This phone comes in at a wallet friendly 250, so its very similar to tcls tvs, but is it a good value? Lets talk about it alright, so lets start off with the thing that most people want to know about budget phones. Is it slow and the simple answer to that is no, but maybe kind of in day to day tasks it really doesnt feel slow at all. Apps take a little bit longer to load but theyre, just as responsive when you have them open as with more expensive phones. The place where you really kind of feel. Maybe some of the slowness is when youre doing more heavy things like multitasking or gaming, which speaking of gaming gaming, is fine on this phone, so ive ran. I played a couple rounds of pub g with no problems whatsoever. The game does take a bit to load again, thats the same thing that youre fun to find with some other apps just with bigger games. It takes a little bit longer, but i had no issues once the game was loaded, no dips in frame rates, maybe once in a while, but honestly the game was enjoyable. In fact, i even won a round of game, which i was impressed by mind you. It was mainly my teammates doing all the work, but still i won a round of pub g mobile thats all im saying so in terms of what most average people do. I dont think i would have a problem recommending this phone in terms of performance.

Now, if youre someone who does like video editing on your phone, this phone with especially with four gigabytes of ram and the processor, will definitely not be the one that i would recommend, but otherwise you should be fine all right. So another question about performance: is that a way i really want to talk about some of the things that i liked and disliked about this phone? So the first thing i want to note about this phone is that its huge, its a 6.7 inch screen – and it has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, which makes this that its not really just a very big phone, its also kind of a thick phone too. So my preference has always been towards small phones, but even i have to admit, the big screen is actually very useful when youre doing things like multitasking and then watching. Videos is always a pleasure on bigger screens and speaking of watching videos. The screen here is 1080p. Its an lcd display, meaning that youre not going to get those great contrast like you, would on oled screens, but the colors are pretty great on this and you can tune them using the next vision software. So i like it to be more natural setting, but you can obviously turn it more vibrant if you like that but yeah. Otherwise, i think the screen is great. The only thing that mars video watching on this phone is the mediocre bottom firing speaker.

I just felt, like the speakers, didnt get loud enough for me and just most of the time it just didnt sound that great, so thats one place, i think tcl could definitely improve. This is the same complaint i had last year. Other budget phones had dual speakers. This phone only has the bottom firing speaker, so thats kind of a problem other than the plus column is the fact that you can plug in headphones directly via the headphone jack, admittedly, its not a feature that ive actually used at all on this phone so far, But its something that i appreciate, nonetheless, and hey if you appreciate this video, make sure you hit that like button alright. So the screen on this phone is something that i like, despite its big size. But the battery is something that i love because of its use size. This phone lasts me forever a day and a half easily two days, most of the time. If i have like light usage on my phone, this phone makes it so that i dont have to worry about battery life. In fact, i lose my charger all the time which, by the way, this phone has a wall, adapter included with it its just a 15 watt, one which means that youre getting some fast charging, but with a battery this big, its still going to take you a Good long time to charge that battery at least two hours minimum. So if you charge overnight not a problem, but if you someone who wants like super fast charging like some that some other budget phones give you youre not getting that here.

Oh and no wireless charging, but again thats to be expected at this price point all right, so the battery life and the screen i like so whats, not so great about this phone. Well, the phone does have some really weird quirks and its mainly really the software. So one of the things that i really liked with tcls lineup of phones last year was the fact that they had this smart key button, an extra button on the side of the phone that was completely customizable. You could set the customize button for you. Can you could customize action for a single tap, a double tap and a long press of that button? So three different actions, one single button. It was great this year, however, that button returns and in a better location, but now its limited to just launching google assistant, which is such a bad move by dcl. It was a really cool feature to have on a budget phone where you had this extra button. That was completely customizable. There was something that i really really liked on the tcl10l from last year, but for some reason, theyve just made it so that its a little just limited in software. I think this is a mistake, but im not the one making the deals at tcl, also launching the system via the button is slow, which makes us even worse. In my opinion, now. Whats really interesting is the software to customize what the button does is still there.

Its just used for the next quirk that i want to talk about the power button fingerprint reader. So, first of all, i really really like the fingerprint reader. It works super well, i think its also a natural placement for it and its just really easy to unlock when youre getting it out of your pocket. I rarely ever had any like misfires or it didnt unlock when i wanted it to so thats great. But the one thing i dont like about the power button is the fact that tcl made a really weird choice, leaving out one of my favorite things about android. The double tap to launch the camera. It is the fastest way to launch a camera on an android phone and its pretty much ubiquitous on all android phones at this point, but for some reason tcl just have to take it out of this phone. I dont understand the reasoning behind that now. Whats interesting is, they did add a new feature to the power button and the fact that its capacitive means that you so you when you double tap it theres this new feature which launches a quick launch menu. Now this quick launch menu can have up to four action items and you can just click whichever one you want. The thing is when you want to customize those four action items, its actually the same ui that used to be there for smart key interesting right. I dont know why i decided to purpose it for this new feature which i i dont know.

Ive tried using this new feature quite a bit to launch the camera. I just find it to be too slow, like sometimes my double tap misses because its you dont push the button in, like you would, with the double tap, to launch the camera. Instead, youre literally just tapping the button because its capacitive, so sometimes that misses, but you also have to double tap and then you have to move your finger around and since its a big phone it makes that difficult as well. So basically, what im saying is this is a really weird choice that tcl decided to make. I really liked what they had on the phone last year and i really wish they could go back to it. I dont know if its possible, if i can figure out a way to hack that button. I will let you guys go on another video, but for right now to me the software is kind of weird ive also had some occasions where the phone doesnt quite register. My touch im, not sure that has to do with the touch screen or if its just maybe the processing is a little bit slow. I dont know what it is, but i feel like its something that t cell needs to fix in their software, because i do find myself having like having to tap an icon multiple times to get an app to launch so yeah. I think, in terms of most things, theyre pretty good just software could use some work.

Hardware is good. Software needs work, however, thats the stuff that i know that they cant fix software can be fixed, but the one thing that i know that can be fakes most likely is going to be the cam performance. Now, in my testing i found the cameras on here on this phone are basically what you come to expect at this price point. They can produce some good if oversaturated shots in good lighting, but in poor lighting. These cameras tend to fall apart really fast. Now i will say this phone does have a super night mode is what they call it, and sometimes it can actually do pretty well for non moving objects. But if you have a moving object, you can just say goodbye to any of that. The phones in low light just tend to be very, very noisy. Now, im going to be covering more about the camera in a more in depth, comprehensive camera review that ill be putting out posting later on, but suffice it to say the camera is just okay like at this budget price point. If the camera is definitely usable again, if you have great lighting, if youre outdoors, you can get some really good photos if youre indoors, good luck, thats, all i got ta say to you and but yeah. So if you guys want to see that full comprehensive review make sure you guys subscribe and have notifications turned on so you guys dont miss it, but you know with that thats pretty much what i wanted to cover in this video.

I think this phone is really interesting, like the hardware is good, a big screen, a big battery all for around 250 dollars is kind of hard to beat, but the software does make this a little bit harder to recommend to where i might actually recommend the 10l. Over this one, which is actually cheaper now so yeah, if you guys want, i will have links to both these phones down in the description. The bigger battery on the 20s is definitely compelling to me and it will get android 12 versus the 10 l, which will be stuck on android 11 forever. So there are things to consider there, but yeah with that thats pretty much.