The good news is theres shag, loads of choice. Right now the oneplus note 2, the xiaomi mi 11 lite 5g, just far too many to list, although i have listed them in my round up for the best mid range smartphones of 2021 video ill, try and remember to stick a cheeky link thing up here and Samsung is hoping to leap to the top of that pile with this fresh blower here, the galaxy a52s 5g, which is an upgraded version of the excellent ear 52 with impressive power, reassuring battery life, a slick 120 hertz amoled screen and some proper good camera tech. And you can grab the galaxy a52 s5g right now, direct from samsung for just 409 quid, so roughly half the price of those mega expensive, s21 flagship blowers and ive been using its my full time smartphone for the past week or so so heres my in depth. Samsung galaxy a52s, 5g review and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do plug subscribe, ending that notifications bell cheers now. One of the things i appreciate about the samsung galaxy a52 s5g is the simple design which can be snuffled in a small selection of very different colors. My personal favorite. Being this here awesome mint model awesome is possibly a tad strong. I wouldnt say i ever gazed upon that rear end and dropped my knees mouth a gap in sheer ore, but it is rather lovely. Of course it is a plastic back, and so it is therefore susceptible to scratching, but thankfully, its still in good, nick one week on, despite being shoved in pockets with other phones and been generally abused, and while you dont have a pre installed screen protector for added Durability that gorilla glass, 5 caution on the display seems to be doing its job.

My nakado peepers could detect a single, even tiny scratch on that panel at all, and the galaxy a52 s5g is even ip67 water and dust resistant. So you can give it a proper dunkin in water. You know drop in the sink or whatever no worries whatsoever and thats a feature. Thats really rare to find at this mid range price point. You know outside of the disappointing sony, xperia 10 mark iii and samsung doesnt skimp when it comes to the software on its cheaper handsets either. Android 11 is smothered here in a hearty squirt of one ui action complete with all of the usual tasty, treats if you use samsung services like smart things, samsung pay and samsung health well theyre. All on this thing, no worries even bixby, but you dont use bixby. Nobody uses bixby from the extensive theme support to the customizable, always on display. You can really re jigger the look and feel of your galaxy a52s to suit your personal preferences and samsungs knox. Security. Suite is on board as well to keep noisy porks from having a bit of a shafty at your private bits, with a guaranteed four years of security updates to boot and thats on top of three years of os updates for android as well so thats as generous. An offer as youll get from pretty much any rivals and a clear advantage over the likes of xiaomi, realme, oppo, etc. The samsung galaxy a52s 5gs in display optical fingerprint sensor is another win, only feeling to recognize my digits when theyre courted in crud, and you do have face recognition as a backup option as well, but because the galaxy a52 s5g is quite secure device, it wont accept It if youre wearing shades or a face mask or anything like that and for all of your apps and other bits.

Youve got 128 gigs of internal storage. Pretty standard at this mid range price point that is expandable via microsd up to a further whopping one terabyte. As well, if you do find yourself running low, so thats great news, if you want to download loads of movies and games to enjoy on the go, as is that 6.5 inch amoled display, you may not have any hdr streaming support here, but that all led text Serves up crisp contrast with deep blacks, while the full hd plus resolution means finer details, arent lost and like more premium sammy phones, the a52 s5g can really pump out vivid visuals. The display tops off at 120hz refresh rate, so thats great for all of your supported. Apps and even flipping around on your desktops is smoother than a freshly sean scrotum. And yes, it did take me several attempts to correctly see it freshly sean scrotum, its surprisingly difficult and, as this week actually decided to be sunny for a change at least the first bit of it did. I had plenty of chance to test out the visibility in strong uh outdoor light and absolutely no worries. There could clearly see what was up to at any point, as this thing tops off at 800, nits youve got stereo speakers which are absolutely fine for watching some youtube or whatever theyre clear enough. Even when you have family members squawking at you in the background, but to really enjoy a proper bit of dolby atmos audio youll definitely want to plug some decent cans into the a52s5g via the very nifty headphone jack hip, hip hooray and i had no problems with Bluetooth streaming either youve got some strong codec support here, as youd expect, and even in really busy areas like london bridge during rush hour.

