We have some a fluorescent, blue, a fluorescent, yellow and a metallic black, and you can see the top of the box as well. It has the signature poco colors, which is pretty nice, now lets. Look at the first thing we have right here. These are actually some stencils that you can use with the spray cans. Pretty cool lets set this aside. Here we have the box, so this is the box that youll actually get when you purchase the smartphone lets open it up. So the first thing we see right here is a yellow box and in it we should have our accessories. So the first thing we have is a user guide. We also have a clear silicone case, which is pretty good, that the company provides that right in the box and thats about it in this box. Lets set it aside. Now we come to the phone lets set the phone aside for a minute. Now we also have a charging cable, which is a usb a2 usb type c cable, its pretty long lets set it aside. We also have a charging brick now. This is a 22.5 watt charging brick, although the phone is only capable of 18 watt fast charging, so its quite curious that the company decided to provide a charging brick thats of a higher wattage than what the phone can support and thats about it. For what we have in the box so now lets take the box and set it aside and look at the phone itself.

So now we have the phone out of the box. All unwrapped lets look at the back, so the first thing we cannotice is that this phone actually has a textured back, which feels pretty nice in the hand its grippy, and it is also pretty resistant to fingerprints, which is great. The same, however, cannot be said for the camera module right here, which is a rectangular cutout that houses the poco logo, as well as the triple camera array. You have the glossy finish right here with the poco logo, which looks pretty nice and at the back here we have a 48 mp primary lens, a 2mp macro lens, as well as a 2mp depth. Sensor lets look at the front now you see that we have a display, which is a 6.53 inch ips lcd display. It also has a waterfall or dew drop notch, which houses the 8 mp selfie camera. At the side, we have the buttons, the physical buttons you have, the volume rocker, which is the plus and the minus button. You also have the power button right next to it, which actually has an integrated fingerprint sensor, which is pretty good for this price bracket. On the side here we have the sim card, which has space for two nano sim cards, as well as a micro sd card, so you can actually expand the memory of this phone by 512 gb at the bottom. We have a speaker a usb type c port, as well as the primary microphone and at the top.

We have yet another speaker which makes this a dual stereo speaker system, a 3.5 mm audio jack, as well as an ir blaster. So now lets look at the phones ui. This comes with miui 12, which runs on top of android 10, and it has the poco launcher on it. So users that have used xiaomi or poco devices will be pretty familiar with the ui, the looks and the bloatware. So you do see that we have a lot of pre installed apps here, including netflix spotify wps office me pay and a few games as well, which we did not install. This is fresh from a fresh boot, so you do get all of this bloatware, which miui users will already be used to thats all you find inside the box of the poco m3.