I want to talk about my experience with the samsung galaxy z, flip 3 or, as i like to call it the flippity flip. But before we get into all of it lets go back in time a little bit to my day, one with this device. You already know how excited i am for these boxes right here: the samsung galaxy z, fold 3 and the z flip 3. in todays. Video were going to be focusing on the flippity flip, but stay tuned and subscribe for an upcoming video on all things about the fold and now my friends, i believe it is time to unbox her. We got this nice little box with the purple z in the front, so i believe this is that beautiful lavender color there. It is, oh, my goodness, the purple though i i just will always love lavender. It is such a perfect color, wow shes, so beautiful. I am speechless lets put you aside right now. What else is in the box? You know the routine cable, usbc, quick start guide, and this okay, that is it, lets get to the fun stuff. The phone should i just i havent, even i havent even flipped it. Yet look at that. Okay, this already feels better than the previous flip. There is the little display and the big display. Oh man, you know im about this life im, just gon na crank the brightness all the way up to appreciate those beautiful oled colors.

Even more. Oh, that nice, smooth 120 hertz, already feel the smoothness. I feel like a big concern for people with foldables is how noticeable is that crease when youre using your phone or just watching something? And if you turn the phone around and the light is hitting it just right, youll definitely see the reflection there, but if youre just straight up looking at it, its barely there, especially on a lighter display, lets play a video on here and check it out. This looks really good. It looks so good, so the display is looking on point and now lets take our first flip 3 selfie, because the z flip is kind of the ultimate selfie taking device. Since you can do this and it acts like a built in tripod and everything, so we have our little camera hole, punch camera up there, two on the back and yes, this device does not have that in display camera like the fold three, but i dont mind That at all doesnt bother me its very neat at the top in the center there. This will be my first official picture right here. It is selfie time lets. Just do a regular, just regular handheld were not going fancy yet theres a little pop up. That came up asking me for my selfie color tone. We got natural and bright, definitely going to stay natural lets do a wide and we still got this little trick. I love that.

I love being able to do that because you could position the phone. However, you want, i also love that it highlights where the camera is, when you do the hand gesture timer, because itll remind you to look at the camera and not the other stuff heres. Our first video clip on the z flip three flippy flip three hows it looking guys. Oh my gosh, the hands free life, though its so nice. You know when youre holding your phone and selfie videos sometimes can be shaky, but i feel like this is almost an even steadier way of doing it like if you fold it and youre taking video, because it just gives you more stability when youre holding it like This video looking good, though let me know in the comments what it looks like for you guys: okay, that was fun, but i think its time to take this little guy outside to shoot some more photos and video and just see what its like to live with. The flip, so the beauty about having a phone like this is being able to do your own little mini photo shoots. Something ive been doing is just setting it on the ground and have it point up and take pictures of me because you can use the secondary display to see yourself and then you get the quality of the good cameras on the back. But you can still do like selfie style photos so lets do that real, quick with all this like greenery, it should look cool lets, see, look at the lines there, Music, you always have to smile before duo call but hows.

My sweet 5g connection and you look like a potato once again Music. I really like doing this im just testing some video calling seeing how the quality looks. I wish i could see what it looks like well. I think when i press my screen big like if it looks that clear, okay, so safe to say i am loving this phone and besides the fact that it folds in half, which is definitely the coolest thing about it. Just the flexibility and the use that you get out of the cameras because of its foldability is by far what i love the most. The whole built in tripod aspect of it makes me re. Imagine the way that i take smartphone photos its been so fun because of that, and also the phone is so well optimized for this too, when youre in the camera app with the phone folded like this by default, your viewfinder will be on the top half of The display camera toggles on the bottom – you can also flip flop this so whatever youre seeing moves to that bottom half, and on top of that, you can move everything to the cover screen at the same time or you can also just use a cover screen on His own ten, nine eight, i think it took it – lets see that kind of worked wow pretty good. When its closed, like this double tapping, the power button will open up those rear cameras onto the cover display, and this little secondary display alone is reason to upgrade.

