Now this cost me from amazon uk 12 pounds 99.. You buy it from amazon for 12.99. It comes in a box like this, which basically has the word f mount at the top, and it says underneath pro smartphone video grip, thats whats written underneath we have a line diagram of the actual grip or clamp itself and basically on the side. It just says: f mount. We got the words newer on that side and on the back, just a brief description of what you get in the box with the newer mount or f mount, and you just get this little customer service leaflet, which has the usual on there, which is just a Telephone number for newer and a qr code to see what other products new newer cells, the f, mount or stroke. Newer grip has a similar design to the shoulder pod series of their grips as well, which has this kind of f looking shape here and thats, where the term the f mount comes from, but where this is different than the shoulder pod, especially the shoulder part s1, Which is, i would say, this is closest to it – has a bubble level here, while the shoulder part does not have that. Also the entire actual build of this is made of plastic. Now i would say that its not a cheap plastic that is made out of it is a quality plastic and i have to say it does give the feeling, like its made out of metal.

The only thing that gives it away is, it has its lighter than the shoulder pad um s1. So thats. What gives it away, but otherwise you would. You would not be fooled in believing that this is made out of metal its. As i said, men are a very good sturdy plastic, another little difference that you get with the f mount compared to the shoulder pad s1 or any of the shoulder pod series. You get a at the top here, you get, which is hard ill. Try and do that folks, but you get here, is a cold shoe mount at the top and at the very top on the actual dial here to resize the clamp. It has a quarter inch female screw thread similar to the shoulder pod s1. We have a lanyard which is made out of nylon. Now i believe now. This is going back a couple of years, but i believe with the shoulder part s1, when i did have one it had a leather strap, but with the newer you get a nylon strap with a wrist adjustment on there, which is comes down to this. I would say its an imitation lever kind of loop, which the bottom of the f mount screws onto, which is also similar to the s the shoulder pad s1, similar to the s, the shoulder pad s1. You can unscrew the handle, which has the loop for the lanyard on there similar to that, and you have a male quarter, inch thread on the handle here and also at the bottom.

You have a female quarter inch thread, so this can be screwed straight to a tripod or a full tripod or tabletop tripod or even a pole, so youve got that there and also, on the actual main part of the clamp at the bottom. You also got a quarter inch thread, obviously where the handle is screwed in, but you can also use that thread to screw to any tripod legs or poles. The f mount like the shoulder pad s1 can be screwed up can be screwed. This mount up is that right screw this match up. Well, you can adjust the amount to take large phones, and even your smaller phones can fit into this mount. It does have a spring like action when you turn the adjustment, um, knob or screw at the top. Here and as you can hear so, there is a spring built into there. Now you do get a similar kind of spring in the shoulder pod s1, but its a bit more of a smoother action than the then. The newer the newer seems to be because its made out of plastic does seem to be a bit more more rough than the shoulder pad. Now, when it comes to the clamp, we have these nice rubber grips on either side, which is able to take phones with even a otterbox case on there can even be fitted into here. So if youve got your mobile phone, that has one of those tough cases on they can still be fitted into this clamp.

Now, on the amazon side, the weight of the f mount. It states that it weighs 119 grams, but when i weighed it, the actual weight is 103 grams. Now i dont know where amazons getting the extra grams from, but, as you can see, it weighs 103 grams. Now this is the part of the video where i give my two pence worth on. The newer smartphone rig, filmmaker grip, considering that this has the same form factor as the shoulder pod s1 or any of the shoulder pod series for its price. It is not too bad its, i would say its quite good now, the as i stated before the main big difference between this, then the shoulder pod is that the shoulder pods are made out of metal. While this is made out of plastic, now, do not be deterred that its made out of plastic, because once you get this and you feel it in your hand, it the plastic that is used to make. This is a good quality, plastic and youd, be quite you. May be fooled into thinking that this is made of aluminium because it doesnt feel plastic in your hand. Stay before i like the little extras that they give you with this, not much, but they give you a little bit more extras than what um shoulder part would give you. As i stated, this nice little bubble, um level here, um the cold shoe mount at the top, which is built into the clamp.

This nice extra um quarter inch female screw thread at the top. Now them are things that you do not get with the s1 um. Shoulder pad s1 now you may get it with the other shoulder pod series, but with the s1, which is, this is really going up against. You do get this kind of these little extras. Normally, in my videos, i do the positive and the negatives, but i have to say theres only one negative with this and some may see it as a negative and some may see as a positive, so it spans in both camps really and that its its plastic Construction now i know people might write in the description. The comment box that, oh because this is made of plastic, if you drop it, yes, it most likely will crack. If you drop this now, depending if what surface you drop, this on, determines whether it will crack or not or it just simply gets scuffed and the same could be said about the shoulder pod um grips, if you drop them, youre, most likely either gon na dent Or scratch the actual screw mechanism at the top here or the actual back, depending how he lands on the floor on what surface so, as i said, its its theres negatives in both camps, whether you get the shoulder part which is made out of metal or you Get the newer which is made of the plastic now for the positives, i like how newer um has given you all these extras.

Like i stated, the cold shoe, the quarter inch thread the bubble, mount and also another big positive with this is the price it. As i stated before, in the video, it is half literally almost half the price of the shoulder pod, which is basically the same shape as this and does exactly the same thing as this overall conclusion is that the newer smartphone rig, filmmaker grip or f mount is Quite a good product and if youre looking for something which is similar to the shoulder pod but dont want to pay shoulder. Pod prices, especially for the s1, then go with this and you wont be disappointed. As i stated, its suitable for all kinds of phones and its suitable to hold your phone, so if you need to hold your phone um with a grip instead of holding the actual phone, it is good to use the shoulder. The i was gon na say shoulder pad there, the f mount and you could use the shoulder pad if you wanted to now. If you happen to have the newer smartphone rig filmmaker grip, please let us know in the comment section what you thought about it, because your opinions are different to my opinions, and i havent said that in quite a while, thanks for watching the video, if you like It give it a thumbs up if you dont, like it, give it a thumbs down. I perfectly understand my videos can be long, but i like to go into detail on the item or the product.

So when you get it, you know what to expect.