Last week i came up with a review of the standard realme gt, where i had said that realme needed to kill off its xcds and bring something new to reignite, excitement for the companys premium segment and moving forward. I think the gt series is an incredibly positive step. If youre not aware the realme gt series features three devices, the real me gt, the ryomi gt master explorer edition and the real mgt master edition. Sadly, the gt master explorer edition is not launching in india and other south asian markets, because bbk electronics, the parent company of both realme and oneplus, thinks that it could hurt the upcoming launch of the oneplus 9rt. Since the rumors point to these two phones bearing identical specs anyway, the real me gt, master edition or the gtm e in short here, delivers an excellent value for money. For me, it is almost a perfect mid range phone in 2021, although there are some caveats which i will talk about later in this review here. The first thing that realme has learned from its previous mistakes can be seen on the design front. The companys recent couple of launches, like the real mix 7 max and the x7 pro, had this bizarre design choice, which naturally received a lot of valid criticism. However, that complaint is gone for good with the um gtme, since this phone adopts a new, unique looking design. That feels refreshing and definitely something i like for this.

Realme has collaborated with japanese designer naoto fukasava to make something they call a suitcase design. Looks aside, i am quite fond of the feel of this vegan leather as well. While the horizontal grid pattern provides me with a nice grip, it doesnt gather any dust or smudges either so ive used it without a case so far, but sadly it did get some scribbles that dont go away easily, so yeah its always safer to use a case And ryomi has provided one inside the box. Even the case embodies the suitcase design so that the phones texture is not quite lost when putting it on. To be honest, it is much better than the generic transparent cases that we usually get on phones these days anyway, if the suitcase approach is not quite up to your taste, theres, also a luna white version of the gtm e with a standard glossy glass. Like finish, i also admire realmes signature form factor which is lighter and compact than most mid range phones. You could find right now not to mention they also have retained the 3.5 mm headphone jack, which i think is a perfect example of companies taking feedback seriously from their community. In this case, the real me community, okay, moving on to the display in 2021, it has pretty much become a norm for premium mid range phones to feature a quite stellar display and the real me gtme here is no exception. I found its screen quality to be almost identical to the one from the real me x7 max, maybe even better.

You are getting a familiar 6.4 inches 1080p amoled display with a smooth 120hz refresh rate and up to 360hz of touch sampling rate during my usage. Ive been quite pleased with the overall quality of this panel, although its not as color accurate as the ones on significantly more expensive luxury phones. This one still offers punchy colors, with excellent contrast and brightness levels, and thanks to the 360hz stuff sampling rate, the touch response is excellent as well. Hence i have thoroughly enjoyed the fluidity while typing or playing games on this thing, plus the on board in display fingerprint sensor is quite responsive too, because of the phones, compact form factor. The position of the sensor is also spot on, for my hand, still in all the vibration feedback is not that great and is strictly okay, ish for the price. So, yes, this is definitely one area where vmw can improve upon. As for the performance with the combination of snapdragon 778g and a 120 hertz refresh rate, everything is smooth on the gtm e from ui transitions to using any apps like chrome or instagram. Realme has optimized this chipset and its ui ridiculously well, so much so that you dont feel that big of a difference between say this phone and a snapdragon 888 powered device, like the real me gt, just goes on to show how much qualcomms mid range. Snapdragon 700 series chipsets have evolved and are impressively closing the gap over the flagship snapdragon 800 lineup.

So if you are a light to moderate user who mostly uses instagram, whatsapp chrome and such kind of apps practically you should have the same user experience on the gtme. As the more expensive phones additionally, the gtme does not tend to get warm or overheat, while using light apps either while thats not the case with snapdragon 800 series or mediatex diamond ct. 1200 powered smartphones. However, the one key area where the gtme lags behind is when playing extremely demanding games here, pushing gentian impact to the highest of settings, results in frequent stutters and overheating after just 5 minutes into the game. On the contrary, you will get comparatively better performance from diamond city 1200 or snapdragon 870 powered phones. Other games like pubg mobile and call of duty run fairly smoothly, though, and the phone does not heat up that bad either. You can achieve 40 fps in pubg mobile, under hdr graphics and ultra frame rates, with 100 stability, setting the graphics to smooth and frame rates. To extreme gets you smoother 60fps gameplay as well call of duty, which is another graphics, intensive, yet optimized game can hit 60 fps under high graphics and max frame rates. Sadly, 120 fps titles like critical, ops, oddmar and mortal combat cap out at 60fps, but according to realme, they have vowed to bring 120 fps mode on these games pretty soon, including a high refresh rate option in pubg mobile Music. Okay. One of the reasons why i said the real me gt me just might be a perfect mid range phone is because of its impressive camera performance.

