The zooming professional tripod and the model name is q111 its a blue color, tripod. Okay. So why do i need a tripod or why i bought this tripod yeah? I bought this tripod for around 65 ringgit during the night of september promotion from sharpie, but i think now its costing around 70 to gig right. So i bought this tripod to replace my existing flimsy 10 ringgit. That tripod is very flimsy. Okay, the legs already its already broken, so i put some tape right and theres one time that when i was doing recording the whole phone fell down. Luckily, the phone is okay, but you need really a sturdy tripod. Okay, i need my tripod basically because im doing recording for my kids for their abrsm piano examination. So a pretty sturdy tripod is very important for successful, recording, okay and this tripod is a professional tripod. You also can mount your digital slr. Okay later, i can demonstrate how to do it again and how to mount the food. Okay, so lets open up the box and see whats inside okay. There is a fabric bag. This fabric is basically plastic fabric, but i feel the fabric quality is good. The sewing quality is good lets, look at the seat now the zip is working pretty smoothly and the quality of zip is pretty good. Also, you can see its those thick, zip so whats in the bag Music. So this is the phone clipper. The seller gave this to me for free thanks to the seller, okay and also theres, some additional booklet.

Now this is the instruction manual. Basically, i dont refer to the instruction manual because i think its very easy to use the tripod okay, so im not going to do that secret gel to absorb moisture and also warranty card. I dont think this is applicable, emulation, so yeah lets put it aside. Okay, lets open up the plastic bag and see whats this tripod, all about okay, so the tripod is very heavy. I mean compared to that terrain gate. This is very heavy, but i like it because its sturdy, its around 1 kilo plus 1 kg plus okay, you notice. The foot here – is adjustable. Okay, it is able to conform to different surfaces and its really tight its not like flimsy. There are three labels to adjust the leg for three different height right: okay and theres. Another model q100 only have two lego, but this q11 111 has three people so um. I only use up to two level that can give me around 1.5 meter of height, so actually its a little bit overkill for me, but yeah. When i need it, this is best i can have even higher adjustment. Okay. So now let me try to demonstrate how you can spread the legs: open: okay, just just pull okay, and in order to lock the lid right, you can turn this knob clockwise to lock. It see its tight, okay and theres a hook here for you to put weight right, for example, if you are um doing photography, maybe night photography using sr.

You want this tripod to be very sturdy, so well put weight here. To make sure the whole tripod is very sturdy right: it doesnt move, it doesnt see minimum vibration, okay, theres a little green thing here. That is the leveler to show how level the tripod is. Okay – and this is like a spongy grip for you to flip on the tripod. Okay, there are couple of adjustments here. Okay, first, you can do this adjustment front and back you can do left and right. You can turn this Music knob to turn it sideway and you go and also adjust the tripod up and down by using this knob here. So there are tons of adjustment for this uh. This tripod is pretty different. Okay and every adjustment. You have a knot to really lock it up and down is here rotation, Music, okay, theres. Another thing that i want to show you guys so for professional um tripod, so, basically, Music. Okay, this part. Basically, this part, the top part, can be released just like that. Theres, a label here, pull you can release the holder, okay and you can look youll notice that theres a screw here, which you can turn right. Raising the uh knock here. You can turn lets screw it and theres a little um protrusion here, theres a little protrusion here, which basically it will lock, and it has a bit springy right so meaning that if you put something youll, just go down like put something flat.

So what is the purpose of this is for you to log into your uh. Some of the cameras do have home, but my mind this camera doesnt, have some of the camera, have a hole here in your camera, so when it goes in youll, just lock it so that what the whole camera will take, but because uh, the bottom surface is A little bit uh rubberized, but it has dark rubber. So when you screw it in Music, firmly Music, it will hold the digital camera real quiet for you right, so the rubber rice, the place. Also, it helps a lot okay, so for mobile phone do the same screw into the phone holder Music. Once its firm, its, not rotating, just pull the top side. You can Music push and lock it at the bottom theres a sponge at the bottom. So it will grip the phone firmly and in order for you to trace it back to your tripod, just pull the lever slide it in from the side just like that yeah and push it back Music. Okay, so i would say this tripod is really a sturdy tripod right. You can use this tripod to mount a mobile phone. You can use this tripod to mount your digital camera, digital slr or just a comparison, camera. Okay. I recommend this tripod for those who are looking for a budget tripod, but its a sturdy one. Okay.