A few months later, they released the red magic mars, the first phone ever with shoulder triggers in 2019. They released the red magic 3 and 3s, which were the first phones to pack an actual cooling fan into a smartphone in 2020. They brought us the worlds. First. 144Hz refresh rate smartphone display with the red magic, 5 and 5s its now 2021 and just a few months ago, red magic announced the red magic, 6 and 6 pro which upped the ante in terms of screen refresh rates by bringing it all the way up to 165 hertz, just a few months later, red magic revealed the 6r, which brought gaming hardware to a phone that looks just like any other and just as we thought the euros all but done for team red. They announced this. The red magic 6s pro which builds on the success of the red magic 6 pro but goes the extra mile by adding a transparent back plate with an rgb fan, jumping up performance with the snapdragon 8 plus chipsets and increasing their pro shoulder triggers to 450 hertz. As well as their display touch sampling rates, all the way up to 720 hertz, it does all this and more while keeping the same great price. The red magic 6s pro comes in two different color variants. You can pick it up in a solid backplate black cyborg color for the one that i have, which is the transparent ghost edition which showcases the rgb fan under the hood there, and it looks absolutely phenomenal writing with a gold pin showing you the different components under The hood that includes a 5050 milliamp hour battery 66 watt, flash wire charging 5g wi fi 6e bluetooth, 5.

2 and nfc. We have gorilla glass, 5 on the front, a glass back and an aluminum frame. That gloss back, however, does pick up a fair share of fingerprint smudges, so youre going to want to use the included case in the box, which doesnt really prevent protection from the back plate completely. So i would say just scratch this: take it off and move on forward: dual sim 5g and standby tray over here. There is a water resistant seal, very strange, their usb 3.0 type c port. We have the first speaker at the bottom and the other one found in the earpiece. These are dual dtsx ultra speakers. We have a headphone jack and triple microphones one at the top one at the bottom, one on the right hand, side on the left hand side. We have a volume, rocker game, space switch and intake fan vents. On the other side, we have the exhaust fan vans, we have the power button and, of course, the upgraded pro shoulder triggers, which now have increased the touch sampling rate from 400 to 450 hertz. We also have a third touch trigger, which is at the back. It is just a touch slide panel over there, which is pretty neat nonetheless, and the camera bump is much of a muchness compared to the red magic 6, very tiny, compared to other devices around meaning that there shouldnt be much of a surface wobble effect when, on A flat surface, but there is because the phone is pretty curved at the back and talking about designs over here, ive never seen something quite like the 6s pro thanks to that half cut out transparent back.

It is also slightly lighter at 215 grams and just 9.5 millimeters in thickness, but what about that display? Well, it is indeed the same panel that we saw on the red magic 6 pro before its 20 by 9 aspect. Ratio 6.8 inch, amoled display it is full hd plus we have 100 dcrp 3 color gamut rating 700 nits peak brightness 165 hertz refresh rates 720 hertz touch sampling rate and comparing the color accuracy to other phones around even the red magic brothers. On the left hand, side, it is just as colour popping as those and just as color, accurate too. It is even as color accurate well as white balance accurate as it can get when it comes to smartphones, especially when it comes to a gaming phone and that wonderful, 700 nits peak brightness is slightly higher than the red magic, 6 and 6 pro that we saw Before it, but not the highest around, it is still nice, vibrance and bright. Of course, we dont have a notch. Instead, we have the selfie camera on the border at the top and of course we have that 165 hertz refresh rate which matches the red magic, 6 and 6 pro before it. We have the red magic 6r, all the way on the left, which is capped at 144 hertz, as well as the rg phone 5, and the zte accent 30 is capped at 120 hertz. All of these refresh rates, in my opinion, do the job pretty well, but the 165 hertz is just so darn smooth, it is adaptive and you can fix the refresh rate in developer options.

Of course, we can fiddle with the brightness levels as well as the screen. Color preferences – we also have dark mode over here, which gives us a nice dark, deep, black and third party apps, as well as first party apps over here, and it does darken things on the home screen too, as well as the notification shade. And yes, we do have an always on display, no surprise this time around. Of course, weve seen it for quite some time from nubia red magic team, and it looks pretty great you can customize slightly. They do have the animated ones which look great. I prefer the more simple standard ones. We do now have a seventh generation under display fingerprint sensor and yes, it can now detect your heart rate, so lets see how it compares to my galaxy watch active two and its pretty much neck and neck. Pretty impressive on your first try team red at red magic. Now, comparing that fingerprint sensor to other ones around. It is similar to the red magic, 6 and 6r, but it seems to be a tad quicker than those attack quicker than the rog phone 5 and once again, a tag quicker than the zte accent. 30.. We do have facial recognition over here, though it is 2d face id and it is once again on par with other red magic devices, slightly slower than other phones. Around, though remember this is just using the selfie cam talking about selfie cams.