Here i like the images from its primary camera during daylight, compared to the oneplus note 2. It has better details and pleasing punchy colors. So most of the time you will find the real me gtm e, doing a better job here, still being a mid range phone. It does struggle to take close up shots better, as it does not have a shallow depth of field. At times you will notice the camera struggling to lock in focus as well. Nonetheless, portraits are much much better on the real me gta me, maybe even the best in its class. As you can see, it has superior highlight control and shadow processing alongside better skin tone. It also maintains the exposure and the background colors better. Hence the viomi gtme is a clear winner on this front. Selfies are equally good from this phone too, although they are slightly beautified. I, like the warm skin tone it produces, whereas the details and colors look equally nice too portrait selfies also have a good natural background and look pleasing here. Its 8 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor is not extraordinary, although decent for the price, its images have a slight color shift with a warmer tone and supplier details, but if there is ample light, the photos come out usable now, whats average about the real me gtme is Its nighttime shots and videography capabilities, as you can see, the nighttime images from the gtme introduce a lot of noise and have a soft, not so pleasing output.

On the contrary, the oneplus note 2 shoots photos with better low light performance in the normal mode. Turning on night mode, once again, the note 2 maintains better exposure and details most of the time, while the real me gtme is not that far behind, while being slightly inconsistent in terms of videography, you can record up to 4k 30fps footage with gyro eis from this Phone, however, the stabilization is not great in 4k 30fps and 1080p 60fps mode, while there is a noticeable bubble. If your hands are not that still to compare, not twos videos come out much steadier, so i had to dial down the setting to 1080p 30 fps to get better stabilization. You can also shoot videos from the ultra wide angle lens at 1080p resolution, with fairly decent stabilization, hey guys so right now, im shooting a selfie video from the real me gt me at 1080p 30fps resolution, which is the max. You can go from this phone um in this resolution. The field of view is wider, but the videos come out a bit shaky. However, you can turn on the super steady mode which crops the videos a little but uh. The stabilization is better, in fact, really good. In this mode, apart from that, the subject and the background looks good and the audio quality is good enough for casual recordings. Another aspect where the real me gt master edition does a pretty good job is the battery endurance.

Realme is one of those brands that does not usually include a big battery in favor of a lighter and slim form factor and to no ones surprise. Realme has opted for a relatively smaller 4500mah cell here. Its battery life is not spectacular, but if you are a moderate user, it should last you through the day. But since i am a relatively heavy user, i had to charge the battery as soon as id get home from the office. Nevertheless, its not that big a deal since realmes proprietary, 65 watt type, a to type c charger, only takes about 30 minutes to go from 0 to 100. With that out of the way, allow me to talk about the things i did not like about this phone. First, it has to be the number of bloatware apps that come pre installed here. This has to be some sort of record for the number of bloatware among any other smartphone brand right now, although someone like us with the technical know, how will be able to uninstall such apps or block their notifications pretty easily? Such notifications could be incredibly frustrating for someone like our grandparents or anyone with little to zero idea about the cause of such nuisances. Another aspect where the real me gtme sees an unnecessary compromise is, in the speaker front. You only get a single speaker here, while the smartphones from practically every other company at this price range, come with dual speakers, even though the audio setup is decently loud with good clarity, i have dearly missed the immersive audio experience that we get from smartphones with dual Speakers to conclude, despite some of its obvious flaws, if you look at what the real me gt master edition offers for the price overall, it is without a doubt, an incredibly promising and well balanced.

Offering still one crucial thing you might want to consider is that the real me x7 max, which is quite similar to the real me gt master edition, is usually available for some 25 000 indian rupees every now and then so you might want to get that instead And save some cash, so there you have it our full review of the real me gt. Mastery edition, also known as the realme gtm e next up, were also coming up with a real me book. Slim review pretty soon so stay tuned for that.