. So if youre after some of the best mobile hardware going, is the xiaomi 11t pro good enough to be your next phone? Well, ive had this beefy bugger stashed in my shorts for the last week or so using it as my full time smartphone so heres my in depth, xiaomi 11t pro review and for more on the latest and greatest deck. Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers now if one of your main requirements from your new smartphone is something thats supremely shiny, then good news. The 11t pro ticks that box with a big fat magic marker that ascend is so shiny. You could happily do your hair in it if, indeed youre lucky enough to have hair its got to be said, though, that glossy surface does get grimy pretty damn quick greasy print shop all too easily on this sleek grey model might not be quite so bad on The alternative options, especially the white effort, thankfully, in my week so far with the xiaomi 11t pro its proved pretty durable a couple of tiny teeny little light scratches down near the bottom end. But if thats going to bother you, you want to keep your pro pristine. Well, good news is, you do get a condom case, bundled in the box and meanwhile around front its gorilla glass, victus coating that display now my previous smartphone reviews i have found that does tend to scratch up rather easily, although it is drop resistant.

So i did leave the pre installed screen protector on for the full week. Unfortunately, that protector also scratches up rather easily so thats, not looking in best condition. Right now, and of course, as this smartphone is a near 6.7 inch behemoth, it is two hands all the way here. There is a one handed mode, but its rather awkward to activate if you use gesture navigation and overall got ta, say quite like the design here on the xiaomi 11t pro, even if it doesnt feel quite as premium as some flagship rivals and im quite good. At that theres no water resistance involved. Now, of course, we cant possibly review a xiaomi smartphone without spending some time banging on about me, ui 12, the launcher that squats on top of android to positively shamify it, as with other xiaomi handsets youve, got all the most beloved android features tucked in here, including An apps tray, full google services, yada yada, but also loads of extra bits bolted on, such as a dedicated gaming modes, a customizable always on display and apps like security, which include handy tools like a nuisance, number blocker and a network tester im. Also, a fan of that fingerprint sensor, which is built into the side power button, which is impressively responsive even when your mitts or damp, are a bit grubby on the flip side. This thing is absolutely loaded with crap wear like facebook, linkedin tick, tock, yada yada. Most of which, thankfully, is very easy indeed, to remove and miui can admittedly be quite bulky at times, but ive got to say the xiaomi 11t pro did behave itself pretty much all of the time, and the really good news is that xiaomi has made a proper Commitment when it comes to the software and keeping it fresh, so what youve got here on the xiaomi 11t pro is three guaranteed android, os updates and four years of security updates and since a lot of other smartphone manufacturers, including hot rivals, oneplus, are making those sorts Of pledges as well its great to see xiaomi jumping on that too one more little grumble low.

Unfortunately, theres no support for microsd memory cards here, so you cant expand the 128 or 256 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage, although admittedly thats quite a bit. So as long as you dont go too crazy with the camera or anything, it should be all right. One of the best bits of the 11t pro is most assuredly that 6.67 inch amoled screen. This may sport a full hd plus resolution, the visuals arent, as sharp as that quad hd panel on the mi 11 flagship phone, but its still crisp enough for finer details to be more than visible in your photos. While the dolby vision support is pretty bloody rare at this price point and means your streaming sessions on services like netflix, will really shine with rich tones and incredibly lifelike pictures and absolutely zero complaints when it comes to the auto brightness on this thing either when i Was outside on a really sunny day, i could certainly see everything that i was up to and in the evening times when youre browsing twitter in bed or whatever it gets suitably dim. So your eyes dont feel strained. No noticeable flicker or anything youve also got that 120 hertz support for any apps that can handle it, and i was properly taken aback at just how good the dual speakers are here on the xiaomi 11t pro while they arent forward facing they do pack a real Punch and they can deliver a stereo style experience without headphones, like some of the best gaming phones out there, youve got dolby atmos on board here as well, and a good bit of bluetooth 5.

