You should hang up hello, sir. We are the best bank in the world. Stop calling me: how can a person change overnight? I dont wan na talk god. I dont understand why i did this its so embarrassing if you guys found that annoying uh. My editor made me do this. My video editor and hes the one to be blamed, but anyway lets get rolling hello, everyone, im ania from mr phone and welcome to the full review of the samsung galaxy z, flip 3, 5g. But before we start motivate us by hitting the like button subscribe. If you havent already and turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest videos Music, i have been using the galaxy z flip 35g for quite a while now, and the honeymoon phase is still on honestly having a phone that has a glass Front and you know being able to fold it in half this deck is still you know kind of unbelievable for me, but reality is that this is a consumer ready, folding glass, a flip phone, but of course it doesnt come cheap, and so is the galaxy z. Flip 3 worth it lets talk beyond fun and nostalgia. Samsung has made a solid phone here i mean the third generation of the flip doesnt feel fragile or flimsy. I think the weight distribution is good. The hinge is firm and has held up superbly and it inspires confidence every time you flip it open or slam it shut.

Of course, you still cant flip this phone open in one go. You know like this. This way, youll more likely, you know end up, throwing the phone across the room, so thats not possible, and i wont suggest that, but you can, you know, do more like inserting your thumb in between and giving it a motion see how easy it was simple, flick Or say a flip, this is super satisfying, and you know also adds that swagger whenever youre out somewhere, you know doing this. Otherwise ive already talked about the display in my first impressions, and my opinion remains the same. The display on offer is vibrant contrasty. It gets plenty bright indoors or outdoors, and i kind of like the wide aspect ratio. It definitely gives that cinematic feel whenever you watch stuff on netflix thats, a plus. In fact the stereo speakers are also a plus. In my opinion, they sound deep. They are loud and theres good audio separation on offer as well. Let me quickly give you a demo, otherwise i remember the galaxy z. Flipper 5g had two major flags regarding the display. First, it was a 60hz panel and second average sunlight legibility. Now both of these things have been fixed with the galaxy c flip 35g, so that is good to see coming to the outer display or the cover screen it has grown in size and in functionality as well. Checking notifications is so much better now because of the extra screen real estate.

However, i would have loved to see some sort of an auto reply feature here. The rest theres not much to complain about the cover screen i dont know. Maybe i had a google now widget samsung, if its possible, that surely would be great moving on lets talk about the software and, along with aesthetics samsung, has paid attention in this area as well. What they have done right is the fact that everything you get on a conventional galaxy phone running on ui is here and it works flawlessly, but things like split window work like a charm. It is as if the split window feature was made for the z flip 3.. Besides this flex mode again, an app in this mode does different things on the top display and the different things on the lower display. For instance, the gallery app has a touchpad below, while the photos show up above. Similarly, the camera has the controls below and the viewfinder is above also theres a way to force flex mode for different apps, which is kind of sometimes useful for few apps. But not all the time, basically, the apps that support flex mode natively work flawlessly now. The next step from samsung should be to get more third party developers onboard so that you know many other popular apps also start supporting flex mode, and did i tell you theres a way to enable flip to answer and close to end calls from settings. Definitely turn it on.

If you get this phone comes disabled by default, otherwise calls themselves sound loud and clear. Theyre good network reception has been solid. I did not face any drops or whatsoever. There is 4g carrier aggregation as well, and you also get 5g but thats obvious its in the name. Okay, performance wise. This phone has held up pretty well so before we talk about the real world scenario, im leaving some benchmark scores on your screens. For those who are interested, you can pause and take a look now. Many would have loved to see a 12 gb ram variant as well from the performance perspective, as well as the price perspective. But honestly, 8gb ram has been pretty good. I havent run into any performance based issues. App switching has been fast. Ram management has been solid, app, opting times are also good. So in terms of performance, i think the phone did a good job. Even when it comes to games, you get a top notch experience and thats because of two things: the snapdragon triple a chipset, of course, and this wide display again it is not just the movies im sure if you love playing games on a phone. You will appreciate this. Although battery life has been a bit underwhelming and it comes at the cost of performance see the battery optimization is fine. The real problem is the battery capacity itself. So if you pair the 3300 mah cell with the power hungry snapdragon 888 and the 120 hertz screen refresh rate, that is inviting trouble, my friend, but still on the bright side, if youre a light user, that is, you use your phone casually, you will still be Able to get around 5 hours of screen on time in a day with about 20 battery left by eod.

