But what really matters is what the flagship of this lineup can really do with that im angie for gsm arena – and this is our review of the xiaomi 11t pro Music. Unsurprisingly, the xiaomi 11t pro shares the design language of previous me, 11 phones, including the mi 11 and the mi 11i. Perhaps the biggest difference on the back is a slightly more angular camera bump its a massive rectangular one that makes the phone wobble a bit but with a case its not really an issue, and we recommend using one at least for aesthetics, the meteorite gray colorway. We have here looks elegant, but it gets smudgy very quickly, theres ip53 dust and splash resistance, but we are a bit disappointed that theres no ip68 protection here the front of the 11t pro is protected by gorilla glass invictus. The frame is made of aluminum covered by a plastic exterior and the back is glass. It feels nice in the hand, and the frame provides some grip and contrast to the phones back at 204 grams, its not the lightest phone out there, though the buttons are nice and clicky and youll find a side mountain fingerprint reader, which is blazing fast super accurate And quick to set up, you should leave the unlock method to press in settings so that the phone doesnt attempt to read your palm by mistake. One of the most striking features of the 11t pro is the 6.6 inch amoled display.

It has a full hd resolution. 10 bit color for more than a billion colors and has an adaptive 120hz refresh rate with up to a hertz touch sampling rate, the adaptive refresh rate works well and the phone kept the refresh rate at 60 hertz when the picture was static or when playing videos And at 120 hertz throughout the ui most of the system apps and with some supported games when set to auto brightness, the screen went as bright as 837 nits, which is plenty for great sunlight. Legibility. Colors are fairly accurate, whether its vivid mode or standard mode, and you can enable an option called adaptive colors, which works similarly to apples. True tone by adjusting colors based on the ambient light. The 11t pro supports hdr 10 plus and is dolby vision capable at launch. The phone offers two standalone speakers on its top and bottom sides. The top one also doubles as an earpiece. They scored a good mark on our loudness test and had balanced output. Adobe atmos is on by default. It improves the quality of the sound with better bass and mid tones. Switching it off makes the sound more shallow, so you should leave it, as is the xiaomi 11t pro has a large 5 000 milliamp hour battery and it got a 92 hour endurance reading on our battery life tests, its okay for a phone with the snapdragon 888, But weve seen better what really impressed us was the charging its crazy fast thanks to the 120 watt xiaomi hyper charger in just five minutes.

The battery was already at 40 percent and for a full charge in our test. The phone got from zero to 100. In 21 minutes, while thats not quite as speedy as the 17 minutes, xiaomi advertised its still more than an impressive result, the xiaomi 11t pro sports, the snapdragon 888 chipset and comes with either 8 or 12 gigabytes of lp ddr5 ram. You can also choose between 128 or 256 gigabytes of ufs 3.1 based storage. The chipset is a flagship one and youll get top of the line performance, especially when gaming. The only thing you should keep in mind is that, despite the phones, vapor chamber based cooling tech, the phone throttled very quickly in our test and it got unpleasantly hot around its camera out of the box. The phone has miui 12.5 on top of android 11. miui 13 should be available by the end of the year. Xiaomi has promised three android system upgrades and four years of security patches, which really adds to the longevity of the device. We hope other manufacturers follow suit. The ui has something called super wallpapers, which are basically dynamic, wallpapers that zoom each time you pass a certain screen. Adding to the visual experience of the phone in general miui is incredibly customizable. It has a theme store which lets you change, wallpapers, ringtones system, icons and more. You can choose whether to have an app drawer or not too. There are also a ton of always on display themes.

The curved edges of the display will flash with colors when there are notifications, a feature called pulse light. The task switcher shows all of your recent apps and two columns and you can press and hold on a card to see the options for it, whether that be locking it or using the split screen shortcut theres a floating window option in the top left. But you can only have one floating window at a time. Some versions of mui include ads, but we didnt find any on this unit, which makes sense considering how much youre paying for it. The xiaomi 11t pro has a 108 megapixel main cam that shoots 12 megapixel photos. The phone also has an 8 megapixel ultrawide and a 5 megapixel telemacrocam shots we took in broad daylight are good for the class, though not the best weve seen theres great dynamic range. Good contrast and enough detail, we didnt spot any noise either the sharpening was more hit or miss. Some areas were excessively sharpened and others are okay. While colors were accurate for the most part. At times they seemed punchier and cooler than they should be. In short, the shots are very good, but we did expect a little more from this camera if you shoot in the full 108 megapixel resolution and then downsize the photos yourself, youll get shots with more accurate, colors, more detail and more balanced sharpening, but its an extra Hassle, hopefully, xiaomi will tone down its default processing with a future update.

If you use the two time zoom toggle, you will see that zooming is not lossless theres, some minimal processing that smooths jagged areas, but these photos are merely cropped and upscaled. Nothing. Fancy when shooting portraits the subjects are nicely detailed and sharp the background separation seems proficient and the blur is convincing, though we didnt expect too much from the ultrawide camera. We got some surprisingly detailed shots from it. Noise is notably low, theres, good, dynamic range and the sharpening was balanced. The colors could be better though, and they could use a small saturation boost macro shots were very detailed and colorful, though they had a very shallow depth of field. Capturing them was made even easier. Thanks to the autofocus in low light, the phone supports auto night mode, so the camera app decides when and where to use night mode shots with it were nicely exposed, had good dynamic range, had excellent sharpness and were rich in detail. Color saturation was true to life and we didnt see much noise now, if you really want brighter than reality shots, you should use the manual night mode. It takes a little longer to capture a photo and shots are noticeably brighter. Some of them are sharper and we spotted more detail in the shadows. While these photos look amazing, theyre not as accurate to the real scene, so whether you use it depends on what youre trying to capture the ultroid camera also has auto night mode photos.

Look: okay with alright detail, natural colors and well developed highlights the ultroid camera really benefits from the manual night mode photos have better exposure, more detail and lower noise. The 11t pro has a quad bayer 16 megapixel front camera. That, however, saves shots in the full 16 megapixel resolution. This means that selfies are a little softer than they could be, but theyre still good sharpness is acceptable. Noise is tolerable and colors and contrast are very good. The phone can record up to 8k at 30fps. There is no electronic stabilization here, though, and there is a limitation of 6 minutes. Otherwise, footage looks good with great colors contrast, foliage and fantastic dynamic range detail is more on the average side and the picture is softer than wed. Like, though 8k is a cool feature, we really recommend sticking to 4k 4k videos are brilliant. There is a ton of detail, sharpness, thats, just right spot on white balance and colors that are both accurate and lively in low light. Videos have average detail because there is a lot of aggressive noise reduction and theres poor dynamic range. At least the color saturation was good. The xiaomi 11t pro is the definition of a great all. Rounder photos and videos are dependable and the speaker setup is a very good one. The old screen is fantastic, the chipset is a flagship one and the charging is class, leading, of course, its not perfect, and we wish that there was a zoom camera ip68 water resistance and that the battery life was just a bit longer now in a few weeks Or months when the price has dropped a little bit, this is definitely a phone that you should check out.

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