That was a few months ago, which i didnt really thoroughly test for you. But now we have the chance to new and fresher colors slightly redesign internals, because showing managed to integrate the slightly better snapdragon 778 and made a few other software tweaks, which we are going to cover in this review. And overall, this episode is about the top five strengths of this smartphone and, at the very beginning, heres the disclaimer uh. This video is not sponsored by xiaomi. However, i got this unit for free prior to the launch, so i have a chance to test it for a couple of weeks already and im ready to share my impressions. This video has not been reviewed or approved by xiaomi and represents my genuine thoughts. So, as usual, im gon na point to both the strong and the weak sides, first top quality, and in order to speak about the design, let us see the overall package. So here we go unboxing again its always a great opportunity to take a look at the box of any smartphone im. Usually curious. So are you as well? Probably an unboxing tech is always an extra pleasing task. We have the usual looking assembly, good quality box, but nothing spectacular so far, starting with the papers then a protective case nice to see its included. You know safety always first. There also is a usb type c to 3.5 millimeter conversion, and here comes the phone itself. I never had the chance to review the previous light edition myself, but look at this dont.

You think it looked gorgeous comment below and let me know what you think of this new design in color. There are, by the way four different colors might vary depending on your region, so you might be able to choose between truffle black bubble gum, blue peach, pink and the snowflake white very elegant colors other than that. The body looks the same as the m11 light series. With the different colors, of course, magnesium alloy great to the touch with paint coating, which provides good grip and the fingerprint scanner which is integrated inside the power button. Last important unboxing highlight but not least, thats the availability of a charger mentioning it, because slightly some smartphone makers prefer to not include such one. The phone is extremely slim and is also lightweight only millimeters thick and just 158 grams. The front glass is a grill 5 glass. All the curves are gentle and precise, but above everything, youre gon na notice. How incredibly thin it is also make sure to pay attention. How beautiful it looks when the pink peach color is playing with the light Music as major disadvantage. Here there is apparently no headphone jack on the top or on the bottom, so you got ta use this usb type c to 3.5 millimeter conversion. And despite the fact that there is no headphone jack, we only have ip53 waterproof rating, meaning that its just dust and splash proof and to be on the safe side. I really would keep it away from water.

Next, we want to talk about the display, its rocking a 6.55 incher 90 hertz amoled panel. Here the focus comes on the dolby vision and the hdr10 plus support guaranteeing accurate color representation and colors to truly enjoy when reviewing content online or playing games. Its true that it wouldnt rock flagship, refresh rate with its 90 hertz, knowing that some phones come with hertz or even more, but clearly the qualities of the display are there, and since the focus is rather on aesthetics and not gaming, its a great balance. In my opinion, in fact, gameplay is great and xiaomi did great job with the optimizations so that most games can utilize the full display capacity when needed. Laughter. There is a small punch hole in the top left corner of the screen for the selfie camera and its very well masked by the software during using most of the applications, and also the display offers very good peak brightness, meaning that outdoors on a very bright sunny Day, you still would be able to read very well now, since we mentioned cameras thats our third major strength and over here. Of course, more interesting is what we have on the back side, which is the 3po camera setup, led by the 64 megapixel samsung image sensor, which has a size close to half of an inch and its something that is mostly utilized by samsung vivo and xiaomi smartphones. Its clearly a bit off the current leaders in terms of specs, but combined with the well optimized miui camera, app its going to give you some flagship like performance, especially if you use some of the features specially developed for this phone now.

Some samples from the main image sensor, which has very wide aperture at f by 1.79, as expected great for daylight, and very good for low light photography. You can have the confidence that most of your photos are going to look great and get a lot of light in ocean processing. As expected, the night photo mode is very good. Doesnt fall much behind the likes of me, 11 ultra, for instance, good focus on video. However, a disadvantage is the lack of optical image, stabilization, which youre going to miss, mostly in case you film, at dark or indoors Music. The ultra wide angle, camera can also do some great shots if it is a bright day. Well, with some remarks, the night photography may also be good, but you have to be extra patient and make sure to hold the phone still. The ultra wide image sensor here is by sony the imx355. Besides it, we also have talent macro where you can focus the distances between three and seven centimeters. This is the lens where i had to retake the photos a few times, but when you nail the photos, theres gon na be great sharpness and contrast. So, im really happy with the rear camera setup, especially with the pro mode for the front one xiaomi give a specially developed vlog mode. I think that it may tempt a lot of people to go for this phone just because of this feature, as you know, almost everything in the tech world is a consequence of multiple factors and little details which all together can contribute to great performance or not so Good performance well, given the example with the camera, which is really decent, its mostly thanks to the processing inside, which is next to the snapdragon 778 g thats, a 5g uh 6 centimeter system owner chip designed by qualcomm uh, and it belongs to the upper mid range Processors of this year, extremely power efficient, as for the rest of the specs just hear them out.

Six nanometer manufacturing process has octa core cpu. The arduino 642l gpu great 5g speeds and also supports the latest communication trends, including wi, fi, 6e, triple isp and also qualcomms 6th generation. Ai engine, oh and the phone is do sim as well comes with 6 or 8 gigs of ram and 128 or 256 gigs of storage, so no its never going to top the benchmark, charts like antutu and geekbench, but will perform just as good as most flagships. So if youre worried whether certain games are supported, dont, be it will run super smoothly, sometimes even great, at the highest possible rates, not to mention that the device is future proof and given the great performance, you wont notice any degradation in the coming one to two Years, even if some of the apps become a bit heavier during the throttling tests, it also performed well, i think that the magnesium body design well contributes to the optimal heat disposal, but because of the same, you may also feel that sometimes the device will feel a Bit warmer in the hands, if you wonder about the battery performance, it should last, at least through the day 4 250 milliampere hours, which, given the slim size, is a surprisingly big battery and with 33 watts, fast charging youre well equipped to quickly recharge. If needed. No wireless charging, though, in order to maintain the slim body as for screen on time, depending on how you use it, may give you more than 6 7 hours screen on time at low brightness and wifi, but in dual sim mode, bad reception and playing games.

Its probably gon na be twice less fun fact, thanks to the balanced operation of the cpu, the battery endurance with this phone may be better even than the mi 11 ultra, with its larger battery Music. Now top quality number five and if we put things side by side with most of the decent mid ranges and flagships. This year, 370 dollars sound like a great deal being less than one plus north 2 series a bit more expensive than the redmi. Note. 10. Pro series without 5g, so this seems to be a lot to like about the me 11 lite 5g na with highlights being put on the elegant design. The 10 bit dolby vision display the flagship, great camera setup, the performance and, as we just mentioned the price last year, i believe the mi 10 light series have remained somewhat underrated this year. However, the new edition of the xiaomi 11 lite 5g shows that this line is here not only to stay, but also to strengthen its leading positions in the mid range sector, and i can totally recommend getting this phone over others because of these top 5 strengths. So i really hope that this video was helpful and now you can decide whether this smartphone is right, fit for you or your wife or girlfriend. Well, given given the color here, although you you do have some pretty cool counters for gents, but given the slim form factor, i think thats going to be a perfect match for most of you, dear lady viewers, now a question for you.

Would you like me to thoroughly test the camera and put it side by side with another, mid ranger or maybe flagship, comment below and ill see what i can do about it? If you have any follow up questions again well catch up in the comment section, a link to the product with possibilities count is in the description below this video and thank you so much for staying with me until the end, and it would be so much appreciated If you can support the channel in any form that you can, maybe you can subscribe, you can hit the like button. You can share the video with friends. Do something good for me. Thank you so much in advance and thanks a lot for being part of this tech journey.