19. 000 rupees. This is a much better tablet without wasting any time lets get started. First of all, we have to talk about the pricing because thats very important, even though the tablet says it starts at 14, 000 rupees at the price tag of 14 000, you are going to get wi fi variant of the tablet, with 3gb of ram and 32gb Of internal storage only, which is, i feel, a little less, but considering once again, there is no competition in the market. I cant even say this is overpriced, because there is no competition which is offering 4gb of ram and 64gb of internal storage for a tablet. At the pressure of 14, 000 rupees, so im not going to say this is overpriced by any means. If your budget is limited to 14 000 rupees, then thats the only option that you have, but if possible, i would highly recommend you to go to 4gb ram variant and 64gb of internal storage, but that is priced at 18, 000 rupees, 4000 rupees extra. You also get a 3gb ram variant with 32gb of internal storage priced at 16, 000 rupees, whether you want wi, fi or lte. Only that will depend on you personally uh. I have wi fi connection in my house and it is very strong, so having wi fi only tablet also makes sense, but i also want great performance so thats why? I would personally go for 4gb ram variant if thats possible, for your budget definitely do that.

The major important question thats going to be me if you want to buy this for your child google sessions zoom session. Certainly then, is this good enough: 10 gb ram variant, then absolutely yes, agar apk single application run correctly. At the same time, youtube video, then 3gb of ram and 32gb of internal storage should be fine, because sorry app stop can easily install when you switch between applications notice, hoga, even at the 4gb ram variant uh. The slight lags that you will see will be noticeable here as well, but 3gb ram, but major purpose can lecture certain kind of zoom session. Certainly then, that can be handled very easily and smoothly with the 3gb ram variant as well single app at a time. Remember this now one major thing: the tablet comes with the headphone jack, which is a huge plus point. Im im, really glad that it comes with that, but the speaker quality. I would go one step ahead and say that sound quality from speaker is the best thing that this tablet has to offer. Display. Quality is also good, but sound quality, a plus plus from my side and the display quality, definitely gets an a from my side, which is obviously very great. Uh resolution is not that great for the 10.4 inch form factor not complaining. I dont want to complain because at the price tag of 18 000 rupees, this still looks much better. Can i notice pixels, and can i look at the pixels? Yes, even now, right now, even when im looking at this, i cannotice some pixels so thats that, but should you be worried about display quality, absolutely not great viewing angles, colors also look good, i would say not amazing, but good for the price tag.

No complaints about the display quality: this is where you can consume content very easily attending zoom sessions, google of parents and microsoft, hor, the chesapeake and the display quality for watching movies, netflix movies or watching educational youtube. Videos is amazing, maximum brightness possible. Let me just do that here is also pretty good. Outdoors may may not be amazing, but indoors yet display maximum brightness 100. More than enough lowest brightness possible is also very low, its so low that i got sorry lights. This lowest brightness possible is helpful night time edge of movie the cross. Sorry lights bundle, but maximum brightness is also decent, no complaints indoors. But outdoors, as i mentioned earlier now, next up lets start the usb type c port, which is present im glad usb type, cdf micro, usb media 18 volt charger inbox charging. But when it comes to battery life, this is where things are going to be interesting, because if you are expecting this tablet to give you 10 20 hours of battery life, then thats not going to happen. But if you start watching a youtube video, then you can watch a single youtube: video at maximum brightness possible at 1080p resolution and at about 70 to 100 volume for about seven to eight hours, depending on the video depending on what else do you do at the Same time, but continuous seven to eight hours is possible on this tablet, which is a good thing and uh you can switch.

My curry one single day is not an issue for this tablet. So do not worry about that. Next up lets talk about the performance because helio g84 processor is not that powerful and i saw a lot of people saying that g80 digit yeah again the issue is there is no competition, so i cant compare this with anything else. G80 processor is not very powerful. You get this particular processor under the price tag of 10 000 rupees when it comes to smartphones and at the price tag of 18 000 rupees. You can get a lot of smartphones with 5g support, with a much better chipset as compared to what realme pad has to offer. So if your aim is gaming, this tablet is not made for you. You can do gaming at 30 fps. Maybe games like submission. First candygrass saga look great on this tablet and up kill bisector very easily, but agara bgm. I kill naked social. Then this is not the tablet which i would recommend for bgmi, but agar apko tablet heal ni. Then this is the only tablet that i will recommend for bgmi as well under the price tag of 20 000 rupees. As of shooting this video. Now when it comes to performance day to day life usage, my 4gb ram variant with 64gb of internal storage was good. Switching between applications was good enough, but you will notice those minus status here and there. What about the build quality metal, build quality there by at the price of 14 000 rupees.

I was shocked at the metal, build quality or g80, but its fine. A lot of people care about build quality, they do not really care about performance and for them having metal, build quality. It is slim and it is actually pretty slim so thats a plus point for the tablet as well – and i guess thats pretty much it. What are the cons, in my opinion, uh? First of all, the con is going to be presence of single camera. No ultraviolet angle, lens uh, who am i kidding im just kidding? Oh, i did not show you guys camera samples from the rear camera. Should i okay here you go, this is how the camera sample shots from the rear facing looks like, and if you are wondering how is the front facing camera, and this is how it looks like from the front facing camera of the real me book. Sorry, real me book night by real me template. I just reviewed the real me book, slim laptop thats, why im like real slim laptop, but the uh camera quality is very good. Both the microphones are present at the top above the camera, so that you do not cover them accidentally. So, if im holding the tablet like this im, not blocking the microphones, because both the microphones are present over here and sim card editor tool like sim card tray, is also present at the top. By the way, it is very wide a lot of the laptop cameras that i have tested do not even cover this much of my house.

My entire wall is covered. I live in mumbai, so thats why the wall is. The wall is so small lets get back to the main camera and i guess thats it for the review of real me pad amazing tablet definitely go for it. If you have a budget of 18, 000 rupees so definitely recommended 4g lte version of 18 000. So sim card you use constructor wifi, variant, 3gb ram. As i said single up at a time. I guess thats it. You can ask them in the comment section box below or you can tweet it to me at there at the hunch underscore tech subscribe to the channel. If you havent, already like this, video and uh go to my instagram page and follow me over there, because amazing reels are coming over there and i guess thats it. Thank you.