0. This video will show you the three different ways to enable active track 3.0 with dji om4 press the trigger once and the gimbal will automatically track the subject in the center of the camera view. Music. The second way to enable active track is to select the subject by framing it with a green rectangle. The final option is to locate the gesture icon next to the shutter button, enable gesture control and then select, follow and shoot when a v sign or palm is detected. Dji memo will automatically recognize and track the subject and begin recording. After a countdown when the gimbal is tracking the subject, you can push the joystick to move and lock the subject to another position feel free to adjust the composition. As you see fit. Dji om4 tutorial videos in this video. We will introduce how to set up dji om4 for the first time and demonstrate how to use it open the package of the product and take out dji om4 and its accessories Music before using please download the dji memo app. After installing the app you can choose the magnetic phone clamp or magnetic ring holder to mount your phone to the gimbal magnetically, installing the grip tripod align the screw of the grip tripod with the quarter inch at the bottom of the gimbal then tighten the screw until Both points are aligned then unfold. The tripod, attaching the phone to the magnetic foam clamp place. The magnetic foam clamp in the center of the phone make sure the dji logo and camera are facing the same direction unfold.

The gimbal align the phone clamp with the magnetic point on the gimbal and attach it to om4 for small phones such as the iphone sc, with a thickness of less than 7.5 millimeters and a weight of less than 160 grams. An additional silicone pad must be added before use attaching the phone with magnetic ring holder. Please remove the phone case before installation, one clean, the back of the phone with the wipes provided and then dry. It attach the sticker to the center of the back of your phone press, the liner disc, to squeeze out air bubbles, two place. The alignment guide on the back of the phone adjust the position of the alignment guide to locate the center of the phone three attach. The magnetic ring holder to the back of the foam make sure it is firmly attached 4. remove the alignment guide. After attaching the ring holder, you need to wait for 12 hours before mounting it onto om4, similar to the phone clamp. All you need to do is align the ring holder and attach it to the dji om4 press and hold the m button to power on the gimbal. Enable bluetooth on your phone launch. The dji memo app log in or register with your dji account and tap to activate, go one step further and purchase or activate the dji care. Refresh plan for affordable replacements, with express and more exclusive benefits after activation is complete. Tap the camera icon in the top left corner of the screen to enter camera view press the m button once to switch between photo and video press.

The m button twice to switch between landscape and portrait mode push the zoom slider up or down to control camera zoom push the joystick up or down to control the pitch of the gimbal, push the joystick left or right to control the pan of the gimbal press. The trigger twice to re center, the gimbal press, the trigger three times to switch between the front and back cameras, press the shutter button once to start recording press and hold the m button. Until you hear a beep, the gimbal will enter standby press the trigger once to exit press and hold the m button. Until you hear two beeps, the gimbal will power off when you are finishing using om4, remove the phone and store the gimbal as demonstrated om4. This is a gimbal that works with most smartphones and the reason why you might want something like this is because you can take very steady video. Even when you are handheld, it delivers a much smoother image and you can often do some really cool cinematic stuff. Once you get the hang of how it works and were going to be taking a closer look at this one in just a second and why i purchased it. But i did want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that i paid for this with my own funds. All the opinions youre about to hear are my own. No one is paying for this review. Nor has anyone reviewed or approved what youre about to see before it was uploaded, so lets get into it now and see what this product is all about.

It works with just about any smartphone out there running ios or android, and although they have their own app for shooting things, you can also use just about any other application that you like to shoot photos or video with you just wont, get some of the more Advanced software features well be taking a look at in a minute, but things like the joystick control here to move things around and all of the stabilization will work, no matter what app youre using. So that was one reason why i was attracted to this product. The other was the fact that i dont have to balance it every time i put a new phone in and i can very easily swap phones in and out, so it automatically balances and finds the center point for the phone that you put in and then, when You want to swap them out. Let me just turn it off here, real quick. You can simply just pull it off of its magnet here and then on the back of my phone. I have this little magnet that ive clamped on which comes with it. You just take this off and then grab your other phone and attach it to that and go back out in the field, so its very quick and easy and again no calibration or weights to put on it just seems like a much easier process than some of The other gimbals that ive been playing with over the years, and that was part of the reason why i wanted to go after this one now i found the clamp here should fit most phones fairly securely, although you might have some issues depending on the size of Your case so, for example, my iphone 11 pro here works fine once i get the clamp installed and pushed down a bit, but sometimes if i dont put it in securely enough, the clamp, sometimes pops, the phone out and one time it kind of shot out at Me so i think some cases might be a little more problematic than others, and the reason why it is a little tougher on cases is because they have kind of this curved design to it, and it makes a lot of sense when you have a caseless phone.

Like this little pixel 4a, here on full disclosure, google sent this to the channel free of charge a little while back and what happens here and ill. Try to get you a better view of it is that the volume switch, as you can see, is not touching. The side of the clamp here that secures it in place, so the volume rocker, is right underneath this curved metal piece here. So you dont get a lot of inadvertent touches on the volume rocker or the power button for that matter and thats why they chose this design. So it works really well on a caseless phone, but it may have a little bit more trouble on a phone with a case, although ive got a pixel 4 xl here, which is my largest phone, which, by the way also came in free of charge from google. A little while back that, one fits better, so its really going to vary based on the case design, and i would imagine a case that has more of a curvature around the sides versus something more flat. Like the case i have on my iphone, uh will fit a little bit better uh. What was really impressive to me, though, was just how securely this thing attaches to the gimbal, so you have a little dot here at the top of the clamp and then theres another dot here on the gimbal that you align it to, and once you get it Into place here, listen to how securely this secures itself its like just sticks right on there, and it takes a lot of force to get it off its a really strong magnet.