For the 5g variant respectively was still a tall order for the price tag enough to make it not as accessible as we would have liked, but now, with the flip free starting at 999 dollars. In addition to all the new improvements made, it has quickly become the affordable flagship that seems to be for more people and possibly for everyone after a month using the flip free. We are ready to tackle that question with our experience review, hi ben from san mobile. If you enjoy videos like this, then be sure to like subscribe and turn on notifications, so you dont miss any new videos on sun mobile. Here is our one month experience review of the zed flip free Music. The flip free follows the vertical clam shell design as before, but now with a more flatter, rounded feeling to the frame and edges of the device which makes it much more premium and nicer to hold the additions of armored, aluminium and gorilla glass. Victors eight in the phone feeling lighter and yet still more rigid than before. The most important addition has to be the ipx8 water resistance for up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes submersion in fresh water, and we can agree a full ip68 rating with dust. Resistance would have been a home run hit, but this is still impressive and a massive showcase that samsung is in the right direction for durability, on their foldable devices. Whats, even more satisfying is the feeling you get when opening and closing the flip free, which the urge comes not only for the satisfaction of just doing it alone, but for protecting the inner display and having a more compact size of the flip free being that the Flex hinge is still strong, smooth and sturdy.

It can still be a challenge to open it with one hand, but overall, the trade off is well worth it for the durability that the flip free has from the two tone design and the seven available. Colors samsung have really done a great job here, overall, with the design and the build of the flip free Music, the end of display does still sit at 6.7 inches with a tall 22 by 9 aspect ratio. It does see improvements with the 29 brighter display and, finally, the addition of 120 hertz and the top plastic film getting 80 stronger, giving you more assurance when using it. Two major changes to the cover display really take. What was near enough a very limited experience on the zed flip cover display to the cover display feeling much more usable on the flip free. The new aspect ratio and the increased screen size of 1.9 inches adds more usefulness to the cover display from having a bigger window when youre, using the rear cameras as high quality, selfies and more space for viewer notifications and widgets. This simple and effective change makes the flip free such a step up when using it day to day lets. Hope. Samsung can eventually use more of the back panel for the cover display on future flip models by the addition of gorilla glass dx for the rear camera housing. The flip 3 follows the same: dual 12 megapixel wide and ultra wide with a 10 megapixel whole punch selfie for the inner display.

There is nothing there in here like that under display selfie camera of the fold free, but a much safer approach. The overall camera performance for stills and video is acceptable and, usable day to day, we would love to have seen the addition of at least a zoom lens at 3x, hoping that will come in the future. We are overall happy not just with the camera performance, but the software experience that the camera ui brings in line with the hands free experience. The flex hinge brings and also the ability to use the main cameras as high quality selfies for camera samples. We highly recommend checking out full article review under flip free at for a device focused on style and swagger. The flip free store packs a punch, the snapdragon triple eight, with eight gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes and 256 gigabytes of storage respectively. Leave no issues here with day to day performance overall, not much should be said, but overall, as stated, the performance has been really good. Music software out of the box is running android 11, with one ui 3.1 on the flip 3.. It naturally scales down how many features it has for a foldable versus the fold free, but this has to be expected due to the focus, target and form factor of the flip free theres, still no support for decks on the flip lineup and the flip free is No exception, which gives us the impression that samsung will not be focusing this feature for their flip series anytime soon, even though it does seem to have the internal power to drive it.

The addition of labs in advanced features is great for forcing apps like instagram into multi window, which usually do not support it, which is great to see as it takes away the full dependency on good luck to enable such features. Overall, one ui 3.1 still shines even on the flip 3 and thinking ahead into the future. We are eager to see how one ui 4.0 will work on the flip 3. Music. We still find the same battery and charging specs here, as previously from before. With a 3 300 million power battery capacity, 15 watt wire charging and support for 10 watt wireless charging and power shear at 4.5 watts, what you wont find is a charger in the box. Much like the trend we saw earlier this year from the s21 series, with a brighter display, the introduction of finally having 120 hertz on the flip 3. The overall battery life is average at best factoring the not so fast charging speeds. It can seem to be like the main concern using the flip free in our experience. Music in it all the starting price of 999 for the flip free is a game changer for how much more accessible, foldable flagships have become the price tag and improvements to the flip free has left us even at some mobile at times. Questioning this. For first time, buyers who are buying a traditional, solid state smartphone is still the way to go, which we even did a tech talk discussion.

Video about that being said. This has been our one month. Experience review of the zed flip free and we do feel this has quickly become affordable for more people and everyone be sure to visit us at