That signal was not interrupted now. One of the big upgrades for this s model over the older a52 5g is the updated performance. Youve got snapdragon 778g chipset packed in here, backed by six gigs of ram, and i have no real complaints when it comes to performance. On this thing i didnt really see much in the way of slow down at all over the previous week. The camera app can be a little bit lethargic at times if youre, trying to flip between different modes or take lots of shots in quick succession. But apart from that, it handles life really really well, and yes, gamers should be more than seated by the galaxy a52 s5g as well. Stick it in priority mode and youll be able to focus fully on whatever title of choice: youre playing like its a gentian impact. Nice playable frame rate even on those medium detail, settings very little in the way of jutters or other issues, and certainly no issues with this phone getting touristy even with prolonged gaming sessions and the 4 500 milliamp battery stuffed inside of the galaxy a52 s5g is more Than up to the task, even with really really intensive long ideas, plenty of camera use plenty of screen on time, media streaming all that good stuff. I never ended a day in battery saver mode and when it is time to power back up again, the galaxy a52 s5g supports 25 watt charge and not the nippiest around by any means.

And while you do get a charger bundled in the box, unlike with those mega expensive, s21 flagship smartphones, it doesnt actually support 25 watt charging samsung and the camera tech appears unchanged here on the a52 s5g versus that older a52 model once again, spearheaded by a 64 Megapixel shooter with optical image stabilization, and this proved ideal for everyday family snaps. Both indoor and out capturing bright, crisp detail, packed photos with natural. Looking colors and contrast. The portrait mode adds a gorgeous bit of bokeh style focus feed when youre snapping fellow human beings, and even when said human beings wont, stand still for a bloody milliseconds, its rare for picks to be ruined by blurry limbs and the like, unless youre shooting at night And even at night you can grab some respectable snaps even on that auto mode and also a shout out as always to samsungs single, take mode which is a hell of a lot of fun to play around with when youre, snapping, kids and pets and the like. This thing, spurts out all manner of filtered picks and random clips, which are usually at the very least entertaining, and yes, you also have samsungs fun mode and boy howdy. Let me tell you theres nothing. My dark hateful soul enjoys more than whatever. This is samsungs. 12 megapixel ultra wide angle, snapper also did a fine job, colors arent, quite as accurately captured with his secondary lens, but i still liked most of the results i saw as long as the lighting wasnt too dim at night time.

This lens really struggles with motion and detail levels or low, so just give it a pass and if you like, shooting bugs and other gross things in your back garden, the five megapixel macro lens is worth a squint thats, all the main stuff. The last lens in this quad lens setup here on the back end of the galaxy a52 s5g, is a simple five megapixel depth sensor used for those portrait snaps for your horn movies. You can shoot 4k video at 30 frames per second or full hd at 30 or 60 fps and again i was happy with what i saw even when i was trying to shoot a complicated dance routine indoors with fairly ambient light. The samsung a52 s5g does a decent job of capturing audio from all directions, while blocking out wind and other unwanted noise image. Stabilization is pretty good too, although at night the results are rather grainy and ugly, and last up the galaxy a52s 5gs 32 megapixel selfie snapper is good for bright, daylight picks with the option to zoom in on your face and blur the background. If you want to dazzle everyone on insta with that award winning smile, but the camera is rather pants in the light turning out grainy blurry picks so just dont even bother and that right there is my final full frank review of the samsung galaxy a52s, 5g and Ive got to say, im really impressed. This thing is a brilliant all rounder.

In fact, if you manage to find some way of removing bixby from it id say its the perfect mid range mobile seriously. Nobody uses bixby its about as much use as a on a kettle so thats what i think. But what do you guys reckon are you tempted by the galaxy, a52 s5g or indeed have you already got one and what are your thoughts on it so far. Definitely check out that roundup of the best mid range mobiles of 2021 for alternative ideas, if youre not quite swayed and for more on the list of greatest tech. Please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a bloody brilliant rest of the week.