Take a look at the smartphone cash formula by christian tukolski in the smartphone cash formula. You will learn how to make money with your phone by using different affiliate marketing strategies by promoting digital products online and getting affiliate commissions for selling products of other people. This course is not just a normal digital marketing. Affiliate marketing course. This course was one of the most successful courses in germany and now christian brings his strategy to the english market and shows you how you can earn triple digits a day with his smartphone only how you can earn triple digits a day with your smartphone. Only christian uses a special affiliate marketing strategy for this. We will take a look inside the smartphone cache formula in this video. I will show you what a way to inside and i will show you if christian keeps his promises, lets go. Lets look inside so before we start to take a look inside the smartphone cash formula. You will also get my bonus bomber bonus courses. If you get the smartphone cash formula via the link under the video bonusbomber.comcash click the link under the video there, you will get all the information of christian. He will explain you his exact strategy, what he earns with it and how you can do the same. If you get it via this link, you will not only get his smartphone cash formula. You will also get my instagram traffic strategy, where i show you how i use youtube, how i use instagram to earn a full time income online by building different, undercover instagram channels.

In different niches and selling affiliate products via this channel, i will exactly show you what im doing, and you can just yeah, basically copy my strategy in my instagram traffic strategy, its a video course its normally worth 297. You will get it completely for free. In my bonus bomber bonus package, you will also get my youtube affiliate tag, also one of my best strategies, where i show you how you can use the second biggest search engine youtube for doing affiliate marketing. So i will show you how you can rank videos for specific search keyword terms, put affiliate links under these videos and make bank with them its normally worth 297 dollars. I will give it to you for free in my bonus bomber package and last but not least, my amazon, kindle strategy, where i will show you how you cannot only earn money with amazon sales. You can also earn money with affiliate links you put inside amazon, kindle ebooks. You can rank for any keyword in the amazon. Kindle shop, theres not much competition there and you can sell via your ebooks. You can offer them for free on amazon, and you can put links inside these ebooks the people that can click it, and you will get money if somebody buys your product in whatever niche that is its normally worth 199 dollars and its an amazing strategy. You can also use additionally to the smartphone cash formula, just get instant access to the smartphone cache formula from christian tokolsky via the link under the video bonusbomber.

comcash. Like you already see here, its the first link under the video just click, the link. Look at the video of christian and get the course here we are already inside the course. We will take a look inside the smartphone cache formula here. You have the first video lets get started here. Christian welcomes you to the course explains you everything like. I already said the goal here is to earn money with your smartphone and not just little money its to earn a full time income with your smartphone. You can do that with affiliate marketing. You have different marketplaces out there like clickbank, digi, store, 24 cope card, jvzoo and so on. Where you have a lot of products, you can just choose. Those are most digital products like this courses where you can just generate your link. If somebody buys via your link, you will get a commission most of the time, its 50 off the purchase price, and you can earn money with that. You can do that in any niche whatever it is. Christian shows you his exact way. Like i already said this course, the smartphone cash formula was one of the most successful courses in germany, because his strategy works. Amazing. You can use social networks like instagram to build a following for almost any niche, and you can make bank with it in the course schedule its all about yeah whats inside the course i would say we will take a look inside this video and we will see What christian has prepared for us here lets go so welcome to the course schedule were going to look at the presentation that i have prepared for you and will provide you with an overview of what you will be going to learn here in this very course.

The first thing were going to look at is the mindset so before we even start. The first thing is the mindset thats very important. Why is that the power of your beliefs is very important. That is, if you say yes, it will work. Then you will succeed. You just have to say that, but if you say no, it wont work because you think you dont invest enough time in it. Then you clearly wont be successful. These are roughly speaking, the two things that are discussed in the mindset. It is important that we take a closer look at it, but i tell you right now: youre on the winning side already, as youve already accepted this course and thats. Why im telling you very clearly lets cross out the no site here its going away its? Not your thing, its very important that you know that and thats. Why were limiting ourselves very strictly to the yes, of course, so now well go through the whole thing here, because that was only the first point. So point number one we will look at is the mindset very important lets move on. So point number two here is to know what affiliate marketing really is. Its advantage is that you dont need your own product, so our second topic will be what is affiliate marketing in the first place. That means that we now go through everything and find out what it really is about. As you already know, you dont need to create a product that is a big advantage, ill show you how the commissions work in the next step.