It is an 8 megapixel. Selfie snapper same one that we saw on the 6 pro it looks pretty decent. If you ask me, but portrait mode doesnt really seem to work. This is technic recording a 1080p at 30 frames per second selfie video on the brand new red magic 6s. Pro. Of course, the selfie video is capped at 1080p and 30fps. It doesnt look too bad at night, taking a pic at night. Doesnt have a night mode option, but turning the flash on looks a hell of a lot better and at the back we are welcome to a 64 megapixel samsung gw, three main sensor and eight megapixel hynix hi846 ultrawide snapper and a two megapixel macro sensor. The eight megapixel ultrawide doesnt, look too bad 64 megapixel made looks pretty great. The 16 megapixel bin looks even better thanks to ai doing the two times digital zoom, since there is lack of a telephoto camera over here five times, digital doesnt. Look too bad ten times is the max zoom doesnt look the best around and you can get up close and personal thanks to the included 2 megapixel macro sensor, which is one of the best ones that ive tested around. Of course, we can also test out the bokeh effect over here and honestly. It does just as great of a job as ive seen from premium camera flagship devices. We can also record 8k at 30 frames per second. This is the maximum resolution and the maximum frame rate that we can actually use at 8k.

We can bump that up to 60fps when recording at 4k, which looks nice and smooth even smoother than 8k, of course, jumping up to 60fps, still nice and crispy. Thanks to the 4k resolution, 1080p dumps down the detail a little bit, but gives us an even smoother experience over here, since it has to do less processing to render this video and 1080p at 60 frames per second with ansi shake off an ansi shake on does Make a bit of a difference when you do decide to enable it 4k, 60 fps at night, doesnt, look the best, no knight video over here 1080p 60 fps that doesnt look the best either, but you guys got to remember this. Is a gaming smartphone, 8 megapixel ultrawide at night, not really the best, but the night mode on looks average, as well as the digital zoomed shots with night mode on and off once again guys. This is a gaming phone. Gaming is what its all about not taking photos, but if the time does arrive, where you do need to take a snap here and then it still does a more than decent job. Of course, we have red magic, os version 4 skinned over android 11 over here. It is literally as stock as android gets in terms of gaming smartphones. I havent seen a gaming smartphone. Do it as well as red magic have done over here? Of course, we have things such as split screen and all these extra widgets to flare up the os skin that tad bit, adding the cherry on top to make it even more enjoyable and yes, google services work with google discover, on their left hand, side as well As hey google, google assist, of course the haptics are just as solid as the 6n6 pro, but how do the speakers stack up against the red magic 6 and rog phone 5.

with the wind great? That was gross, of course, that fan at the back is not just for looks. It is actually a 20 000 revolutions per minute. Turbo fan intake from the left exhaust from the right hand, side and though it looks stunning, it actually does a fantastic job of sucking air through the left hand, side and shooting air out the right hand side as you would expect. But how loud does it get? Of course we have the same ice 6.0 cooling that we saw in the red magic, 6 and 6. Pro, though, were lacking the aircraft aluminum backplate that we saw on the 6 pro we have now been treated to pcm. Pcm is a new aerospace grade phase change material, which apparently upgrades the multi dimensional cooling system. Overall, you can, of course enable the led effect on the fan that rgb light that you see within the fan or disable it if you dont like it turning it on and off over. Here, i must say it is really striking when it is enabled we do have the led logo at the bottom, though unfortunately, the logo in the center of the phone does not light up. Those two will just have to do. Personally, i think they look great picking the switch at the top left corner of the phone. We are welcome to gamespace 4.0, slightly different, not quite sure why there is chinese writing over here. This is indeed the global variant.

Nevertheless, it will get changed with a software update, im, pretty sure, going into a game jumping into that game. Space overlay over here you can see that some things have changed. We now have infinite performance mode instead of super performance mode and im sure it does just as great of a job. We can also use pop up windows change, fps on the fly jump into back, recording enable or disable the turbo fan. And yes, the fps overlay has still stuck around. We do have charge separation, as weve seen from the last year from red, magic and, of course, the upgraded pro shoulder triggers. We dont only have them improved, but we have an extra one on the back plates over here, which is impressive, to say the least. It doesnt always work, but when it does feels really cool – and i have no doubt that they will improve this going forward – it is a nice little addition to the red magic 6 series devices. We can, of course, change things to single press, long, press, multi operation. Dual operation, press and lift for separate operations and the back one can be used to slide for a single or dual operation. Our first game over here is genji impact, throwing things on the highest possible graphics as well as the max frames per. Second. The game is capped at 60 fps, even though the phone can go all the way up to 165. The game itself is kept at 60 and the red magic 6s pro is doing a fantastic job, keeping it between 48 and 60 frames per second.

