If you are interested in the subject, leave your like subscribe to the channel and activate notifications. The machine im going to introduce is the oppo find x2 pro automobile lamborghini edition. I will present the infographic from the product page itself. Ultimate design, cutting edge tech meets avant garde. Art oppo is dedicated to driving a convergence of artistic design and innovative technology. Lamborghini creates flawless driving experiences wrapped in striking designs combining their strengths in technology and aesthetics. Oppo and lamborghini are a tour de force, aventador svj roadster. The source of inspiration, lamborghinis iconic, aventador svj roadster, is distinguished by its outstanding performance and state of the art aesthetics from headlight to tail light. It personifies super sports car perfection, automobile lamborghini, edition 3d ridge body using hot forging glass that mimic the aerodynamic lines and contours of a super sports. Car weve carved out a futuristic, rigid body that feels as luxurious as it looks: carbon fiber texture, a four layer. Carbon fiber texture is used to capture the essence of a lamborghini super sports car. The light and shadows change as it moves bringing a powerful sense of depth to this high tech, look hexagonal lens frame, clothed in lamborghinis, classic hexagon design and the aventador sbj roadsters iconic matte bronze color. This understated, yet unique, look embodies super sports car style microfiber leather case made of eco friendly microfiber leather. This exquisite case marries matte, bronze and black carbon fiber handcrafted details, ensure a refined appearance, color os 7.

1 supercar theme color os 7.1 uses a custom lamborghini super sports car theme with sharp, outlines, crisp angles and delicate light details. It shows off the beauty of technology and power, chic packaging with its scissor door design even the find x2 pro box, flaunts super sports car style. The surface is imprinted with hexagonal designs and y shaped headlight elements marks of lamborghinis, unique, elegance custom accessories from the charger to the earphones. All your smartphone accessories can feature lamborghini style, just open the box to enter the supercar infused world. Imagine by find x2 pro and lamborghini keep watching the presentation Music. Ah, just an observation, product size and weight may vary by configuration manufacturing process and measurements. All specifications are subject to the actual product Music. The carbon fiber design used on find x2 pro automobile lamborghini edition is a texture imitation not directly made by carbon fiber materials by default. The screen, refresh rate, is changed automatically. Based on the specific scenario you can choose the auto select 120 hertz or 60 hertz mode in settings by default. The screen resolution is changed automatically, based on the specific scenario you can choose the qhd, plus or fhd plus mode and settings. The fhd plus mode does not support 10 bit 8 plus 2 bit colors display the o1 ultravision engine supports the motion, clear video motion, enhancement and hdr video enhancement features which are implemented only for some adapted third party, video apps. You can turn on or off.

These features in settings or control center when the hdr video enhancement feature is turned on the o1 ultravision engine optimizes the effect of dynamic range for ordinary videos, instead of converting them into hdr videos directly find x2 pro automobile lamborghini edition adopts an ultravision camera system consisting Of a 48 mp wide angle lens a 48 mp ultra wide angle lens and a 13 mp periscope telephoto lens all three lenses operate in tandem. Achieving 10x hybrid zoom product pictures are for reference. Only please refer to the actual product. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons like changes in suppliers. The data in the page came from oppo design, technical parameters and test data from the laboratories and suppliers. In actual circumstances, the data will differ slightly depending on the test. Software version, specific testing, environment and specific version.