This is the latest and greatest its the smallest, the lightest gimbal from dji, okay. So here it is in its small and lightweight form factor now you can say the gimbals have been around for a while. This is the fifth iteration of the dji om. Now, traditionally, gimbals are used for stable video footage, but this guy does a whole bunch more and im going to show you a little bit more about what it can do very soon. Now lets talk about the difference between this one and the om4 its previous model. The biggest difference is the weight and size its over a third smaller and a third lighter, but just as strong and just as powerful and theres, the other obvious one, which is that built in selfie, stick and then theres. Some really cool fun features that theyve added to the app as well, which well get to in a moment. Now. For most of my video work, i tend to use a lot bigger, gimbals, a lot bigger cameras and the om4 is just a little bit too bulky to add to all the other bulky things that i have now im not going to say that its going to Replace my professional equipment just yet, but based on how small it is, i can see it being useful in capturing everyday moments like this okay, so its super simple were basically just gon na unlock it open it up and snap it in Music turn it on its Done there, it is now straight out of the box that balancing tutorial will get you by for pretty much most of your applications and pretty much every phone that is out on the market.

Today, all the weights seem to be able to distribute pretty evenly and easily on the om5, but if you do want to dial it in just a little bit id advise a couple of things. One is to go through the calibration tool inside the app and two just make sure your phone is centered and balanced when its hooked on you, dont want to hang off to the edge lets talk about what comes in the box. Okay, so inside the box, youve got things like a tripod which my daughter thought was absolutely fantastic, just watching it spin theres also a small bag that comes with it, which ill no doubt lose to the same daughter. It also comes with a lanyard strap, a charging cable, its also a small riser pad for smaller phones and ipads and other different things that dont fit quite the same on the little magnetic connector. But lets talk about our little magnetic friend here it is super strong and it cant be understated, because you can stick it to things like your fridge and watch tv on it. If you like, and the other thing it comes with, is a selfie stick or as they like to call it an extension rod which sounds kind of kinky, its built in which is pretty crazy. Considering it basically slides back into the body of itself, which is i dont know how, where do they store all of the electronic stuff? Where is that its somewhere else? Obviously, so i think thats pretty unique, and i found that that came in super handy um.

It came in super handy because i wanted to run this thing through its paces and i thought what better way to do that than to create a short little film and see what i can do with it Music. So this is going to be our scene here. Our little rainbow short film scene and im choosing this spot here, even though, were really close to a whole bunch of houses and a whole bunch of roads and other things. It kind of looks like were not, and so hopefully we can make something with um. The different camera angles and the gimbal and well see how we go now before we get to the short film i just want to let you know that i filmed it in both landscape and portrait orientation, but for the purposes of showing you the behind the scenes. As well ill just show you the portrait version and then after ill go through some of the techniques and features i used to create it. So here it is Music, so thats, it short and sweet lets. Have another quick look at those scenes again and well. Take a deeper dive into them, so lets start off with the dyna zoom feature which in hollywood they commonly call the dolly zoom. So once youve slid over to the dyno zoom feature youre going to use the active track part to draw a box around your subject. Once youve done that, all you can do is just hit record and all the instructions.

In this case we just move out and it automatically zooms in. For you now keep in mind. This is a digital zoom in so you are going to lose a little bit of quality in the final video edit, but nonetheless, its still a pretty cool effect and its still nice to have as an option to include in your videos. Okay. So i think its time we have a look at that big extension rod. I know it still sounds strange to say that out loud, but basically this is the easiest way to get those low to ground shots without having to break your back now. The extension was great for not just the low shots, but also for the high shots too, and i took it a step further and i actually unscrewed the tripod that came with the om5 and screwed on an extra extension to get that drone slash crane shot. Now i can see active track being used for a number of different reasons, not just for just keeping your subject in the center of the frame, but i can see this being really useful for things like vlogging or being able to do things when youre just alone By yourself, you can film yourself and you dont really need anyone else there to help you. So if you dont want to go through the rigging role of making a whole short film like i just did uh one of the really easy ways of getting around.

That is to use a shock guide, and so you can see im just looking over at these trees here and basically all you have to do is just point at a certain scene and it will start recognizing that scene for you and then offer you some guides To help make your own film im not sure what sort of sorcery theyre using to understand how they can recognize the scenes, but it is pretty intuitive and there are a million different locations you can choose from and the way it works. Is it basically shows you a quick video of the type of shot you should get, and then you can basically just copy it and then once youve recorded it, you can just jump straight in have a look at how it compares to the tutorial video and if You dont, like it, just hit the retake button. But if you are happy just move on to the next scene, so as you can see its pretty simple and easy to use and if you dont really understand much about composition or creating angles, and things like that and you dont really consider yourself a creative person. This is a really great way to get started and then from there once you understand a few of the ins and outs, you can start to get a little bit more creative with it. So i think its a really great concept and im really excited to see what people can create from this and to see what the future holds for things like the om5 and its future iterations Music.

So what do you reckon? Is this something thats going to go in your bag? Your old bag of tricks im happy to now say that this is going to be sitting in my bag, especially now that things like instagram reels and tick. Tock are a real thing now. Thats thats definitely picked up a lot of momentum over the last 12 months, so i really feel like, if youre a creator of those types of things, this thing could be quite a handy tool for you, so thats it for me, if you like it subscribe, do All those things give a thumbs up and everything ill see.