta click it back like this theres, no um keypad at the bottom, so thats, just something that i find i have to get used to um like and then theres no home screen. How do you go back to the home screen? Oh so you go at the bottom, okay, okay, so they have these clips type of thing. Oh, so thats basically go back to the home screen. So when you go back, you got ta, go this way: yeah! Okay! So yeah overall overall, i think this is a good buy the price. It really looks cool its got a good feel it has a good look Music and i would really really recommend this phone to anybody. Whos looking for a smartphone with all the features and for uh not better for price and if youre, not your level like me, then i think youll be really amazed.