My name is bruno otis and today we are going to do the unboxing and review for cobot x50, so without further delay. Lets get it on so lets start with a quick unboxing. Kubota x50 is cool, whats flagship smartphone for this year, its a decent hardware update from kuvotex 30 from last year. It comes on the hardware side. It retains the same processor, an octa core cpu from mediatek, the elu p60. It operates at 2 gigahertz, coupled with 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal storage, of which 120 are readily available for the user. Besides, this kubot x50 now comes with a samsung sensor of megapixels main camera, coupled with three more of which 16 megapixel wide angle, camera a 5 megapixel macro camera and another one that helps with color filters. Selfie camera is of 32 megapixels. It comes with android 11 out of the box with a clean, almost pure version of it, as usual from cubot in its core. It has a 4500 milliamp battery that can last almost 2 days of average usage. A 10 watts charger is on box. It ensures its charging time from zero to one hundred percent on about three hours more or less this year, two, what is also hated usb type c headphones, so you can listen to radio or or hear your own music and videos etc. So lets look at the smartphone. It comes with a soft soft case protective case. It is entirely made of glass its the black color.

They sent me this year. So lets light it up. So so so here it is. Google x50. I have already installed many apps like mine, just Music Music, so on the camera department lets see which, what its capable of it has some modes. Video portrait image, beauty, extra filter, knight panorama pro so lets lets take some shots to see how the actual camera fares. Now a microphoto hello, so lets see so here it is the main camera photo. It has very good details, color accuracy, now the wide as you can see, it is a vastly superior wide angle, although it did not retain the same level of detail as the main camera. The macro is outstanding. With a 5 megapixel, you can obtain really good results. Music now lets see the actual performance of the cubot x50 lets see its pretty fluid and the games performance in antutu benchmark. It gets this card: okay, Music, uh, Music Applause, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, hey Music, wow, Music, music, so so thats, the actual performance of the smartphone hope you like it. So this was the video for kubot x50. Hope you like it. I will leave in the description the link for you to buy it, it retails for around 200 or 108 euros more or less.