So ive got my media mod and my gopro hero 9 here, which i can also transfer over and put it on the gopro gopro hero 10.. But whats really good about this new. One, though, is its got a new, updated new and updated uh processor, so its got the new gp2 processor in there, which allows for smoother images in terms of video and stuff, and you can even shoot even better slow mo. You can capture better stills and all that stuff. You can even live stream as well, but well dive deep into this and see what you can actually do with it and stuff like that lets get on with it. So, like i was saying before, this is very similar to the gopro hero 9 in terms of design. So if you look around it, we still got that power button on the left side, its not going to write and that says 10 black on it because its gopro hero 10., you got the power button, uh, sorry, the record button up top is over microphone and On the side is where youd eject your battery and also insert your micro sd card in there. This is still capable of going 10 meters deep inside water. So if you want to use it for that kind of stuff, you can do that up the bottom, though down at the bottom, rather than up, you still got your adapter area, so you can just flick up the attachment and attach your attachments as you wish to Do so and flick it back down when youre not using it on the back, as always, you get your display, which you can use to adjust settings view what youre recording.

So you live view and stuff and then up front. We have another extra screen which allows you to see yourself and see what youre actually recording. So if youre going to be vlogging with this youll be able to see what youre actually recording as well or just in general, when youre recording, you can make sure that things are flowing, things are, have things have the right settings all that stuff and then youve Got your lens, so this is a 23.6 lens on there and you can attach mods on this. If you want to go wider, you want to put flash on top of it and stuff like that. You can actu attach different mods on air to do that kind of stuff, which is pretty cool, lets go for the menu, though, and see whats actually new. In there as well gopro says, the menu is actually more responsive and the user interface as well is much more responsive, especially when youre touching it and stuff, like that, its easy to select things without missing your shot, missing your settings so in the main menu. For example, you can still swipe across to choose different modes like time, lapse, videos and photos as well, so you can swipe across and do those you can swipe down from up top and change things like your voice. Control put the grid on and if you swipe across from swiping up top, you then have your preferences and connection settings and in preferences.

You can do things like auto operator cloud, which is something thats new on here as well, so youll be able to automatically upload your content to cloud in full resolution and also still save a full resolution copy as well on your smartphone, which is, which can be Very handy in case you lose the device out there. You still love your content, but that would only upload from what ive learned so far when youve connected to wi fi, though so that might defeat that purpose a little bit. But if im running in that area, please do drop a comment below. Let me know that you can actually upload using 5g or 4g or whatever. Let me know, furthermore, into the settings. You can then go into your general settings and change beep uh volume, auto power on and off led settings all that stuff. So you can have a play with that and see what you can actually get in that area and see your voice control menu options as well. If we go and swipe from the bottom well be able to see your gallery so any photos that youve taken youll be able to see. Um videos as well youll be able to see those by swiping up from the bottom. And if you have nothing in there stored as well, you just say: theres nothing stored on your media, so you can just skip across and start taking photos, so you can actually view them on the go back to video settings on the left, you can select uh This new settings, which is new here, resources, linear and horizon leveling as well so before uh, it might mean that you capture a super wide or wide angle, video, but its not leveled on the horizon, but now this can actually level it as well.

So this would do 19 to 34 mil leveling. So this one now youre, looking at a tilt limit increase from 27 degrees to 45 degrees when shooting in 4k at 60 frames per second 2.7 k at 120 frames per seconds and 1080p at 120 frames per second going back to that left side, though you can, Then choose how you want to do your slow mo setting, so you got like four times slow mo 100 frames per seconds at the settings. I have it on right now got two times and you got one times and then you got normal speed as well. On that menu again, so once youve selected the speed you want to shoot at as well, so you can then go to the right side of the screen where you can select uh your boost, hyper smooth mode, so you got boost, you got standard and then youve Got off completely so you can adjust that boost in terms of ipus move whatever you want it at. You can turn that off as you wish to do so, which is pretty cool. If we tap that standard button, it gives you extra options to look at so youve got activity mode, cinematic mode or standard, but if we go into standard and click that little pen on the right side of it, you can have a look at all the options There as well so theres, more options available, so, for example, so if we click lens, for example, it gives you a different option so right up top, you have super view which is 16 mil.

