So lifting up the cardboard insert inside we have paperwork and a screen protector youre, also getting a 24 watt. Usb fast charger included in the box a sim eject tool. Oh, we have a rare item included in the box, a pair of headphones 3.5 millimeter youre, also getting a usb a to usb c cable, a lanyard, wrist and last, but certainly not least, the smartphone itself. Applause, wait till you see what this one can do. So this is the doogie s 96 pro rugged smartphone its made from a combination of metal and youve got this hard, rubberized texture. This is a super rugged smartphone, so its ip68 ip69k and military standard 810 certified. So its waterproof dustproof shockproof and it can resist both high and low temperatures and youve got quad cameras on the back, which consists of a 48 megapixel primary, an 8 megapixel ultra wide, and then you have two 2 megapixel sensors as well. Now this phone also supports infrared night vision on this side. You can see we have four infrared night vision and youll be able to take 20 megapixel night vision, shots and on the side we have four led flash. So a very well designed durable, smartphone weve got a screen protector already applied im about to peel off the first layer, and you do have another spare one included now, while thats turning on lets quickly check out the ports so at the bottom of the device, and We have a latch.

If you open it, you will find your usbc charging port and also a headphone jack, so nice to see a phone with a headphone jack after such a long time and over here youll be able to hook up your lanyard cable on the side. We have a volume, rocker power button and also a separate fingerprint sensor. A fingerprint sensor is not a button that you can press its completely dedicated, and your power button, which is textured, is just above it, and these buttons are also made from metal along with the side of the body, and the included fingerprint sensor is also quite fast And accurate in unlocking your smartphone and you also do have a fast face unlock so a very armor like reinforced design youre getting from this smartphone on the top. You have nothing and on the side, weve got another button and that is a customizable button and youve got your sim card tray, which im about to pry open, just to show you that youve got a triple hybrid, sim card tray. So this can take two 4g nano sim cards and a micro sd card up to 256 gigs all at the same time, and on the front we are looking at a 6.22 inch. Hd plus display that is an ips display and screen res is 720 by 1520 and you do have gorilla glass protection on the front now. This smartphone is powered by the mediatek 6785 octa core chipset, with eight gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage, and this is running android version 10.

. Now the smartphone is certainly not a lightweight contender. This weighs 310 grams and its 15.5 millimeters in thickness. Now this smartphone is unlocked worldwide. It supports dual sim 4g youve got built in bluetooth built in gps, and you even have built in nfc. So quick gaming test with call of duty – and here are the graphics settings so by default, its set on high graphics and high frame rate, and if you select maximum frame rate, then it drops down to high graphics. If you go to very high, then youll get a very high frame rate, so were going to leave it on very high. Now this smartphone has a single loudspeaker which is located on the back. If you are playing a game – and you just happen to hold your smartphone in this way, there is a chance that youre going to block that speaker and if you do block that speaker, the sound is quite muffled its certainly not the best quality speaker. Ive ever heard, but it does the job and it is pretty loud now. This smartphone also has a whopping, 6 350 milliamp hour battery, which promises one to two days of general usage, and this does support 24 watt fast charging, and not only that, you also have 10 watt wireless charging, so you can drop this onto a wireless charging. Stand for convenience now, quick walkthrough of the camera app! You have night vision, video photo macro, ultra hd and more and under more you can see a whole bunch of options, including pro mode hdr filters, beauty and lots more now.

The maximum resolution supported in video is 4k, but you can indeed drop that down to full hd, hd or vga. Alright, so lets just briefly test out this camera, so aiming at my subject: standard photo and ill show you the result on the screen as well. So that was your standard photo mode. Youve got wide angle shot and if you notice it took a second, it took a second or two to change between wide angle and standard photo mode. So thats a wide angle shot for you guys. The photo quality does look to be quite good. Ultra hd photos. So i guess that is going to be your 48 megapixel mode. If i just grab two subjects side by side there, we go thats one ultra hd shot for you guys so briefly, testing out the macro, so you can get in close, but due to lack of light, the quality of the macro is not all that so the 2 megapixel macro is not going to blow your mind night vision. This is what i need to test so lets just switch off. All the lights make this into a dark room: alexa switch off lights, okay, close the door; here we go, we achieved a dark room. Finally, and those red lights you can see appearing on the back of the phone. Those are your infrared, so lets face the camera at our subjects, so thats what you can expect from the night vision shots.

It allows you to shoot in total darkness. You can see your subjects, but dont expect a super clear quality now lets go to more and go to general night mode, im about to take a night mode shot just focusing on one of the subjects and there you have the result for the standard night mode. There is also a 16 megapixel selfie camera water drop design. The button on the left side theyre actually calling that the easy key which can be fully customized so single click, double click and long press. So you can have three different actions assigned to this one button. Now you do have a section called intelligent assistance. If you open it up, you can see a whole bunch of features from flip to silent, smart answer, anti fake touch mode, three finger, screenshots and so on so forth. So there you have it guys. That was my quick first look at the doogie s96 pro an affordable, rugged smartphone, offering good price per performance with a surprisingly good gaming performance. I was able to play call of duty mobile on very high graphics and frame rate. Now you are also getting a faster ufs storage instead of emmc night vision, camera actually works well and daytime photos and videos also look pretty good youre getting a big battery performance along with built in nfc and headphone jack, and also wireless charging, so slight drawbacks. Low resolution display 720p plus got some size and bulk to it, but that is expected as it is a military grade, 810g certified waterproof, dustproof, shockproof smartphone also need to mention.

Youve got a single loudspeaker. Quality is not the best, but it does get quite loud. So my first hands on experience with the doogie s96 pro leaves me feeling quite pleased with my purchase, its definitely worth the selling price.