Usually you get fifty percent commissions, and i show you exactly how you actually get your fifty percent here. That was point two point. Three in this course is basically the instagram course mainly were going to work with instagram here, which is actually the platform to make money its really insane. We will use instagram and ill show you exactly how we start taking small steps, and we talk about your mindset first so that you can really clear your mind and say: yes, i want this yes youre ready to go. Then we look at how affiliate marketing works in the first place. We go through that then ill show you how instagram works and then its all about the creation of your account thats the first thing – and you already have to consider some points here. You certainly have an instagram account, but certainly not to make money with it, im betting on that and were going to do that right and its going to be great. So we are really starting from the bottom, no matter where you at really from the basics, im going to take you to really do great things here, then its all about getting your account right. You have to know where you want to go of course. So what is the focus of your account? We will look at everything in detail. There will be much input so thats what the three dots are for and we will look at all important topics aiming in the sales eventually, so we will go through everything here from creating the account to targeting to sending.

So how do you ultimately sell on instagram? You get all of that really down to the last detail, so this is an important information for you. This is the most substantial smartphone course on the german market. Im firmly convinced of that, and then again, of course, its also about selling something to a customer. Not only once, but several times and thats really we are chat scripts that means selling again and again so to speak. That start. I show you and repeat so from top to bottom, in all directions. You will be mastering it all right. So topic number three is instagram thats. Basically, the chord part of the course so theres another special as a little bonus part im, adding a small facebook lesson here. Thats an extra bonus im, giving you on top here and im telling you. I have a method that helps you to create an awesome facebook page with zero effort, so i call it the xero effort page. I show you all that, and the cool thing is that you can then take the page and make money with it, and you put zero effort into the page plus how you can make money with us thats my bonus for you, then its a wrap here and Thats a short summary of what this course is all about in the next lessons you will see what the mindset should be like and what affiliate marketing is for now. I wish you a lot of fun here with the course and good luck.

I look forward to going through this course, together with you. Yeah christian explained that perfectly in the next video its all about your mindset. Your attitude determines your success. Your mindset is the most important part of your online business, which tips can christian give you here. If you learn somebody that learn from successful people, christian is one of the most successful digital marketers in the whole german market. So he can teach you exactly whats important in regards to his mindset. He also wasnt a point where he was a complete beginner. He started from nothing and he built this strategy for himself to earn money with it methods of affiliate marketing. How does the pay work as an affiliate? How do you get paid? How, and where do you find the best affiliate product, then its all about the implementation? Before we start, please follow my english account, so christian will give you his instagram account here where he will give you additional tips for implementing the strategy, how to create an instagram account setting up your account properly before you start. How do you find the right product for your advertisement? Like i said you can do that in basically any niche. I have two instagram accounts that are generating me a lot of money more than two hundred dollars every day. One is in the dog training niche. One is in the personal development niche you can do that in any niche and you can build as much instagram channels as you want completely undercover, without showing your face without anybody to know these account are your accounts.