So you get super wide view: option available at 16 by nine up to 16 by nine youve got wide uh 16 to 34 mil, and then you got linear, which is six uh 19 to ‘ mil. And then you got that linear and arizer leveling mode, which is 19 to 34 mil and then right at the bottom. You can get narrow, so you can get a bit closer to your shots at 27, mil as well, which is pretty cool. So, thanks to that new processor, which is the gp2 engine, you can now capture even much more better content using the gopro hero 10.. So, for example, with this new processor, you can capture photos at up to 23 megapixel. You have video, which you can capture up to 5.3 k at 60 frames per seconds. You got 4k at 120 and up to 2.7 k at 240 frames and with the hyper smooth 4.0. It means you can just get better and even watch much more much more smoother videos when youre shooting at and about as well. So, regardless of whether youre running or whether youre doing youll be able to get smoother images, which is pretty cool in terms of grabbing stills from videos that youve shot as well, you can now up your level by grabbing 19.6 megapixel frames from a 5k video at Four by three aspect: ratio or a 15.8 megapixel still from a 5.3 k, video, which is pretty neat in photo mode.

You can also shoot nice 23 megapixel photos in all photo modes, so, whether its burst night mode super photo or even shooting raw photo as well, which is pretty neat, because you can then take that onto lightroom, for example, and edit that photo and bring out different Details and add different, fill and look and feel to it, depending on what your taste is in terms of photography with a new hero. 10. You get that hyper smooth 4.0, which is the best electronic stabilization yet to come to gopro range, and it looks fantastic as well so youre, looking at shooting 5.3k at 30 4k at 60, 2.7 k at 120 and hyper smooth 4.0 will be able to help you In those modes to shoot, really smooth videos and then youve got that linear, plus horizon leveling, which is that digital lens with better horizon leveling, so that tilt limits can increase its increased from 27 degrees to 45 degrees when shooting in 4k, 60 2.7 k uh 120 Out 1080 at 120, as well, if youre, someone like me, whos not out about surfing or doing some active sports, or something like that, you can still use this for your webcam activities, got super wide angle lens to capture as much as much as you want into Your content now youve also got live streaming as well, which you can live from to facebook, uh, youtube, and uh, with that you can live stream at 1080p, connect to wi, fi and stuff and just live stream.

Using this, which is pretty neat and like i said before, you can also automatically upload your content straight to cloud uh which, again, those are really cool, new features that theyve added to this, and thanks to that gpt, processor or gp2 engine. This is very fluid. Its very smooth live viewing playback, its very smooth as well, which is pretty noticeable, especially when you compare it to the previous generation gopro hero 9.. One thing that gopro also mentioned to me is better and improved low light performance, which is something im looking forward to trying out so do follow me on instagram my gadget spoiler, because stills that i use on this, that i take on this in low light. Uh mode ill be sharing on there, so you guys can see what that looks like in the real world during my test. So far, a couple of things to mention, though, is if you have anti flickering on at 50: hertz youd lose the frame rate that you get in some mode in there. So, for example, i started to miss things like 240 frames per seconds. It dropped down to 200, which is understandable. The other thing to bear in mind is that uh, this overheats as well, something that we tested. I also asked my friend tech chap as well, which we tried out to try and record for as long as possible. Then it just shuts down after, like 20 minutes, around 20 minutes mark it kind of just shuts down if you just have continuous recording so hopefully theres an update, thats going to come with this um and were waiting for some comment back for them as well.

To understand whats actually going on there, but hopefully this is something that can be fixed via an update, so thats it for the gopro hero 10. uh. Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you have any questions drop them there as well, but uh im, looking forward to trying this out even more and doing some content with this as well. So uh do follow on instagram and also on here as well, because i might share some of those content that i capture with this. So you guys can see what ive been doing with it as well. But in the meantime, if this is your first time around here, please do subscribe. Smash the like button hit the bell notification and share this video as well.