We were awestruck by the remarkable piece of technology and innovation, which is per samsung, took a whole decade to transform into a market ready product. However, it wasnt perfect and was more of a test product rather than a ready unit, but we knew samsung is going in the right direction and will soon address some of the issues that were holding back the galaxy full to become a mainstream foldable handset after two Iterations we now have the third generation galaxy fold and it has exceeded my expectations. Almost it has better displays, refined software to make more out of those better displays and the design is now water resistant. There are more reasons to consider buying the samsung galaxy z fold. 3, but should you lets, find out design and ergonomics folded state a phone is supposed to feel like a phone, regardless of the fact that it is a foldable, a flip phone or just any regular full screen. Handset good ergonomics further ensure better usability and easier handling. In day to day use this is the biggest challenge. With the galaxy z fold, three, the unique form factor hiding a 7.6 inch tablet, has some compromises that affect the handling. When folded, the galaxy z, fold 3 becomes a tall, thick and heavy device, which almost feels like two phones glued together. Theres, no way your thumb reaches all corners of the screen, and i would recommend using samsungs one ui utilities to ease some handling more on this.

In the software part handle it with care, the phone isnt very pocketable, either, especially if you are wearing denim, the extremely tall and narrow design with a weight of 271 g, makes you feel its presence overall ease of use and ergonomics. Arent, the galaxy z fold, three strongest points and theres no escape from it. You want a phone thats. Also a tablet you have to deal with the extra heft and handling issues is rollable display an answer to this riddle. You might want to check out the oppo x, 2021 rollable phone, sadly, its a concept and samsung might just not adopt it design and ergonomics tablets state. The new fold has a tad smaller and lighter footprint than its predecessor. It is 11g lighter and some millimeters sleeker. Nothing big of a difference that you might notice in real life, but still significant enough from design and engineering standards. When unfolded the galaxy z, fold 3 becomes a small size tablet, with a screen measuring 7.6 inch diagonally its a perfectly usable tablet, with an excellent display and a thin profile. The fact that the fold 3 supports samsungs s pen makes it all more useful as a tablet. Sadly, we dont have the stylus handy, so we cant talk much about its performance part. It is also worth mentioning that the s pen cannot be used on the cover display and the handset has no enclosure to hold the s. Pen big screen makes a difference.

Nevertheless, the galaxy z fold 3 is easier to handle as a tablet than a phone, because, while using it as a tablet, you have the intent to work on a big screen device. The screen is big enough to comfortably show content and small enough to let you hold and use the device with one hand you can use the phone in its unfolded. State with one hand, to read news browse web pages and watch videos, galaxy z, fold, three ports and buttons. The foldable form factor gives enough real estate to place the most required ports and buttons. The galaxy z, fold 3 houses a usb type c port at the bottom, along with a microphone and a speaker unit. The power button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner and volume rockers are positioned on the right side. The sim card tray sits on the left side. The top has the second speaker unit and three microphones: the premium phone doesnt support, a micro sd card for expandable storage, samsung, galaxy z, fold 3, build quality and durability standards. The most significant design upgrade to the galaxy foldable lineup is water resistivity, the hinge internal cable and several movable parts are sealed with waterproofing solutions, which is no less than an engineering challenge. The new galaxy z, fold 3 and the z flip 3 are ipx8 certified up to 1.5 m of water for 30 minutes and can withstand water damage. I used the handset when it was raining: cats and dogs in delhi, ncr and faced no issues with usability.

However, you must protect the handset from dust and grit since theres no protective layer to offer the required resistance. I am hopeful that samsung will find a way to add dust protection in the future iterations of its foldable handsets battery life and connectivity. The galaxy z fold 3 gets a 4 400 milliampere hours battery cell and segments slow as 25 w charging speed. Sadly, samsung hasnt improved the charging speeds, even for its uber premium flagships. The handset barely lasted for a day with my usage and that too, after disabling the enhanced processing from the battery settings, the big and gorgeous foldable display doesnt go with a modest four thousand four hundred milliampere hours battery cell that well, the standby time is good. But as soon as you start streaming videos and play games, a charger should be kept handy. The maximum saw time i got is six hours and the sad part. The battery takes around one hour 50 minutes to recharge from flat to 100 percent. The galaxy z fold 3 supports dual band: wi fi, bluetooth, 5.2 aptx hd nfc, one nano sim card along with esim. The phone comes, sends a 3.