First ever smartphone and its redmi 10 series in todays video well be reviewing this new budget smartphone from redmi and its pricing and availability details will be mentioned in the description, so without any delay. Lets get started with this video Music talking about its design. First, the new thing about redmi 10 prime, is its fresh camera error, design that looks absolutely different from redmis previous devices. The soft matte finish on the rear is a good addition, as it prevents the phone from attracting fingerprints and smudges the device feels hefty, but its still lightweight, considering the fact that its powered by a beefy 6000 mah battery, we have this astral white color variant here, But the phone is available in two other different colors bifrost, blue and phantom black. Now its physical overview, you get a type c port for charging battery primary microphone and a speaker grill. Looking at its top, you get an ir, blaster, headphone jack and secondary noise cancellation. Microphone coming on its front, you get a centrally aligned punch, hole, selfie, camera sim tray is on the left side and the power button and the volume rockers are placed on the right spine and not to forget. You also get a side mounted fingerprint sensor in the power button, which is quite fast so guys. Overall, the design looks fine, its smooth matte finish and its new camera design makes it look more like a premium smartphone. When it comes to its display, i would have loved to see a full hd plus amoled 60 hertz display, but redmi has given us a 6.

5 inches of 90hz lcd panel. Well, as per the brand, the phone offers adaptive refresh rate which changes as per the content. Consumption from 90 hertz to 60 hertz and 60 hertz to 45 hertz, but while using the phone in the real life, we realized that this adaptive refresh rate only switches between 90 hertz and 60 hertz. Now the display is bright enough to see under the sunlight. It also have wide wide element: support for watching full hd content on ott platforms. On the front side, the device is protected with corning gorilla glass, 3 and in fact, you get a pre applied screen protector which can be removed. So redmi has used a good quality lcd panel here and there wont be any problems while using any kind of apps or even watching videos on this smartphone. So this is where i felt redmi has done a great job. Redmi 10 prime comes with a dual stereo speaker setup, which offers good audio output for this price. So, whether youre out and watching a video or probably your phone is ringing in the crowd. You will surely be listening to it, as the speaker setup here is truly a great addition. Heres, its audio sample Applause Applause, Music, but one thing id like to highlight is that, though the earpiece quality is good, but while talking on the phone during a call, we faced echoing issues, though its not clear whether that was because of the network or the earpiece.

But yes, we thought we should share it with you and apart from this in terms of connectivity, you do get carrier aggregation in this phone and while using my hl sim, i didnt face any connectivity issues. Well guys. This phone also offers a 5 gigahertz wi fi support dual 4g dual vo lte support native video calls and call recorder options as well, and now, when it comes to its processor, redmi 10 prime is indias first ever smartphone to be powered by a mediatex helio, g88 Chipset, which is actually a slight upgrade from media attack helio g85 chipset. Apart from this, the phone runs on miui 12.5, based on android, 11. and now talking about its benchmark course. You can see the antutu and geekbench scores on your screen for reference, and now talking about the real life usage of this phone. Let me tell you that we didnt find any problems while doing web browsing using social media watching videos or doing any kind of multitasking on this smartphone and when it comes to gaming after 30 minutes of continuous gameplay, the device got slightly warm, but it never got Uncomfortably hot at any point during our usage, and apart from this guys, we didnt find any stutters or lags while gaming on this phone. The good thing is that you can play games like bgmi default at high graphics setting here in the end, redmi 10. Prime will not give you any troubles while playing games or even using social media apps.

In fact, the mediatek helio g88 chipset is powerful enough to handle almost everything and now lets talk about its camera features. The redmi 10 prime comes with a 50 megapixel quad rear cameras. While there is an 8 megapixel selfie shooter. If you are a selfie lover, then its 8 megapixel front shooter wont disappoint you. We have taken some daylight low light and indoor selfie samples. The images taken from the 8 megapixel front shooter look decent with accurate facial tones and good details, but as we see the rear images, we feel the 50 megapixel rear. Camera setup is not very impressive in terms of sharpness and color reproduction. The main camera takes decent photos in daylight with average details, but contrast and dynamic range can be found lacking. So, in short, if youre looking for a good selfie camera smartphone under this price range, this phone will not disappoint you, but when it comes to its 50 megapixel rear camera, this phone will not match up to your expectations and now coming on to one more highlight Of this phone, its battery life, the redmi 10 prime, comes with a massive 6000 mah battery, with 22.5 watts charger in the box. But in reality it only supports 18 watts of fast charging and because of this, the phone takes at least two to two and a half hours to get fully charged, which can be really time consuming. On the other hand, its 6000 mah battery performs really well.

I mean if you are a heavy user, then this phone will give you at least one and a half days backup. And if you are a moderate user, then the battery will easily last for at least two days so guys when we talk about its battery life. This is a great smartphone, but when it comes to its battery charging time, you may not like this device. So here comes the final verdict. Now for a budget phone, the redmi 10 prime, pretty much offers everything. This budget device looks more like a premium smartphone. The 50 megapixel quad camera setup is satisfying in daylight, but the front camera performs better. The display is best in its class. The chipset performs well in most instances and battery life is excellent too, and its even worth noting that audio is also quite solid. Courtesy of the dual speaker system, so, in short, if you have a strict budget of rupees 12 500, then theres, no doubt that redmi 10 prime offers the best hardware, but anything more than 12.5 k, and you will find yourself in a problem so guys. This was the review of redmi 10. Prime. Let us know in comments. What are your thoughts on this device dont forget to like and share this video ill see you in the next one till.