2 connectivity. If you want to go wireless, i had absolutely no issue with that connection strength, even when i was piddling about in central london stayed strong and stable, but regrettably, xiaomi has committed the cardinal audio scene of axon, the headphone jack. So if you do want to enjoy the best possible audio experience here on the xiaomi 11t pro, you will have to dongle it up now. Every time i review a smartphone thats powered by qualcomms snapdragon 888 chipset. I do get a wee bit nervous because, while it undoubtedly means dogs bollocks performance, unfortunately, the snapdragon 888 does live up to the dragon part of its name by getting hot. As when its on the duress, my 11t pro review sample came with eight gigs of ddr5 ram and sure enough. That was more than enough grunt to deal with everything i wanted, but i was most intrigued to see how the 11t pro would handle a proper long session on gentian impact and other games that tend to make the 8888 handsets a little bit hot under the collar. Thankfully xiaomi has found room in here for the vapor chamber coolant, and this does the job beautifully, even with an hour or more against an impact. The frame rate stayed consistently smooth on high detail settings, while the smartphone itself remained pleasingly cool, or at least it certainly didnt get all toasty on the outside, which was a massive relief, so yeah, definitely a good one for gamers, and especially if you like your online Titles youve got wi fi 6 support on here and youve got 5g support across both of the two sim slots and battery life is also fantastic here on the 11t pro as well, not really a massive shock, considering the enormous 5 000 milliamp capacity cell bund into This thing, which is even bigger than what youd find on that original me, 11 flagship i found i could merely stream music and movies mess about with the camera blow some kneecaps in various games.

All of that good shares and still have about 20 battery life remaining when the day was done, thats with roughly six to seven hours of screen on time. So yeah no worries, even if youre a proper demand and intensive user and, of course, when it comes to refueling as well. The xiaomi mt pro is one of the best out there supporting 120 watt mega charging. If you use the absolute brick of a charger, thats bundled in the box, youll get full power from empty and pretty much bang on 20 minutes and the phone stays cool too. Although the adapter is hot as a bastard, when youre done now, xiaomi is really bigging up the camera tech here on the 11t pro which sports very similar hardware to that mi 11 flagship smartphone – that includes a 108 megapixel primary sensor and overall, this does a great Job of packing plenty of detail into every photo, despite the fact you got that pixel bin, in which greatly reduces the final resolution. You can zoom in to some degree with that impact and the sharpness and fear, not those bright blue skies that we see a couple of times a year here in blighty, because that sensor can ably handle strong contrast too, while colors are accurately captured as long as The conditions arent too testing – i did find that shooting movement subjects in more ambient light often did result in blurry picks, not fantastic. If you just happen to have adopted a pair of mental kittens, so you will have to time your shot just right, but indoor picks are usually quite bright and do sport, natural, looking colors and theres, also a night mode on board for your low light snaps.

Although the standard, auto mode can also cope with evening shots and like pretty much every smartphone ever these days, the xiaomi 11t pro also offers an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter for fitting everything in properly colors are most definitely booked with this snapper, but otherwise its Fine and yes, as usual, theres a five megapixel, a telemacro snapper on the back end here as well. If you want to shoot things really really really up close for whatever reason now, video can be captured at up to 8k resolution. If you really want to burn through that storage, otherwise stuck with 4k for most of my horn movies, with an hdr10 plus option when the contrast is strong – and i really liked the footage that was spaffed out by this thing – you get strong detail and natural. Looking video both indoors and out and even in low light, the 11t pro holds up pretty well against the competition audio wise, its decent, too. No real issues when picking up vocals from a distance or any kind of distortion when youre shooting outside even the image stabilization is excellent at ultra hd level and then last up theres that 20 megapixel selfie cam, which is perfectly acceptable for capturing your expressions of joy And being alive complete with a portrait mode, so you can block out any disgusting plebs who are hanging around in the background trying to ruin your shots. Just dont really bother at night, because those picks arent great sorry, theres.

My full final frank, xiaomi, 11 t pro review, and i got ta say this: smartphone is a bit of a stunner, especially that price. You know, youve got that fantastic performance great for gaming as well. Thanks to the effective coolant tech, you know a gorgeous dolby vision display with the effect of stereo speaker output as well brilliant battery life and crazy, fast recharge speeds and a dependable enough everyday camera that only really fluffs its lines when it comes to moving subjects. In more ambient conditions and im also thrilled to see that xiaomi is finally offering dedicated software updates, as well as a three years of os updates. So you know you buy this thing its not going to be. You know completely neglected within a year, so yeah got ta say really really love it. What do you guys reckon? Are you tempted by the xiaomi 11t pro as well? Have you already got your pre orders in with that early bird bonus and all that that shenanigans? Well, be great for you down in the comments below please do plug subscribe, ding that little notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech hours.