I was just gon na rip. This thing open get right to testing it, trying it out reviewing it using the camera, but i said, hold up hold up. I got ta experience this with my people, with you guys with everyone, so thats. What were gon na do, but since i cant wait any longer lets unbox it. So first things: first, you are gon na notice, a nice black on black note, 20 ultra label slash logo on the front there, along with some silver accenting as well on the side. Samsung galaxy note: 20, ultra 5g, more black on black, nothing on this side, some link to download an app or stop and on the bottom, some more model, information and all that and, of course, additional infos infos information. I tried making that sound, cold, more information on the back, but without further ado lets get into it one two and we are good to go. Let us experience the unboxing moment. Oh, that came off easily Music there. It is the note 20 ultra. Oh my gosh. I am so hyped, i am so hyped this things sexy, but before we get to the note, 20 ultra itself lets see what else comes in the box. This is an unboxing underneath the phone youre gon na see a little tablet. Oh a little, a little divider. I guess not, i was gon na say a tablet of information. Rather a divider Music, you will receive a super fast charging adapter.

This appears to be 25 watts so nice to have that included usb c based, of course, also in the box. We have uh. Another is this a divider? Yes divider. I got to make sure im not missing anything here. Oh okay, here we go in this little section. We have. If i undo this nicely, i guess. Okay, there we go its a box inside of a box, its a box inside of a box inside of a box, pretty groovy, and i think thats it. Yes, nothing else in the box itself, so lets move all this aside, focus on the main attraction. Oh hold up hold up, there was something shaking in the box and i was wondering what that was theres, actually like a little hidden section on the top part of the box. So do not forget this interesting, so this is like a little hidden compartment right here were gon na. Take it out what is that shaking around well sim ejection tool, so you get that inside this little hidden compartment. Okay, your your safety information terms and conditions. Your quick reference guide is that what thats, what it was? Okay, so it was just the paper shaking around. I didnt say this, but i honestly thought there might have been something broken in the box. I was a little bit nervous, but no just your papers, your information so thats in the top section, along with your sim ejection tool, thats it now to the phone itself and removal of the cellophane, get your popcorn ready, the best part uh.

What size should we start with lets do the front first. Here we go. Look at that its magic. It sticks to you very nice. Okay lets flip it over part. Two Music feels good and you might not notice this at first, but there actually are two little slight smaller cellophane strips on the top and the bottom. These are a little bit more difficult to actually get going here. You just kind of got ta use your thumbnail to get it started. Okay got it here, we go. This is not nearly as satisfying or fun, but Music little thing right there and then, of course, on the bottom same exact thing: how do we same thing? You? Just got to use your thumb to kind of get it started come on come on Music. There we go okay, fully uncellophaned. Is that a word on cellophane? We just made it up fully uncellophaned. I already got fingerprints on it, but quick, look at the build. That is one massive camera bump man. My gosh dont know how i feel about this whole camera bump thing i still wish. Phones would be just entirely symmetrical and flush, but it is what it is: yeah that camera bump no joke, but lets turn this puppy on Music samsung galaxy. Note: 20. Ultra 5g secured by knox powered by android beautiful samsung logo right there. That display looks so good from what ive heard about this display. Oh complete, with the punch hole camera on the top.

I love see this to me feels a lot more complete. I love punch holes as opposed to notches ive said that several times before, oh the rounded edges ooh. This is interesting and we are in its sexy. So overall i like the size. I love the display that 120 hertz refresh rate, i think, im gon na fall in love immediately. I think i already did actually so initial thoughts overall definitely feels like a high quality high end professional device. The display immediately backs that up as well. The camera bump is pretty massive. Now you guys know how i feel about the camera bumps on any phone as it is. Like i already said earlier, i wish that thing was flush, but it is what it is: heres, the biggest thing: thats crazy and obviously its not just the note 20 ultra, the pixel 4a. Does it iphone 11 pro max? They all do it anytime. You have a camera, they all do it anytime. You have a camera bump youre going to have some protruding issues. If you want to call them that thats one of the first things im noticing, is it a huge deal? The camera makes up for it? Probably not, but that is something obviously time will tell as we start to review this thing and try it out and test it on this channel and obviously one last thing we have to look at. It would not be the note 20 ultra without your little ejectable stylus and the sound.

Can you guys hear that wow im not usually a stylist fan but um? This may change that a little bit im loving the mystic black color. Obviously, im always going to pick the closest thing to a black color. Do i wish it was matte. Personally, obviously, plastic is usually when you have a matte finish or you could have a frosted glass kind of back, but overall i dont think thats that big of a deal its shiny, it looks good. I just at the end. I love matte black thats. Just my thing, but certainly exciting, im gon na go put this thing to the test immediately start taking some photos. Oh my twitters about to be lit with all sorts of different examples of photos from this thing, and i will see you guys in my next video – i must make a note be mac.