This is the xiaomi 11t pro, so you might have heard, but xiaomi has dropped. The word me from its branding for its phones to the western audience. So now is not the me 11t pro its just the 11 xiaomi 11 t pro and make sure xiaomi um flagship. The first flagship will be xiaomi 12, not xiaomi, mi 12. thats, actually not a major change, because in china the phones were already called just xiaomi 12 xiaomi mix. There was never a me in the part of the name in china. That me was always just for english speakers for people in the west, so anyway, i have the phone here, ive been using it for about like four or five days. Im gon na keep this video a little bit short because this phone is an iterative upgrade on the xiaomi mi 11., its not a major overhaul. So this phones gon na come at a lower price than a typical premium flagship, but at the same time youre getting all the polish that xiaomis premium flagship phones are known for so lets go over the specs, so you have a 6.67 inch amoled panel 120 hertz Refresh rate 2400 by 1080 resolution – and it is a completely flat panel, so those of you who dont like curved screens will be happy, so the specs are pretty good. Like i said, 120 hertz oled display it looks great around the back. You have a triple camera system.

This is very similar to the camera system. Seen in the xiaomi mi 11, you have a 108 megapixel camera f, 1.75 aperture and you have an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle camera. So the ultra wide is a little bit weak at 8 megapixel and then a 5 megapixel tele macro sensor. So that will give you pretty sharp two time zoom and a really good macro camera. But if you zoom beyond two times like five times ten times its, not gon na, look as good as the xiaomi mi, 11 ultra or the xiaomi mix 4.. Now the good thing about buying xiaomi phones lately is even if you are buying a mid range or even a budget device like 300 400 youre, still getting excellent, haptics and excellent speakers, and that is true here. The haptics on these things, its the same haptics used in the mi 11 and the mi 11 ultra, is basically one of the best haptics in all smartphones. Right now, probably up there with samsungs galaxy s21 ultra and the speakers are really good too, because they are tuned by harman kardon and their speaker, girls at the top and bottom so sound is coming out. Equally Music. The processor inside is a snapdragon triple eight. So not the aaa, plus and theres, either eight or 12 gigs of ram with 128 or 256 gigs of ufs, 3.1 storage. So all the latest components. There is, however, one spec here, thats better than in most other flagship phones, even premium ultra flagships thats, the charging brick.

So this one comes with a charging brick in the box, so at 120 watt it tops up this 5 000 milliamp battery from zero to 117 minutes, and i actually did a charging test last night and the phone charged from five percent battery up to like 40. In five minutes, five to forty in five minutes now the xiaomi 11t pro starts at 649 euros that comes out to around 760 us dollars, thats for the 8k gram, 128 gig version. I think this price in europe is fair because youre getting a really good main camera snapdragon aaa and a really beautiful, 120 hertz oled display that gets up to 1000 nits of brightness and its covered by gorilla glass victors. However, the back of this phone actually is made of plastic, which is surprising considering the price of this phone in europe. But you guys know how it is you guys in europe have to pay a slight markup thats, just the nature of the consumer tech business. Overall, the 11t pro has a comfortable in hand, feel the plastic back has a matte coating to it and it curves on the left and right side. The phone measures, 8.8 millimeters in thickness and weighs 203 grams, and the front glass panel is gorilla, glass victis. So the camera system – here the main camera in particular the 108 megapixel sensor – is pretty good because it has a relatively large image sensor size when you take photos, you get natural depth of field thats something weve come to expect from all xiaomis semi flagship devices.

For the past year now the ultra wide angle camera. Unfortunately it is a little bit weak, but xiaomis software algorithms for his camera. It has gotten really good. So if you use the ultra wide angle, camera in low light situations, just point and shoot the shots going to be noisy a little bit lost soft on details. But if you turn on night mode, it fixes matter significantly. So, even though the ultra wide hardware is pretty weak, software does a good job of fixing things in general, xiaomis camera software is just very fun to use. One of my favorite features thats been available in the last like five or six xiaomi phones. Now its clone video thats ability to film a video with two versions of the same subject, its really fun to play with anytime. I take one i post on instagram people leave comments left and right asking. Well, how did you do that, like which phone is that so the fact that xiaomi offers this feature built into the camera app and not just the 11t pro, even in phones all the way down to like the 200 pricing, its pretty cool, so in all the 11T pros camera is pretty good, but not amazing. You know, especially for someone like me: whos used the mi 11 ultra the s21 ultra the newest iphone and pretty soon the google pixel 6.. So you know my standards are really high for most people. This will be good enough and i think thats, a major selling point of the 11t pro, ultimately its a phone thats good enough for most people for someone who wants the snapdragon triple a and a really good main camera and a immersive vibrant screen, but they dont Want to pay 1 200 for all the extra bells and whistles like wireless charging um like a ceramic back.

All those things are very nice, but most people dont really need that. In fact, the 11t pro has a case inside the box too. So for most people it already comes with everything you would need, and i think xiaomi has become so skilled at making phones that they can overcome using – maybe not the absolute latest most premium hardware, because the software is good enough to fix it like this ultra wide Sensor really isnt that good, but then, when you shoot with night mode, it really fixes matters, and likewise you know it. Doesnt have snapdragon triple a plus, but the phone zips around really nicely and the animations look really smooth. In fact, i, like me, uis 120 hertz animations, better than any other phones, 120 hertz, animations right now, and the phone also has a vapor cooling chamber. So if you do game a lot, it wont heat up and the five thousand million battery is going to power. This phone all day, because the resolution is just 1080p, its not a quad hd resolution, so youre all in all, yet another highly polished device from xiaomi, so thats about it. For this video, i have a lot more content coming up, including a full review of the honor magic 3 pro plus coming out soon, and probably the next iphone whenever that comes.