Red magic has been even more prolific than dwayne the rock johnson recently staff. Now quite a few new gaming smartphones, and this is the latest effort. The red magic 6s pro youve got a handful of feature upgrades versus that older red magic 6 pro, although the specs are largely unchanged here, but you do also get a choice of two different color options: black or a funky new, transparent model which allows you to Peer deep into the innards and check out all those highly arousing wires and chips here in the uk, the red magic 6s pro will cost you 519 quid for the base model or 609. If you want to double the storage – and you want more memory and itll be 629 quid, if you want that fancy pants transparent model, the red magic 6s pro will be available to order from september the 27th. But should you do just that? Well, lets whip it out the box take out a full tour of the hardware in the software and also test it out with a shag load of gaming and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers. So what do you get in this? Incredibly black box? Besides, of course, the red magic 6s pro? Well, you get a charger mines, a two pin effort because its an early asian sample youve got a suitably red type, seizure, type c, usb charging cable – and you do have a bundled condom case – to protect the red magic 6s pro as well.

Although it does have a comedically huge hole in it, but it should still help to protect those edges and hopefully prevent any damage. If you do accidentally fumble and drop your red magic, 6s pro and thats his das, so lets turn our attention to the chunky monkey that is the red magic 6s pro and, as i mentioned before, comes in two different color options. This is the cyborg model which comes with your standard black glass back otherwise, for a little bit extra cash, you can grab the ghost model, which is fully transparent. In both cases, it is a glass arse on this smartphone and feels nice and solid, and thankfully, this cyborg black model seems to do a pretty good job of hiding, scuffs and greasy prints. Despite the fact, it is quite a glossy shiny, finish and meanwhile sandwich between the glass back and the glass front is a metal frame which stretches all the way around the edge. And, although i did refer to it as a chunky, monkey, the red magic 6s pro. Actually, isnt that bad at all its reasonably skinny for a game and smartphone and 215 grams, not too hefty either so certainly compared with the likes of the wrong phones, where it feels like youre, slipping a house brick into your pocket, its actually pretty portable. And with that patterned design on the rear and the various bits of visual flare spathed about here and there as well the red magic 6s pro is unmistakably a gaming smartphone.

But you know again nothing too outrageous. Youve got a gorilla glass display up front as well. Although the specs are a bit vague on what actual generation of gorilla glass youve got, hopefully its at least gorilla glass, 6. and that is actually covered with a pre installed screen protector as well for extra protection and durability, which is always good to see. But of course, theres no water resistance here on the red magic 6s pro because of all the various ports and vents so definitely do not go getting it moist before we get it all set up. Lets just check out that sim tray, hopefully yeah, im, jumping it into the actual simple and not the microphone all and what weve got here is your classic double sim card trier, but unfortunately no room whatsoever for your microsd memory cards. Okay, so the red magic success pro is all set up and what you got on here is good old, android, 11, of course, but youve also got the red magic, os 4.0 launcher slathered. On top now the quick glance it looks like its got, the basic sort of android setup youve got an apps tree on there. Thank god. I dragged down the notifications bar, but of course just as this is very distinctively a gaming smartphone from the hardware that red magic launcher also adds plenty of gamer style, visual flair. So a lot of the app icons, for instance, have that very unique red magic, aesthetic and lots of very bold, striking wallpaper choices uh on there as well.

If you jump on into the settings plenty of bonus bits, tucked away in here as well, starting with the good old light strip setting – and this can be used to customize – that funky bit of backlighting – which thankfully, is fairly subtle as far as gaming smartphones go, you Can have this uh lighten up when youre gaming, although that seems a little bit pointless, so its actually much more useful, for it has a notifications like whenever you get your messages and things like that trickling through you can customize the color of the thing you can Also choose whether the light stays on or whether it breathes or flashes got lots of other bonus features chucked away in here, including the one handed mode and the entertainment toolbox. When youre kicking back with a movie in between your game and sessions for security goals, where youve gone in display fingerprint sensor, it is an optical scanner. Quite a funky visual effect there. When you scan your print, doesnt seem to be the swiftest around, but certainly seems to do. The job and youve also got a good bit of face recognition as well to back that up, and that certainly seems to work really really fast. Apart from when i say that it works really really fast, which case it takes its sweet time. As for storage. Well, youve got a choice of 128 or 256 gigs of ufs 3.1, of course, nice and nippy, as youd expect from a game and smartphones.

