I will be doing and we got this universal smartphone secret, adjustable sturdy rocket phone holder, dr mom, for iphone and smart. So i get two second one is the lensi m210 tripod for osmo mobile 2.3 gimbal drive by bay, so its cheaper and at guys, ive been waiting for her. I just got so excited so guys lets open this for you to see unboxing video yay Music. So this is our first one, so this is it guys, look at this bubble rubber and lets open this for you to see all right guys at this point: um: Music, Music, oh yay, Music, a Music Music, empty tripod for mobile and gimbal Music guys lets open It plastic, Music, Music, Music. There you go good, um, Music, Music, oh Music, Music. So this is how it looks like in a closer look. Look at that, it didnt make sure to make it click and then put this curl on and then and then this one is here to make sure that they are touched together, but you have to showing that Music is Music. So i think i have to take it off. I know: okay, Music, okay, Music screw it. You know locked and make sure its locked, so yeah proceed to thailand portray the end. Okay. So next is you need to landscape for landscape pictures? Okay. I know vlogging landscapes. You know i am Music Music Music. You know what guys im just so happy that god.

Finally, i finally got this one so im just i just cant get over it, its so easy Music, so guys if you are just interested in my order, this from sharpie and the price is this one is only 79 pesos and then the tripod is like 199 Pesos because i have count in it, so somebody talking about, if you want to know more about this video just comment down below and it dont set me too guys. I only got this um for 251 allah, Music, this Music Music, 199 Music, by the way guys. Thank you all for watching and dont forget to hit like and subscribe and click the notification bell, so youll be notified.