The mi mix 4, with the same chipset, went all the way down to 17 frames per second pubg mobile now, unlocks on day, one of the red magic 6s pro launch 90 frames per second and keeps things nice and close to 90, even exceeding my expectations. Jumping all the way up to 92 fps, but it forces another game with an unlimited frame rate cap over here and were sitting between 145 and exceeding the 165 hertz refresh rate once again, going all the way up to 168 frames per second dead trigger too another Game with no frames per second cap over here, keeping it a little bit on the lower end of the 100 hertz refresh rate 108 to 164 fps, those still very impressive, since the graphics have upped the ante. Since the previous game we tested real racing, 3 cannot adjust the graphics or fps frame rate is uncapped over here, and we are sitting between 151 and 167 frames per second. But what about benchmarks? Testing out that wonderful snapdragon, 8, plus a cpu chipset? Of course, at the start were going to be checking the battery percent as well as the temperature. We will be turning the cooling fan on the fast cooling option over here and well be using gamespace 4.0 with infinite performance to jump through antutu version 9. Geekbench version 5, as well as 3d mark wildlife version 2 and getting to the results of the battery drain. Right now we managed to get a drain of a nine percent with a rate of 25.

3 milliamp hours per minute and while the temperature did increase by 21.8 degrees in celsius, you have to remember that even with three air conditioners in my house, shanghai is still ridiculously Hot right now, when this score popped up, i could not believe my eyes. 884 527 points in antutu version 9.1.4. This is the single highest antutu score. I have ever seen in the world, let alone on my channel trumping other phones with the same chipset things arent. Quite as impressive, when it comes to single core score in geekbench, putting it right at the bottom. But when you look at multi core score over here, it actually comes out right on top compared to all of these other devices and while the honor magic 3, pro plus, with the same snapdragon, triple eight plus chipsets, slightly out, did the red magic 6s pro when It comes to 3dmark wildlife testing out gpu performance over here. It only beat it by a point. One frames per second, where the red magic 6s pro got a crazy score of almost 6 000 and 35.4 fps trumping. All that below it, the red magic 6s pro is sure to be a head toner. Thanks to that transparent cutout on its backplates, revealing the incredible rgb cooling fan alongside some of the phones hardware specifications. It looks absolutely phenomenal, but my only request is that next time they allow us to see the actual components of the phone instead of cardboard cutouts.

The 6s pros camera system is still more than capable to take some great looking pictures and videos, but the trio of cameras hasnt changed for some time and id like to see the addition of a telephoto camera. The 7th generation under display fingerprint sensor is accurate and snappy, and the addition of a heart rate monitor is definitely a welcomed bonus. The newly added widgets make the already great software experience even more enjoyable and, of course, the display is just as vibrant and colorful as the 6 pro before it and still packs in the super. Fluid 165hz refresh rates, but now ups, the ansi with a 720hz touch sampling rate and when paired with the new gamespace software, upgraded, snapdragon, 8 plus chipset 16 gigs of lpddr5 ram and 256 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage holds and dominates any game you throw at it And lets not forget about the snappier touch shoulder triggers 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, as well as the impressive 20 000 revolutions per minute turbo fan, which shines through the transparent back plates with rgb lights, while the red magic 6s pro is a monster of a device when Standing on its own, there are a few other phones out there looking to take top spot. The zte accent, 35g is one of them, with its massive 6.92 inch display an impressive under display, selfie camera, but the red magic 6s pro bolsters ahead in terms of design gaming features and performance its little brother, the red magic 6r, is a great addition to the Family and brings an incognito gaming experience to the smartphone world, but lacks fast 66 watt charging, a cooling fan and a 165 hertz refresh rates.

The rog phone 5 and 5s do certain things better than the red magic 6s pro, but lack the impressive 165hz refresh rate and internal cooling fan, not to mention they cost quite a bit more money, the red magic, 6 and 6. Pro are still very great. Gaming phones and while it doesnt make sense to upgrade to the 6s pro, if you already own one of them, the fact that the redmagic 6s pro costs the same price makes it a no brainer purchase for anyone looking to upgrade from last years, red magic 5 Series devices and if you are looking to upgrade from the red magic 6 pro i wouldnt, blame you.