0. I am mika and today well be doing a full review of the stunning huawei nova 8.. This smartphone really fascinates me with high end and sleek looking design stay tuned to find out what there is more than a fade than meets the eye. Also, if you havent, already go and subscribe to our channel second opinion ph this eye. Catching phone we have here is a colorway in blush gold, im, not exaggerating, but you can get really mesmerized by its sleek design. My color preference is normally toned down when it comes to phones, but this ones an exception. Also, if fingerprint marks on your phone are a pet peeve worry not, as the nova 8 has an anti glare back, making it less prone to fingerprint marks and smudges. The phone feels lightweight weighing only 169 grams. Its size allows me to grip. The phone comfortably as well on top is a dual sim tray on the left is the volume rocker and power button, and finally, you can find the charging port and speakers at the bottom. The phone comes with a case and even then its still delightful to look at it has good speaker. Quality produces clear and loud sound indoors when listening to music and watching movies and netflix it delivers full sound. Thats not distorted even at maximum volume and front is a 6.57 inch curved screen that extends to the side for a wider view which, if you can recall, was only available in their flagship phone.

But now you can enjoy this feature even in a mid range smartphone. Now, thats a step up. It also boasts a 90hz oled display with 2340×1080 resolution. The refresh rate allows for a smooth viewing experience for its security features. It has an in display fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the screen and facial recognition. I must say it could be a tad, slow and detecting my finger. Sometimes, however, the ladder can easily unlock my phone, regardless of the lighting, the 32 megapixel front. Camera is located top center. It features a super nice selfie 2.0 for improved portrait shots. What i love the most about the front camera is that it naturally enhances selfies ive, tried selfie cameras in the past, and i can hardly recognize myself. The rear comprises a super quad camera system, the 64 megapixel main camera, 8mp ultra wide angle, camera and 2mp for both depth and macro camera. The wide angle camera supports up to 120 degrees field of view. I am very pleased with the quality of the photos because of the vibrant colors great contrast and clear details here is a sample shot using the macro, camera and favorable lighting. The depth camera was able to capture images of the subject in sharp focus. Additionally, i observed a smooth and accurate transition to blurring effect of the background from the subject. The dual view. Video feature, allows you to take close up and white view shots simultaneously. It operates on emui 12 and it is powered by the karine 820e processor featuring the mali g57 gpu.

The nova 8 is equipped with 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. I didnt experience any frame drops even at the highest graphics setting of asphalt 9.. It has a 3 800 milliamp hour battery which, for me, might be its downside. However, with its 66 watt supercharge, you can get back to work immediately, be it for content creation, video called friends or even just watch movies on netflix the nova 8 charged up to 45 in just 15 minutes, which is actually different from what huawei claims, although its Still not bad since thats a huge battery increase in a short period of time for downloading apps, it doesnt have google play store, but at least it has app gallery and battle search. This helps you download through third party sites such as apk, to be fair. Huawei made strides to significantly improve the ease of downloading apps and making them more accessible for 19999. You get a super camera awesome screen display and a powerful processor. I do wish it had a larger battery capacity, but at least itll only take a few minutes for it to fully charge, thanks to its supercharger id, say, im still sold on its superior features above its stunning design. How about you, let us know what you guys think in the comment section down below.