Everything should hopefully load up nice and quick. This is the 128 gig model right here, as i mentioned, before – no support for micro sd memory cards in order to expand. So i do like the red magic ui in general, as i say, not too different from stock android, just with a bit of extra visual flair. But of course, one of the major additions is the fact that youve got the game space and the game. Space basically acts as a sort of one stop shop for fast access and all of your games. That youve got installed and you can also have a good old play around with all of the settings too. So for one it can inform you exactly how much of your finite existence you have spent murdering strangers online, not sure if thats necessarily a good thing, you can change up the theme and you can activate and deactivate various features, and this is where youll need to Come to to set up various red magic accessories as well, including those coolers, but enough ramble lets actually get gaming and, of course, lets start with a good bit of gentian impact. And while you are gaming, you can pull up a whole bunch of extra tools and features just by swiping from the left edge like. So this is handy for one, because it shows you exactly how much resource your game is busy, gobbling up in terms of cpu and gpu processing.

You can also see if your network is busy being strained and how much battery life you have left to. Ah, you can also change up the brightness level of the display and you can fast access toggles, such as the coolant fan which ill touch on in a bit the screen refresh and whether youre actually recording the action scroll down a bit. Theres even bloody, more features down here as well, including the ability to block any messages and other pesky notifications, so youre not disrupted. You can have some of your other apps pop up in a little mini window, so you can message while youre gaming – and there is, as you can see here, a bit of a performance booster option as well all the way up to infinite. Now that 6.8 inch amoled display is an absolutely fantastic view into whatever game. It is that youre playing its a full hd plus resolution, so not supremely crisp, but certainly sharp enough for any games that i was playing like with gentian impact call of duty, more valuing spot, any creatures lurking in the distance any sniping, little hiding in the shadows, Its a 20×9 aspect ratio and, as you can see there, the selfie camera is thankfully separate from the display as well theres, no annoying notches or little orifices. Getting in the way of the actions. Youve got a full view of everything thats going on the 700 nits theres, a slight brightness boost over the older red magic 6.

Pro so certainly seems absolutely fine for playing outdoors. Obviously, if youre in direct sunlight and youre playing quite a gloomy, uh, quite a dark game, then youre going to be struggling to see what is going on. But everything else is fine because its an amoled display, but really nice poppy punchy colors as well so perfect. For those brightly animated games like genting impact that crazy red hair really stands out and that screen maxes out at 165 hertz as well, so full support for your fast refresh games. Your vainglories, your shadowgun legends, all that shenanigans now gaming on the red magic 6s pros mighty 6.8 inch display isnt, just brilliant, because its big and bold and bright, and not fettered with any annoying notches, but its also super sensitive youve got a 720 hertz multi finger Touch sampling rates here, which is a massive boost over the original red magic 6 pros 360 hertz multi finger touch sampling, thats, a doubling of that sampling rate, so yeah. If your reactions, werent generally buggered, like mine, youd, definitely have a serious edge over the competition on any multiplayer competitive titles like call of duty, mobile and, as usual, red magic has chucked in a pair of built in shoulder trigger buttons here on the red magic 6s. Pro as well, 450 hertz now so slightly more reactive than previous models. Now, if you want to set up those shoulder buttons, what youll need to do is just tap this little icon down here.

Youve then got the option of activating those touch buttons. Then all you need to do is drag the left and the right shoulder button icons to exactly what you want them to do. So, for instance, im going to have the left shoulder button. Just do the normal attack and the right shoulder button. Do the special attack you can even change up the sensitivity as well, if youre a bit heavy handed or if youre, just a bit weak, and these shoulder buttons as usual, definitely really help out with any really complex titles like gentian impacts and call of duty mobile. Where youve got lots of on screen controls, and sometimes those on screen buttons can be very small and fiddly to use in the heat of battle, so yeah definitely a great advantage as far as the speakers go well, there is a stereo speaker set up, but suddenly You dont have two front firing. Speakers like you do on the likes of the rogue phones. That bottom speaker is actually mounted on the bottom edge. So it is a little bit easier to muffle uh, depending on how youre actually clutching the smartphone and, of course, that top speaker cant match the bottom speaker. So it is slightly off balance audio. That said, the speakers can pump out some serious freaking volume. If you bump it all the way up, youll be deafened in seconds, so definitely powerful, a little bit distorted, of course, on the top audio settings.

