Raj case episode. Review are way ahead of the others in the competition to create much better phones than others can samsung ship, foldable phones. Third version subscribe: this phone does burn a deep hole into your pocket. Without a doubt, it is an expensive phone. There are absolutely no two ways about it. The other question im sure is it better than the fold too well purely from an ergonomics perspective? Uh? Yes, it is, it is much thinner uh. It is much slimmer than the fold two i its almost nine ten grams, even lighter than the full two. You can feel that when you hold this as against the fold too, having said that its its still a bulky phone given that uh, you know it opens up uh to become such a big phone. So it is bulky, but definitely there are improvements as far as the shape goes like i said as compared to the fold too. Most importantly um. I think i think the finishing is much better. You dont see this partition when you open up the screen to watch your video as prominently as it was in the fold too. So clearly, as far as design and ergonomics go, there have been improvements, possibly the best in class. If you you can have multiple windows opened up on the screen, you can watch youtube as well as answer your mails and open another document simultaneously, so you can get a lot done with this phone, a lot of activity done.

So, if youre, someone who multitasks and wants this device also to multitask, just like you, this is the perfect phone for you, but the camera is not its strongest point. I mean if youre looking at a phone with a camera, without a doubt, the samsung 21 ultra 5g is a far better phone as far as the camera capabilities are concerned, both in terms of clicking pictures and in terms of shooting videos. There is absolutely no comparison. So, primarily um. I would rather recommend if you have to take selfies with this camera, you do it with the front cover its my selfie mode. Behind it has a 10 megapixel camera. At least the photos are not green uh video, my conga, is a coffee decent. I would say, on par with other mid to top level smartphones, iphone 12 pro max and the samsung 21 ultra 5g. Indonesia, pictures or videos click but like having said that, if you leave aside the iphone 12 pro max and the samsung 21 ultra 5g, this is a fairly good camera that this phone has. But, like i said, the camera is not its strongest point battery life, primarily working on selling mails opening documents. Reading a book you can sail through 24 hours with a fully charged phone, but if youre watching full hd videos on your screen – which i must add, is a very good experience on this phone uh earthquake full screen. Videos enjoy the battery life is not the strongest point of this phone.

I must add, if youre seeing a lot of videos or if youre playing a lot of games, then the battery will go down pretty fast, uh, so thats something you have to live with. When you consider buying this, how fast is this phone? Well? In that sense, it is a true flagship, its powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 888 and, like i said earlier, uh its its very responsive, especially for someone who wants to multitask was a lot of things to do on the go. This can have multiple apps running simultaneously. It can have multiple windows running simultaneously and there is a lot uh you can do with this phone on the go, and especially for those power users uh who who have to do many things at a time. This is the right phone without an iota of doubt. A question i havent purchased the s pen along with this phone, but uh the new s pen that is compatible with this works very well. The only issue id say is slot, so you will have to use that separately. So that is a bit of a issue id say, because you cannot insert the s pen in the body of the phone uh, but otherwise the new s pen works very easily and, like i said, for those power users, we have a lot of work to do On the go, i think it will make sense to buy this phone along with the phone because it is prone to scratches very very easily, and even if you do put a screen guard, you have to be.

You know fairly careful with the screen, so i would recommend that those people who have a lot of work to do on the go do buy us s. Pen, along with this phone that will come in really handy for attraction, is a 7.6 inch amoled display. This is my 120 hertz refresh rate is my resolution at 2208 by 1768, along with hdr10 playback uh samsung is using a much stronger and ultra thin glass over the amoled display, which should ensure far greater durability, but that is something is, which is why i think Samsung had to develop an s pen specifically for this phone and which is why, even i would recommend that you use an s pen along with this phone, if youre, a very, very heavy user, and you do multiple things throughout the day with your phone, this phone Case speakers we copy a chain, and i heard the music on full volume on this phone. It was fairly loud. I think i would give the speakers also a thumbs up now to end this video. If the question is, should i buy this phone or not like? I said earlier about simple job battery or camera quality. Without a doubt, samsung 21 ultra 5g is the phone. You need to use absolutely no doubt about that. But if very fast performance, multitasking productivity is your thing, then you must possibly go with this phone uh. If you are willing to compromise on the ergonomics, camera and the battery life, and without a doubt, you must consider this phone, it is expensive, like i added earlier, but agar right now is the time to order your samsung z43 theres a long way that uh foldable Phones need to traverse before they become very commonplace, but without a doubt, this phone has come a long way since the samsung is at fold one.

This is clearly the best version of the phone up till now and, like i said in terms of performance, it is absolutely top notch, so thats what we have to say about this phone. I hope you like the product review. If there is any viewpoint you have about this phone wed love to hear from you for those who purchased this phone and started using it wed love to hear from you what you have to say about this phone and for more such product reviews, movie, reviews, uh And many such videos, please do keep coming back to our channel. If you liked the video please do subscribe to our channel and feels you with another product review very soon.