With that being said, the battery capacity should have been more at least 4000 mah. Minimum charging speeds again are slow, but thats, something that doesnt bother me because i usually charge my phone overnight. So not a major issue, and even when i commute in my car, there is android auto. So in the process the phone is, you know getting charged. So a charging basically isnt an issue for me. That said, the phone supports up to 15 watt of fast charging, and that is something you know. 25 watt should have been the standard here as well. Okay lets talk about the camera now so youre getting two lenses at the rear: a 12 megapixel main sensor with an f 1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization. This is coupled with a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor, with an f 2.2 aperture for selfies theres, a 10 megapixel camera situated in a center aligned hole punch. You can use the z flip 3 to click photos in three different ways. First, just like a conventional smartphone that is holding the phone in its unfolded state, second, by placing the phone in flex mode for clicking selfies or for using the rear camera as well and third, when you can utilize the rear cameras to click better selfies. This is thanks to the 1.9 inch cover screen, okay, so theres, no second thoughts that the main real lens takes some crisp, looking and vibrant images indoors or outdoors, not to mention the excellent dynamic range you get to see in photos.

As for the ultra wide angle lens well, it might not be as good as the main lens, but it definitely provides for some cool looking dramatic shots, not to mention theres very little, color disparity between the main and the ultra wide lens coming to the 10 megapixel Selfie camera this one also takes some amazing images that are sharp and detailed. I also love how the camera algorithm dealt with my skin tone. Even for portrait selfies, the phone did a solid job, with edge detection. Now coming to the photos taken in not so great lighting, the night mode did help to keep the exposure in check for most of the photos here and the overall details were also decent. However, when it comes to clicking human subjects, the camera did tend to over smoothen the skin texture. Details looked soft and i found this to happen. In 8, out of 10 cases, a software update might help in fixing this minor issue. But besides this, the camera system on the galaxy flip 3 does a good job for the most part. As for video, recording the rear camera can shoot up to 4k 60 fps and the final output looks nothing short of amazing. The colors look, vibrant stabilization in the footage is on point. Dealing with shadows can be improved again. A software update might help, but overall good job with video recording as well. In fact, the phone also did a fabulous job with selfie videos heres the sample facing video being shot on the samsung galaxy z, flip 35g.

So this phone can shoot up to 4k 60fps videos from the front camera. This is the 4k 30fps video sample, and this is what you can expect in terms of output now uh to be honest, colors look decent stabilization is also fine uh. As for the audio, there are three mics on this phone two at the bottom, one at the top. So let me know how does my audio sound and yeah thats pretty much it guys? Let me know what do you think about the overall output here in the comments cheers, so why should you get the samsung galaxy z5g when you have, you know, tried and tested options such as the galaxy s21 series or even the iphone 12? Why should you get this smartphone? Well, if you want a phone thats, a crowd, puller, a fashion statement, or if you want to own a phone with a large screen without having to own a cumbersome device, i would say definitely go for this one. I would alone go with this one because of the nostalgia factor and how fun it is to use in day to day life, but of course your preferences can differ. That said, do keep in mind the average battery life that youre getting here. That is, if you are getting the smartphone, because if you can somehow work around this average battery life fit trust me, you wont regret buying this smartphone, because it is every bit worth it and it is extra ordinary, and that was my review of the samsung galaxy.

Z535G, so guys – and let me know your thoughts in the comments below, as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.