I mean it doesnt get any better than this, so the galaxy z43 features an improved and durable design top of the line. Hardware, s, pen, support and ipx8 rating. It has a freaking under display camera, of course, for all the goodness theres a price to pay as well and a hefty one with that too. But, as i said, it doesnt get any better than this hello. Everyone amania from this report and welcome to my full review of the samsung galaxy z4 5g before we start motivate us by hitting the like button subscribe. If you havent already and turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest updates Music. The galaxy z4 3 is all about refinement. I mean for all those who thought the z fold ii was a giant leap over the og fold. Well, the fold 3 takes the game to a whole new level over its predecessor, design, wise. The matte. Finish of this phone looks and feels super cool. It is cornings gorilla, glass, victis, front and rear, while the armor aluminum frame has also been pretty solid. I actually dropped this phone once and it was a significant enough drop, but thankfully nothing happened to this phone, so that is great, but one can also argue that okay, amman fell on a marble floor, so it was a smooth marble floor and okay, no scratches. I wasnt expecting any scratches, but not even a bump. Well, that is crazy and kudos to the company for the build.

The build is really solid. Otherwise, in its folded state the z fold, 3 is undeniably bulky but unfold it and instantly. You realize how thin the device becomes moving on the rear, camera pump is sleeker this year and in my opinion, it looks better than the camera island of the fold too. The hyde away hinge is smooth and firm, and this time around the fold is ipx8. Water resistant as well, not dust resistant yet, but well get there soon. The cover screen has received a major upgrade in the form of a 120 hertz screen refresh rate similar to the main display, and it actually allows you to use the phone in a more conventional manner for general tasks or much more. But why would you use this when you have this? So, of course, the star of the show is the main display, and the first thing you notice is the unusual notch from the photo has gone and in its place, is an under display camera providing for a full screen, immersive experience and speaking of the immersive experience. It is unlike no other, i mean this is hands down the best smartphone display on offer period. Content consumption is excellent. On this large 7.6 inch dynamic, amoled panel theres simply no match guys. Colors contrast black levels, everything is top notch plus when you get such loud and rich stereo speakers, the video watching experience gets even better for that matter. Gaming as well titles such as asphalt, 9 call of duty mobile bgmi.

I mean the overall experience while playing these games feels so much more immersive because of the large canvas so theres a snapdragon triple eight soc under the hood to take care of the performance chops. This is coupled with 12 gb ram and either 256 gb or 512gb of ufs 3.1 on board storage, so anyway, performance wise, the galaxy z4 doesnt disappoint. Ram management on this phone has been great and storing 10 to 12. Apps in the memory is a piece of cake for this phone app opening times are also fast. The only area where i did find a slight delay was switching from the cover screen to the main screen, but otherwise this is a through and through fast fluid and responsive device. One more minor thing i would want to point out is during long sections of gaming, the area near the camera module does get slightly warm to the touch, but again it is not alarming and yeah. As for actual gameplay, i could play several matches of call of duty mobile and this phone wouldnt break a sweat and just to let you know, a typical r of gameplay drains about 12 to 15 percent of battery and speaking of the 4400 mah battery, the z4 3 is strictly a one day phone on most days. I was able to get around five to six hours of screen on time and, if youre a light user, you might even be able to get about a day and a half worth of endurance out of this smartphone.

So, in terms of battery performance, it is definitely better than the z flip 3, but certainly not the best and yeah a charger in the box. Wouldnt have hurt samsung, okay, lets talk about the software now another area that makes a galaxy fold a galaxy fold. The software experience is great on the galaxy z43 one ui atop android 11 is optimized very well plus, since this is a foldable smartphone. You get additional software perks up top, so samsung labs in the settings. Lets you do a bunch of interesting things, for example, pinned taskbar. It lets you turn the edge panel into a desktop like taskbar that holds your most used and favorite apps. Another interesting feature is the ability to customize the aspect ratios for various apps, for example instagram by default. This app works in this crippled form, however, make it full screen and youre good to go. One ui lets you do that now you can also force multi window for all apps, which literally lets me now use netflix and instagram at the same time, and netflix is one app that doesnt work in split or say multi window in its default state and of Course there is flex mode which has now become a staple of samsung foldable smartphones. The cherry on top still has to be that this phone supports the s pen and the one i got here for testing is the fold edition s pen, which comes bundled with a case.

It has a 1.5 millimeter tip and a pretty low latency. Now this case, which is sold separately, does add a bit of extra bulk to the z fold 3. But then you also get to carry the s pen with you and your phone is protected at the same time, so thats a plus and as for the functionality, the s pen is a fantastic stylus and if you have ever used a galaxy note, youll feel right At home, although this full edition s pen doesnt support the air actions for that, youll have to get the s pen pro again sold separately, but if youre, a casual user who wants a stylus experience with some added protection. The fold edition s pen is a good offering. Finally, lets talk about the camera now, so three 12 megapixel lenses are found at the rear, theres a 10 megapixel selfie camera on the cover screen and, if youre still not down theres a 4 megapixel under display camera inside on the main screen. So first lets get down to display camera out of the way and in terms of clicking photos, it is just average, but i would suggest considering this camera to be more of a webcam for video calls. In that case, it works fine, because if i want to click, selfies ive got four other lenses to choose from that offer much better quality. So the 10 megapixel camera on the cover screen takes decent selfies for the most part in terms of details and dealing with skin tones.

It does a good job and although the dynamic range could be slightly improved, the overall output comes out. Just fine. Then again, if you want better selfies, you can also use the trio of 12 megapixel cameras at the rear by turning on the preview for the cover screen, which basically makes the 10 megapixel camera obsolete so coming to the quality of the 12 megapixel rear cameras. The no doubt that the resulting output is detailed, bright and vibrant, with good dynamic range. Honestly, the colors dont look as true to the source, but do the photos look good? Yes, sir? They look excellent and at this point its either that you love samsungs, color science or you dont. I firmly fall in the former category, even for the photos taken in not so good lighting. I felt that, apart from working on improving how the camera algorithm deals with shadows, the overall output generally looked good and vibrant. The same goes for the video recording as well. I mean no doubt that the colors pop and honestly the resulting output, looks nothing short of fantastic. On top of that, the dynamic range is excellent, and the phone also does a superb job with stabilization. Take a look at a selfie sample as well. So right now im shooting from the front facing uh camera of the galaxy z435g. So this is the 10 megapixel camera thats present on the cover screen. This is the 4k 60 fps sample.

This is the maxis phone can do, and this is what you can expect in terms of overall output. So if you ask me colors, i think so, colors look good. You can see how good the sky looks behind me and the monument as well as for the hdr performance, so right now, im shooting right against the sun, so see it for yourself. This is how the hdr performance is in terms of stabilization, again very good performance when it comes to stabilization im working at a very at a pretty good pace right now, so yeah and thats pretty much it. This was your front facing video sample being shot on the galaxy z435 key. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. So should you buy the samsung galaxy? Z4? 3. Honestly, if you have that kind of money to splurge on a smartphone, this is the ultra pro max phone that you can get. It is a phone, it is a tablet. It is a performance piece, it has the top of the line hardware, it supports the stylus and, most importantly, it is the most versatile smartphone money can buy right now, as of now theres, no point waiting for a better phone right now, because the next big thing Is already here – and that was my review of the samsung galaxy z4 35g – hit me up in the comments with your queries and thoughts, as always for all the latest index stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.