You see those instagram accounts out there. They dont have a face behind them: somebodys just sitting on their phone anonymous and earns money with this account, how do you create an english digi store account? What is clickbank, and how do you get your account? How do you shorten your links? Why is that important? Why should you do that? How to create your pro perfect profile picture: how to create your perfect instagram, bio, post, basics, content, basics, how to turn your account into a business account and so on? All these single steps you have to learn for making money on instagram christian shows you all that here the story hack for further outreach: how to edit and cut your videos, how to add several links to your instagram profile. With this strategy, you are able to earn money. When you have 30 followers, when you have 50 followers, you will learn to go into specific niches, target them and make money with your instagram account. You dont need much followers. You dont need thousands of followers. If you have them its very good, you will earn a lot of money from it, but even if you only have 30 50 followers, you can already earn your first commissions submarine pictures my recommendation affiliate marketing with his products, so you can also promote christians products which Are converting like hell, addendum affiliates with my products member example, create the story of profit, how to check your sales with cope card, advanced link, explanations and so on? Everything in regards to that you will get it here.

Facebook, collect and sell leads using a simple methods. So how can you use facebook to collect your leads? There is one strategy i dont want to tell you right now that christian is using to get leads to get basically email addresses to get data of customers that are interested for his projects. How can you use facebook for doing that? This will all be updated after some time. So after facebook is changing, something christian will post an update here after instagram is updating something christian will post an update here, how to properly interact with people and thereby earn money? How should you write to people? How should you react to people that write to your site and so on bonus lessons, hate comments? How do you deal with them? Do you delete them? Do you answer them? What should you do with them? Guaranteed attention the five topics – posting formula, copywriting and selling bad talk of the course dubious business practices of others. Unfortunately, yeah thats a strategy, other marketers are using create your own products, how to register a business and what you have to consider if youre in germany and register youre registering your business online depends on which country you are. How can you register your business? You will make money from this course, so you will also have to register your business, which is a step you can do in maybe one or two days. So its not a big step. Christian will show you everything.

You have to do step by step. Click by click and you can just follow him. Extra bonus in depth, sale, sale, overview, smartphone, cash formula, 2021, sales stories, the perfect sales funnel dm presentation of possibilities dm to the core on the phone. So all these strategies, you will get in a course thats. Basically, a fraction of other costs, but gives you 10 times the amount of knowledge from somebody that really has the results like i said he had the most successful digital info product in the whole german market, which is huge, so christian, is know what hes talking about, And he gives you his exact methods, how he did that instagram reels increase engagement of posts through story reposts and finally, the final module. You have successfully completed the system and christian congratulates you to your yeah journey. I would recommend you to watch every single video in order after that watch it again and then start with implementing everything. Christian does here this course is structured, so you can basically just copy his clicks. He will show you everything on the smartphone. You can watch the course on your smartphone and you can also implement the course on your smartphone. You dont need any pc. You dont need a notebook, you can just do it on the smartphone. Yes, you can also do it on your notebook or on your pc. If you want, but its not a must, i can definitely recommend you, the smartphone cache formula, in my opinion, for this price, its the best digital info product out there.

If you are a beginner and want to earn your full time income online, i can only recommend you christians strategies. His results are speaking for itself. If you want to learn, somebody then learn from somebody that already went this way. Yeah. Like i already said, you can get the smartphone cash formula by christian tukolski via the link under the video bonusbomber.com cash, its the first link in the video description. Just click on this link watch the video of christian. He will show you his exact story, how he began, how he didnt have any success in the beginning and then slowly developed his smartphone cash formula where he earns money. Basically, only with his smartphones, you will not only get the smartphone cash formula when you get the product via the link under the video. You will also get my instagram traffic strategy, which is normally worth 297 dollars. My video course where i show you exactly how i built my instagram channels to bring traffic to affiliate, offers my youtube affiliate tech, where i show you how i use youtube the second biggest search engine for affiliate marketing and my amazon. Kindle strategy, where i will show you how you can tap into the amazon kindle market and also use it for affiliate marketing these three video courses, you will get completely for free, just get the smartphone cash formula via the link under the video bonusbomber.com. Slash cash. Write me an email to bonus bonusbomber.

com after youve purchased the course, and you will get my bonus courses completely for free. I wish you a lot of success, a lot of commissions with the smartphone cash formula.