So lets start unboxing. So i just unboxed these cute lenses just look the way they are organized and in a very compact small packing, and these are all the lenses 11 lenses having in this box. So i guess i would probably need most of the time this uh 140 super wide angle lens, which i already missed, where in a trip when i was in fission and macro lens for more near objects to go more near to the objects for a shot. And maybe nd 32 lens and its having different colors, a great blue gray, orange yellow lenses, fish eye so lets see, use them one by one. So its really easy to mount it on your phone, like this, make the screw tight Music and take the lens and screw it on your clips. So its really easy to mount this lens on your phone and then you can change these lenses with screwing it out. Simply from here and mount the other one, if you want to so its pretty simple and easy, so we are done with unboxing lets, try them up Music, oh Music, so guys as far as the lenses are concerned, the quality is amazing. The price is, is ready. You can say cheaper for almost 30 euros, you get 11 different kind of beautiful lenses and personally i would use two of them a lot wide lens and macro lens, but i went outside today and i used them and honestly i said i would say that i Fall in love with these lenses, and actually i really needed them, and some of the lenses like a red and orange filter like i really dont need them.

But still maybe i dont know tell me in the comment box: where can i use them and some of the other lenses which i tried and i was like, i couldnt see the difference. So you guys can tell me in the comment box and as far as the quality is concerned, i feel like the quality is really good and its really easy to mount your lenses on the phone really like. Once you put the main piece on your phone its like attached and then you just remove your lens and change it on your phone one after another, so i was worried about it, but its really easy and yeah. I really like it and i would really recommend it to you guys, and i hope this video was helpful for you guys. Thank you very much for watching my video and, if you think it really helped you so dont forget to give it a thumb up and yeah. At the end.