This is because i recorded the sound of the new wireless microphone system called zg scene atom. The full audio track from this video is recorded on this microphone. I will not do a separate audio test, because the whole video is an audio test, zgs scene, atom. Wireless microphone system has a receiver and transmitter with built in microphone. There is also an external lavalier microphone in the package by the way. I think this microphone system is mainly designed for smartphones because there is a mini tripod in the package. Ok lets do unboxing and full review of zg scene atom wireless microphone system on the box. We can see big images of receiver and transmitter. There is also an inscription of professional wireless film and television recording microphone series. The main features of the microphone are on the side face such as fast charging built in mic, 2.4 g transmission and real time monitoring the specifications are on the other side inside the box. We have a carrying case when you open the case. You will find a receiver and transmitter mini tripod thumb, clip called issue: adapter, wind muff, lavalier, microphone, trs to trs, smartphone, cable, trs to trs, camera, cable, usb type c, charging, cable and user manual. You know im surprised that this microphone has carrying case and even a tripod. I have already tested similar microphone systems, but they dont have these accessories, but its with the price of cg scene atom. Wireless microphone system is only 89 on amazon, so it is quite affordable.

Product talking about design, receiver and transmitter are very similar. They have the same size and color. The manufacturer has written as a receiver and transmitter on each device so that we are not confused. The transmitter has audi input port and built in microphone on one side and usb type c charging board on the other, and there are also three physical buttons, such as power, mute and pairing. The receiver also has a power button, but the other two buttons are volume up and down. Then we can see an audio output port for connection headphones, recording output for connection recording device by using audio cable and usb type c charging port by the way. Receiver and transmitter also have status indicators. Lavalier microphone doesnt have any buttons only a metal closing clip by the way. I record this sound on built in microphone in transmitter, but later i will give you the sound from external leveler mic. Also, i want to show you a wind muff. The manufacturer says that it has a new design. We can see lock and unlock icons next to the built in microphone on transmitter, so you just need to take a wind muff, put it on the mic and rotate thats all okay. Now let me tell you about the pairing process. First, you need to take transmitter and receiver in your hands and press power buttons on them. If they are off the stadius indicators will light up and flush in red and blue.

You dont have to do anything else. Just wait for blue light is always on if nothing happens, or there is any interference when using then double click on parent button on transmitter to reselect the signal channel. The maximum audio range is 50 meters or 164 feet. However, this is an open field. Probably the range is about 30 30 meters indoors. The signal delay is only 10 milliseconds. You can use a microphone system with smartphone or a camera. You need to connect tr as cable from the package to receiver and recording device, and this is a smartphone in my case. You can also connect the headphones to receiver for real time monitoring. As i already said, you can use an external lavalier mic. It is connected to transmitter basically lets check the lavalier microphone quality. All the video up to this point. You have heard the sound from built in microphone on transmitter of zg scene atom. Now you hear the sound from the external level ear mic that i connected to transmitter, which sound. Do you like more write in the comments below lets? Go back to recording audio on the built in microphone? Finally, we have to talk about battery of zg scene wireless microphone system, the transmitter and receiver are equipped with 500 milliamp hour battery. The battery life on a single charge is up to six hours. Basically, the manufacturer says that microphone system supports fast charging. The full battery charge of transmitter and receiver takes only two hours.

Switches in the atom is an affordable wireless microphone system for only 89 dollars. You could hear the microphone quality during the whole video. I think it is really good, i also like a current case, mini tripod and even the new design of a wind muff. All this makes a city scene at a microphone very attractive to buy for those who do decided to play. I will leave the link to amazon in description under the video.