But the good news is that you do, of course, have a headphone jack here on the red magic 6s pro. As you get plugged in really enjoy that sort of stereo surround sound effect when youre gaming, but of course theres no point in having a feature packed game and smartphone if the performance isnt up to snuff, thankfully thats not an issue here on the red magic 6s. Pro which packs in the fresh new qualcomm, snapdragon, 888 plus chipset, backed by either 12 or 16 gigs of ddr5 ram. This is the base 12 gigabyte model right here that i was testing out and that handled absolutely everything i chucked today, including likes of call of duty, mobile and gentian impact, even boosted up to the highest possible detail, settings and frame rates. I did some tests with game bench just to prove just how good the performance was and, as you can see, the median frame rate on that 60 fps level was 60 fps, as you would hope for some of these big dips in the frame rate or just When uh the game was busy switching to a cut scene and such forth, we did get a few little judders here and there, where its slightly dipped below the 50 frames per second rate. But that was pretty rare. My entire gaming session. There was just one bit of proper noticeable slowdown during a big old battle, but apart from that really really fluid and, of course, yes, its the same story in call of duty mobile.

Once you enter a game uh even in the highest possible detail settings that frame rate hovers around 60 fps level and does not dip. Of course, one problem i certainly had with some handsets rocking the snapdragon 88 chipset is the fact that that platform does tend to overheat quite a bit when its under duress, thankfully the red magic 6s pro youve got the ice 7.0 multi dimensional coolant system built in Here, which includes an internal turbo fan, the turbo fan does kick into life as soon as you enter that game space ui, you can knock it off if you want to in the settings of course, at any point, just give this icon a little tap. However, i would highly recommend keeping that switched on, especially if youre really pushing the smartphone to its limits by bumping up those graphical detail settings to the maximum levels, because ive certainly noticed when a game went on gunshin impact. Now the back end of the red magic 6s pro especially around that sort of camera chassis area did start to get rather toasty, not to the point where my fingertips were being singed or anything, but certainly to you know a slightly troublesome degree, and that was even With the fan active as well, so if you can stump up a bit of extra cash for one of those big old fan accessories, then thats highly recommended too, especially if you want to be gaming like all afternoon on this thing, and definitely if you want to Be plugging it in to keep it powered up.

While you are gaming, although thankfully there is an option, so you dont have the battery charging at the same time that helps to prevent overheating, as well as for the battery. Well, its a 5050 milliamp cell crammed inside of the red magic 6s pro same as basically the original red magic 6 pro. I did find that in genchin impact that battery life plummeted at around the rate of 40 percent per hour. That is, of course, with the highest detail settings on and that coolant fan active gibbs like call of duty mobile. Thankfully it was much less of a strain. It was around 15 to 17 drain per hour in call of duty mobile, with non stop gaming again on those highest detail settings and when it is time to power back up again. Well, you got support for 66 watt wide quick charge here on the red magic. 6S pro, although, sadly, you only get a 30 watt charger, bundled in the box, youre gon na have to stump up for something a bit more special. If you want to max out that charge and speed as for connectivity well, i found that my wifi signal stayed strong, even when i strayed quite far away from my router. So no issues then given them likes of call of duty, mobile and, of course, youve got full 5g support on both of those sim slots. Thats for the camera, tech, well, thats, really a priority on these gaming smartphones.

You can tell that nubia doesnt, really care here on the red magic success pro because it was barely even mentioned in the press release. I had to dig around to try and find the specs for this thing: theres a 64 megapixel, a primary shooter, which uses four in one pixel bins: youve got 16 megapixel snaps by default, as you can see a whole bunch of the usual camera modes, including full Pro action, you got a night mode if you want a bit of that on the go and a bit of portrait mode. If you happen to be shooting your favorite mannequin, you have also got an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter that you can swap to at any point if you want to as well, but theres no optical zoom on the digital zoom and as for video. Well, that should go all the way up to 4k resolution and indeed it does at either 30 or 60 fps and yes theres a front facing cam as well an 8 megapixel effort very basic and bog standard by the looks of it um so yeah. So, if youre looking for a decent camera, tech id probably look elsewhere and that right there, my pretties in a nutshell, is the red magic 6s pro one of the freshest new gaming smartphones, pretty damn good value for money. Just over 500 quid for this base model, which can still quite happily handle the likes of gench and impact on those maxed out detail.

Settings does get a bit toasty under duress, which is why im glad youve got that internal fan, which is actually surprisingly quiet as well. I forgot to mention that earlier definitely is very, very non disruptive uh, even if youre not wearing headphones, so yeah. Definitely if youre on about sort of a 500 pound budget, long for new game and handset highly recommended also check out the black sharks. Of course, ive done full unboxing and gaming tests with those here on textbooks, check those out and of course, if youre super minted, then you can bump up all the way to the likes of the rogue phones, which are absolutely packed with amazing features and fantastic accessory Support, so what do you reckon the red magic 6s pro be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below. Please do put subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week.