If youre coming from the previous flip for me at least because camera is always such a priority, and this little display really changes the way that you use those rear cameras, so heres a clip on the main wide lens im going to walk around for this one. Because i want to see how it handles a walking and talking shot, also, the change of lighting so well see how it does with that. This is really nice too, because the cover screen is amoled, so youre, seeing yourself nice and bright, even if youre outside youre not going to have any issues with using the cover screen. I feel like this is going to be the perfect phone for vloggers. We got this beautiful, fountain lets, take some photos, and this is whats cool with this, because its like its own little tripod so im just gon na take it. I dont have to like really hold it. I can just position it Music. We got motion photo on how about like a video clip like this Music. It was so nice to be able to take a device like this near a fountain where i did get it a little wet, but not have to worry about water damage if its raining or drizzling or you get a splash by a pool. No stress there because this is ipx8 water resistant, which is pretty wild in itself, because theres a hinge here and somehow it can handle water pretty well up to 1.

5 meters of water for 30 minutes. But i will not be trying that it can handle a lot. Pretty well actually because this device, even though it looks so sleek and slim and fragile its a lot more durable this time around i mean i straight up – put it on top of rocks and hard surfaces outside where you can easily get scratched and scuffed and were Looking pretty good a lot of the time, i did take the safe route, though, because i put a case on it most of the time, but even before shooting this video, i dropped it from my couch and i mean were still looking good, no, no cracks or Any scratches anywhere theres tougher gorilla glass on here, theres, a pre installed screen protector too so yeah im not too worried about damaging this device or it getting cracked or scratched or anything. Also, that reminds me since were talking about durability, and all that i love that. I can throw this phone in my backpack or my purse, and i dont have to worry about it being scratched because it falls in half so im protecting that display in there seriously like every phone that ive owned, get scratches on the display. Because of that, because i throw it in with like keys in there and other things that can scratch the display easily so yeah not with this one. I guess i still have to worry about the cover display, unless i find a way to protect that better.

But ive definitely thrown this one in my bag and no scratches yet so, besides the camera functionality with the cover display, you can use it for other things too, like scrolling through notifications, looking at the date time, weather calendar starting a timer, all that fun stuff, but It almost makes me wish that the cover display was a little bit bigger like if it took up more room in this top half of the back of the phone, then it would be that much more useful for the camera app and also other things too. Like maybe watching a quick video on the go or scrolling through instagram and twitter lets talk about the main display, though, that beautiful 6.7 inch amoled 120 hertz display it makes everything that youre watching looks so vibrant and colorful, but the more and more i used it. It was almost a little too vibrant, so i went into the display settings and i changed. The screen mode to natural by default is set to vivid, which is great if youre watching a lot of music videos. Tv shows movies. Whatever makes everything look great, but if you do a lot of photo and video editing that natural setting might be a better tweak for you, so thankfully you can always change that back and forth battery life has been solid too, with pretty much a full day of Use for me with that 3 300 milliamp hour battery some days. I wish i had a little extra juice when im rocking full brightness for a long time, but thankfully there is up to 15 watt fast charging, which i definitely take advantage of.

When i go on. My photo runs so i just got back from my run and i brought the z flip 3 with me. I put it in this lovely little samsung case for the flip 3, that beautiful sage, green and purple. Combo though this is such a great phone to run with it past the pocket test, my friends, it fits so nicely in my legging pockets. I didnt have to worry about it sliding out. While i was printing, it just stayed in place. Also. I want to point out its a very hot day today, like straight up desert heat, almost 100 degrees out right now. While i was running – and i was shooting a lot of photos and videos – probably for a little over 30 minutes in the direct sunlight and the phone didnt overheat or stutter at all – it got a little hot like hot to the touch, but it didnt affect my Photo or video taking so pretty happy with that real talk guys. I honestly didnt think i was gon na love this phone as much as i do mainly because the last version felt incomplete to me. There was display issues, hardware issues. It was cool, but it wasnt fully there yet and all in all. Folding tech is still fairly new to the world, but i got ta say if youre gon na try it out. This is it. This is the one to get.