We have reviewed the fold 3 already, but the flip three is for your more fashion, conscious customer design, conscious customer who wants a large screen when they need it and a product that can actually fold in half and easily slip into your pocket or bag for the Next time that you need it, the galaxy z, flip 3 and the galaxy z fold 3 couldnt be any more different. The galaxy z, flip 3 is for your customer who does want that large screen, but doesnt want to carry a large device, and thankfully this is a product that can deliver on that. You do get this 6.7 inch display when you, when you want to put it away or hang up your call, you simply fold it in half on the design side, the galaxy z, flip 3 still has this tiny little gap near the hinge. There is a little bit of space there that puts less pressure on the hinge, but when you do unfold the device it does fold out completely flat, just like a regular smartphone, the device is also made out of tougher aluminium and its also water resistant. So theres two features that make it a lot better than last years model, but one of the biggest changes. Youll notice is the front screen. Theres a lot more screen space this time out and it allows you to do a whole lot more. So you can actually scroll through notifications and different features.

There is a way to see if youve received a message you can see calls when theyre coming in. You can also control your media content as well. You can even use it to take a selfie, just a double tap on the side key and you can scroll between video mode and photo mode and still take your phone using the same cameras that you would even when its open these two front cameras here, you Can still take your video or your selfie without even opening the device and just like the galaxy z fold 3, there is actually a fingerprint reader on the side of the zed flip 3.. What having a foldable screen the having having an in screen fingerprint reader just wasnt a possibility because of the foldable display they just could not do that so thats. Why theyve included the fingerprint sensor on the side, but its really comfortable to do it because its its actually, where you would put your thumb anyway, when youre opening the device so still has the fingerprint security, just not in the screen its the button right here on The side one thing i like about the zed flip 3 – is that the the phone actually can be held open at any angle that you like. So the hinge is strong enough for you to position it. However, you want so whether its completely open halfway open, even two thirds of the way closed, that hinge can stay in place now thats useful for a feature called flex mode, especially if you want to take selfies.

So what you do you can position? You can open up the camera and when, when in this mode, if the camera detects that the phone is folded in this position, it actually puts this. It splits the screen in two, so the top half here youll be able to see yourself to position yourself for us for your picture and then all you need to do is hold up your hand and it will begin a countdown to take the photo. Of course, we love taking photos with our smartphone and the zed flip 3. Camera system is impressive, its not to the same quality that you would find on the galaxy s 21, for example those phones, their camera systems, are a lot better. So the sort of quality you get from your photos and videos. If, if that is the the focus of what you want to do with the device, then perhaps maybe the galaxy s samsung device is more for you. Dont get me wrong. The galaxy z3 can still take a great photo just not to the same quality as those other devices weve been using. The galaxy z flip 3 for a few weeks now and im going to say, im really impressed with the battery life battery normally lasted at least a day and a half. There were some times where i would have taken it fully charged at 9 00 a.m. On one morning and by 5 p.m, the next day it was still going so two full work days.

I was getting out of galaxy, zed flip three. So generally it it easily go through a day, often a day and a half. But in my case i sometimes got nearly two full days of use out of the galaxy z flip 3 battery. So its not going to leave you stranded battery life is really impressive. The galaxy zed flip 3 its available this week, its going to be priced at 1 499 australian dollars. If you want to read our complete review check it out at techguide.